At least one nightstand with drawers in a Master Bedroom is usually a must. Finding one that’s not dowdy? Not impossible. If there is one thing I preach to people buying furniture for their first place, it’s to never buy “suites.” Pairs are okay, a matching bed, nighstands, chest of drawers, and lingere chest – not my fave. Yes, it makes things more difficult, but the result is well worth it.

I love how this simple nightstand lets the uber-glam tufted mirrored headboard be the star of the room.

The “Hampstead” Nightstand from Williams Sonoma Home is a great option for a traditional bedroom.

The “Proof” Nightstand from CB2 is a great budget buy.

Deco Fun thanks to 1st Dibs.

Gray Cerused Oak Nightstand from Bungalow 5.

The go-with-anything “Linear” Nightstand from Room & Board.

I’ve always loved little bamboo tables. This one has a drawer -score! From Vieux Interiors here in Houston.

Another traditional nightstand from Hickory Chair that would pair nicely with a darker wood stained chest of drawers.

MG loves Oly!

Custom Beauty from Room Service in L.A. – did y’all catch the all the Room Service product on the Rachel Zoe Project? Was anyone else stressed out about Jeremiah furnishing her 7,000 rent home in less than two weeks? Oh, the magic of t.v. If only I could pull the, “this will be on a Bravo t.v. show starring *blank*,” card every now and then with some of my vendors & workmen!
Do you all prefer at least one nightstand with drawers? For some reason we always stash our gift cards there! Random!

Bedroom by Trina

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I fell hard for Trina Turk’s bedroom as seen in House Beautiful.  I specifically loved the duvet cover.  I was pleased to hear that it was sold through her “Residential” product offerings on her website.  I’ve been checking her website obsessively and finally found it!  Buy it here!

Mirrors & Windows

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{photo from the Coastal Living 2010 Seabrook Idea Home}

Recently I designed a Master Bathroom where I removed the bath-tub and designed in its place a new, spacious, sit-down vanity for the Lady of the House.  With the bathtub gone, the large window on the wall behind it was now presenting new design dilemmas – how would I mount a mirror in front of this huge window (and 10 ft ceilings), how would I light the mirror so that at night make up could still be applied, and how would I keep a natural light coming into the room without it being too bright?  Ultimately we decided to move the window up, and do a framed mirror on the new wall, but these images I complied present an interesting scenario for the bathroom…mirrors mounted in front of windows.   

{Also from the Coastal Living Seabrook Idea Home}

{Designer Jill Brinson’s bathroom as seen in House Beautiful…yeah… this probably would not fly with most clients but it looks beautiful styled this way}

Gorgeous yoga retreat as seen on Elements of Style.

I LOVE this Gentleman’s bathroom designed by Steve & Brooke Giannetti

Designer Moises Esquenazi as seen in Metropolitan Home

The Glamour Quotient

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{C Magazine via The Goods Design}

Mirrored bathroom sink vanities are nothing short of fabulous.  I’d love one paired with hand-painted wallpaper like Anne Crawford’s bathroom as seen in C Magazine. I love the detail of the vanity recessed into a niche with a mirrored border.

{A past ASID bathroom winner as seen in Southern Accents}

Mary McDonald

{House Beautiful}

{Kendall Wilkinson}

One Vanity: Two Ways

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Can this marble-topped console be retrofitted into a sink base and used to create two totally different bathroom looks?  I think so!   My first look is “Punchy Traditional.”  I love this kelly green graphic wallpaper.  I really love the name too – “Reel of Fortune!” 

I love the masculine lines of the “Dillion” faucet by Restoration Hardware.

I love this simplistic round sink bowl.

I love the organic lines of this Twig Mirror. 





The  Hicks Pendant by Visual Comfort would tie in the black of the vanity and gold of the mirror.

Several baskets from Waterworks would line the open shelves and provide storage.

Look #2:

Same vanity, this time with a more Uptown twist!

