TA Studio by Windsor Smith2
My friend, Paloma’s post today reminded me that I have been meaning to blog about fitness guru Tracy Anderson’s new studio designed by one of my all time favorite designers, Windsor Smith.  Actually, Windsor Smith might just be my #1 favorite.  This gym is perfection.  I am a big fan of Tracy’s workout videos and have seen great results from them in the past – need to get back on them!  How motivated would you be to go to the gym if it looked like this???  Lots of white marble and gold?? YES, please!  Sign me up!

You can read all about the studio here, on Windsor’s blog!  Enjoy the eye candy!

TA Studio by Windsor Smith3


TA Studio by Windsor Smith4

TA Studio by Windsor Smith5

TA Studio by Windsor Smith6

TA Studio by Windsor Smith7

TA Studio by Windsor Smith8

TA Studio by Windsor Smith9

TA Studio by Windsor Smith10

TA Studio by Windsor Smith


High Point Highlights

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HP - ro sham beaux _ material girls blog

{Ro Sham Beaux Lighting}

I had SUCH a great time in High Point, the highlight being to hang out in person with fellow MG’s Julia, Jill, Emily, and our Material Boy/Mascot/Biggest Cheerleader, Nathan.  It was a whirlwind trip, but so, so, so much fun and I hope to go back at least once a year!  Here are a few of my favorite things I saw…

HP _ Phillips Scott Material Girls Blog

A fun new discovery was the Phillips Scott Collection, I ended up ordering this chest above (for me) in the dark stain finish.

HP _ OLy Studio _ Material Girls Blog

Oly Studio didn’t disappoint.  Everything is so clean, cool, and perfect.

HP_Visual Comfort_Material Girls Blog

Visual Comfort was a treat, especially seeing Aerin Lauder’s collection in person.  I can’t wait until photos are finally released of it.  Let’s just say I have my eye on SEVERAL things I must own.  I love this new Thomas O’Brien Chandelier.  I also ran into friend, Paloma working it and she was nice enough to introduce me and my partner in crime, Meg to Aerin Lauder herself.  Major Moment.

HP _ Julian Chichester_Material Girls Blog

HP _ Julian Chichester_ Material Girls Blog

Julian Chichester was a visual treat, and wonderful to see some things I’ve specified in person.  A client ended up ordering that gold buffet – SWOON.

HP - Tara Shaw _ Material Girls Blog


I loved seeing a great mix at Tara Shaw Maison.  Really, really great stuff!

I think all the MG’s enjoyed giving their tours at The Suites at Market Square.  The Suites are SUCH a great venue, I spent so much time there discovering new vendors.  It was awesome!  If you are a designer, you should really try to make it to High Point – totally worth the Business Trip!  Happy Weekend!


After treating myself to a vintage Hermes scarf at Round Top (Happy early Birthday to me), I am obsessed with all things orange.  But I don’t want cheesy orange, I want old world orange.  I think traditional bones are the key to pulling off this color.  I of course LOVE Hermes orange, but lately I’ve been completely obssesed to color matching fabrics to the label on a Veuve Clicquot bottle!  I also love the idea of the bold orange paired with powder blue and indigo.


Oh, I met Aerin in High Point…no big deal!  We’re BFF now, she liked my necklace!  Seriously, she is the DEFINITION of effortless chic, which sadly, to pull off, is not effortless at all!  Love her!

hermes orange




OB-Hermes Orange

Here’s my spin on it…a little Michael S. Smith for Jasper, a little Windsor Smith, and a dash of leopard!