Blank Walls? No Problem!

Posted By Lauren-Houston | Nov 19, 2012 | 4 Comments | Category: Uncategorized

I had the honor of appearing on the Live Well Network discussing what to do with all those blank walls in your home. To view the segment check it out here.

Blank walls really are a very pesky decorating dilemma.  Being the art hoarder that I am, my place is a little overrun with “gallery” or “salon” style walls.

My current obsession is extra large pieces of art.  In the Live Well segment, I show off a huge vacation photograph my client blew up to hang on her wall.  I love when the photography and art isn’t matchy-matchy AND when it’s personal.  I know it takes a bit more effort to buy or create “real” art but I truly believe it gives a home its soul.  Nothing sucks the life out of a perfectly decorated space than  mass produced art.  Sorry, that’s one of my soap boxes!



The above to images of Aerin Lauder’s new offices are EVERYTHING.  I absolutely love the artwork she has selected.


Love the large photograph in the apartment of Pierre Frey’s (of the famed fabric house – he is the Grandson of its namesake) Parisian apartment.


Love Ruthie Sommers’ combo of gallery wall AND large scale photograph.


One of my all time examples of a huge photograph over a sofa.  Blow up those vacation photos and enjoy living with what you put on your walls!