Veuve Tangerine & Hermes Orange

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After treating myself to a vintage Hermes scarf at Round Top (Happy early Birthday to me), I am obsessed with all things orange.  But I don’t want cheesy orange, I want old world orange.  I think traditional bones are the key to pulling off this color.  I of course LOVE Hermes orange, but lately I’ve been completely obssesed to color matching fabrics to the label on a Veuve Clicquot bottle!  I also love the idea of the bold orange paired with powder blue and indigo.


Oh, I met Aerin in High Point…no big deal!  We’re BFF now, she liked my necklace!  Seriously, she is the DEFINITION of effortless chic, which sadly, to pull off, is not effortless at all!  Love her!

hermes orange




OB-Hermes Orange

Here’s my spin on it…a little Michael S. Smith for Jasper, a little Windsor Smith, and a dash of leopard!

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