Tracy Anderson Studio by Windsor Smith

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TA Studio by Windsor Smith2
My friend, Paloma’s post today reminded me that I have been meaning to blog about fitness guru Tracy Anderson’s new studio designed by one of my all time favorite designers, Windsor Smith.  Actually, Windsor Smith might just be my #1 favorite.  This gym is perfection.  I am a big fan of Tracy’s workout videos and have seen great results from them in the past – need to get back on them!  How motivated would you be to go to the gym if it looked like this???  Lots of white marble and gold?? YES, please!  Sign me up!

You can read all about the studio here, on Windsor’s blog!  Enjoy the eye candy!

TA Studio by Windsor Smith3


TA Studio by Windsor Smith4

TA Studio by Windsor Smith5

TA Studio by Windsor Smith6

TA Studio by Windsor Smith7

TA Studio by Windsor Smith8

TA Studio by Windsor Smith9

TA Studio by Windsor Smith10

TA Studio by Windsor Smith


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5 Comments to 'Tracy Anderson Studio by Windsor Smith'

Jamie 15 May 13 at 9:57 pm

those brass shelves are so yummy!

Hamptontoes 15 May 13 at 11:27 pm

Absolutely divine! I don’t shoot hoops, however I could be inclined to put one of those gold ones in our home for my little ones! Haven’t tried her workouts, but thinking this summer I will in the Hamptons.

Sweet Melissa 20 May 13 at 4:00 am

This is beautiful! Thank you for sharing! I found our site by searching for home decor sites as I am currently building a new home, and I love it Thanks for the great work! I am also a new business owner – check us out at and

Jacqueline 21 May 13 at 2:02 pm

The studio looks really sophisticated. I love the modern concept. All the lines, lights and furniture look great together. This is just one of the many beautiful places Windsor designed. I really love the edgy appearance of the whole studio. It is inspiring!

Clare 23 May 13 at 5:42 pm

It all looks great. Love the symmetry, but I have to say those shelves are the best. I don’t know where I’d put them or what I’d do with them, but I want them in my world.

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