Kensingston Mirror by PB

The wallpaper and light fixture give the bathroom it’s “pretty.”



The“Ladena”sink balances out the girliness but still maintains elegant lines.


The Kent collection from Restoration Hardware could easily go masculine or feminine. 

I recently selected this sink for a client’s teeny-tiny Powder Bathroom.  It is so beautiful in person.  I love the hand crafted nature of the bowl, and the way the imperfect hammered finish refracts (is that the correct science term?) light in different directions. 

Here is my drawing of the narrow sink wall (sorry for the small size, if I enlarge it, it skews the drawing). 

This porcelain tile mosaic (also gorgeous in person) will be installed vertically on the entire wall (in the lighter color).

This is a sconce option.  I’m still looking for another mosaic tile for the splash behind the sink, as well as a decorative mirror.  The sink base cabinet is also still up in the air…it’s a process, people 🙂

I just had to share some more photos of Native Trails’ sinks…I really love the hammered nickel finish because it can go traditional or contemporary!   


And the piece de resistance…a GORGEOUS bathtub:

Pretty Darn Close!

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The “Elizabeth” mirror from Ballard Designs is an exact match pretty darn close to the Pottery Barn mirrors used in this bathroom (designed by Jay Jeffers).  By the time this House Beautiful spread was published, the fabulous mirrors were no longer available.  This is one of the cutest tile-mirror-vanity combinations I’ve ever seen, and I still love the color scheme!


{Georgina Chapman}

There is nothing more feminime than a ladies dressing table.  The above image of Georgina Chapman epotimizes modern notions of what glamour and luxury are all about.  By simply adding a piece of furniture to your bedroom or bathroom, be it mirrored or modern, you too can doll yourself up the way the Old Hollywood Screen Sirens used to. 


belle vivr vanity

 {via Belle Vivr}

via pink wallpaper - vanity

{via Pink Wallpaper}

1st dibs


Mirrored Table from Justine Paris

downtown dressing table

Dressing Table  by Downtown



1930’s Mirrored Dressing Table via 1st Dibs


Home Decorator’s Collection


Collette Vanity


alexa hampton

{Alexa Hampton}

oak malm

Oak Malm from Ikea

mecox swedish

Swedish Desk  from Mecox Gardens

barbara barryb barry


Dressing Table by Barbara Barry

meredith table

Meredith Table from Pottery Barn

drexel heritage


Black Enamel & Rosewood VanityTable by Drexel



Kate Walsh’s dreamy vanity as seen in the latest In Style

robyn karp13

{Robyn Karp}


{Domino – photo by Paul Costello}

lucite 1st dibs

Lucite Dressing Table, Mirror, and Stools


capiz shell dressing table

Capiz Shell Dressing Table



Dressing Table by Ponti & Fornasetti

So how do you get ready in the morning?  I can tell you that my routine is hardly glamorous, maybe I need to transition my desk to a dressing table!


I love, love, love, love the color combination of pink and orange!  This bedding would be soooo adorable in a young teen’s room!  I’m typically a white-bedding lover, but I could see mixing these colorful Euro-Shams with a simple coverlet and it being completely adorable. 





Amy Butler for Bed, Bath & Beyond

Jeton Collection by Kallista

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After Emily’s post on Jan Shower’s cover story in the September issue of Traditional Home, I naturally had to run out and buy it!  As I was reading the magazine, this picture caught my eye.  I use Kallista products a lot in my jobs, and was excited to see the new Jeton Collection designed by Bill Sofield.  


I love this octangonal sink.  I can say I rarely use an oval sink bowl in bathrooms these days!


I’m kind of digging this multifaceted faucet…it’s not too blocky and it’s certainly not too curvaceous.


It’s always nice to have attractive t.p. holders and towel bars that match!


I love the detailing around the edge of the shade on this sconce.

You can even purchase the marble top and sides.  So what’s your vote, do you like the Jeton Collection?