{Sorry for the poorly scanned image – Elle Decor December/Jan 2010 photo by Simon Upton}

The top right vignette in this spread about a London flat designed by Alex Papachristidis for a chic divorcee had me at Highland Court Leopard.  DYING to make throw pillows for my sofa out of this fabric.  The image pretty much sums up the formula for my personal aesthetic…great vintage furniture with a pop of gold, fabulous art, a dash of animal print, a little pink and lots of books.

The unexpected well-placed fine photograph can take a room from catalog to ooo-la-la.  This home designed by Martyn Lawerence-Bullard in the latest Veranda is chock-full of beautiful photography.  

I love everything about this image…the rug, the petitie floor lamps, but most of all, that photograph is KILLER.

{Jeneration Interiors via Elements of Style}

Black and White Photography is still classic, but lately I’ve been drawn to photos with a little bit of color in a very simple frame.

The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose is a favorite.  As terrified as I am of snakes, that albino python photograph is crazy awesome.  The best part is her 8.5″ x 11″ “open edition” prints are very affordable! 

I ordered this giraffe for the nursery. 

{Help – any one have a source for this photo?!}

{Miles Redd via La Dolce Vita}

Do you still gravitate towards black and white photography or are you ready to mix it up?  Do you have any favorite photographers? 

Welcome to Viewville!

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{Shadow by Wendy Cooper}

Viewville is a family run online source for gallery-quality (and affordable) photography. The prints available on the website are all the personal collections of professional photographers. The site is easy to navigate (it’s an art gallery, online), and made for all. Viewville really does have quite a variety of pieces, here are a few of my favorites!

{Work Surface 1 by Michael Jensen}

{Wild Grass by Penny Gentieu}

{Fenestration by Paul Crosby}

{Movable Mountain by Penny Gentieu}

{Ashley by Ellie Kingsbury}

{7:54 PM by Paul Crosby}

{Tinturn Abbey by Paul Crosby}

{Trees, Maggiano, Italy by Paul Crosby}

{Schoolhouse by Sara Jorde}

{Salton Sea Resort by Buck Holzemer}

Art is so personal, be sure to browse through all the categories on the website, you’re sure to find something you love!

Now Screening!

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Finding the perfect piece of art big enough in scale and reasonably priced can be daunting. These screens or panels, many of them hand painted, are beautiful and affordable (especially considering the sizes).

One of of the biggest mistakes you can make with art is buying something that is too small. Always buy bigger than what you think you need.

I just recently discovered the Worldstock of overstock.com.

{$500 from Neiman Marcus}

{$549 from Horchow}

{$399.99 on sale from Gump’s}

{$499.99 also on sale from Gump’s}