Well it was a crazy busy weekend at Casa de Haskett as we worked very hard to re-do my teeny tiny office in just forty eight hours.  I’m excited to show you the “before” & “afters.”  Who doesn’t love a great makeover, anyways?

So here’s the run-down…I was given ULTRA LED Dimmable 12W A-line light-bulbs by SYLVANIA, a $500 gift card to Lowe’s, and a weekend to basically whip out a miracle.

I’m beyond embarrassed to share the before photos.  I’m cringing…yes, it was a complete mess.  I didn’t even bother straightening up for the photo – just keeping it real. 

Okay, ENOUGH with the ugly!  Now for the plan…I have to go into any design project whether it large or small, with a plan.  You’ll see that the plan was tweaked just a little, but for the most part it served as a great guide (and kept me organized) during my shopping spree at Lowe’s! 

Seriously, it’s tiny but I know I can make it work for me (click image to enlarge). 

I knew that adding a skirt to the desk would immediately help corral the clutter (not that I just want to shove all of that mess underneath the desk).  I would like to hide the trash can, shredder, etc.  It has also been painfully clear that I need a better solution for fabric samples. 

The loot @ Lowe’s.  I feel like I got a lot of bang for my buck! 

Now, finally, the AFTER photos: 

One of my first pieces of inspiration was the silver and white wallpaper I found on clearance at Lowe’s for $15!  I knew it would be perfect on the back wall.  I picked a coraly-pink paint by Olympic for the walls and decided to paint the bookcase the same color because I didn’t want a white bookcase to “pop…” I wanted it to feel more seamless in the space. 

Let’s talk lighting.  Lack of good lighting was a major problem.  I found the chandelier at Lowe’s and added the SYLVANIA ULTRA LED lights.  One thing to note about LED lighting is that it is a very clear, bright, light.  I love the fact that I won’t have to change my light bulbs so frequently as they last 25 times longer versus the incandescent bulbs I was using before!  SYLVANIA’s ULTRA LED series is also dimmable so you can really control how much light you would like.  The chandelier I installed is large for the space (though I love the drama this provides), so I am using SYLVANIA’S ULTRA LED 8W A-line bulbs.  I could work happily with just the 12-watt bulb in my lamp.  This bulb allows me plenty of task light which is so important when working.  I can’t wait to replace all my current incandescent bulbs with ULTRA LED 12W A-line bulbs!   SYLVANIA also makes DOT-it Linear Swivel LED fixtures that you can adhere to the under side of cabinets or shelves.  Make sure to visit the SYLVANIA website to look at all the new LED products.  The improvements and advancements in LED lighting is so exciting, not to mention going green and saving green is an added bonus in any makeover!   

The gold baskets that now hold fabric samples were originally copper that I spray painted gold.  The white IKEA boxes I already owned were each individually sorted and re-organized so I wasn’t hanging onto unnecessary clutter.  It was so much work sifting through everything and purging what I didn’t need. 

Overall, I’m very  pleased with the new lighting, new organization, and totally new feel of my office!  If you are inspired by my makeover, be sure to head to the SYLVANIA Facebook page and enter their Room Makeover Series!  The contest is going on through 5/6 and one lucky person will win the Grand Prize: a $1,000 gift card to Lowe’s.  Imagine what you could do with that!

Just  a friendly reminder to check out SYLVANIA’s Facebook page for details on how to win a $1,000 gift card to Lowe’s and a LED lighting kit to create your own room makeover!

I made over my home office and am DYING to show the “before” & “after!”

Erin, from Apartment 34 revealed her Master Bedroom Makeover on curbly.com.  Check it out here!

Please note that this post is sponsored by SYLVANIA.  I have received compensation for participating but my reviews and opinions are my own.

{The Panelists from L to R: Me (MG Houston), Paloma (La Dolce Vita), Beth Green (VP of Marketing for Kravet), Karen Davis (Karen Davis Design) & Terri Symington (The Countrypolitan)

This past Tuesday I had the honor of being on the Houston panel for the Kravet Social Media Presentation at their beautiful showroom in the Decorative Center.  Beth Greene, VP of Marketing for Kravet spoke to local designers about the importance of incorporating social media in their businesses.  “How-To’s” on Facebook, Twitter, and blogs helped the audience understand how to use these tools to generate clients and stay ahead of the market.  The question and answer session with the panelists gave the designers insight on the time commitment and benefits of social networking. 

To keep up with Kravet and their upcoming Social Media Presentations, be sure to follow them on Twitter!

Averill, of the fabulous blog, Odi et Amo asked me to participate in her fascinating series, “Shop like a Designer.”  Head on over to her blog to see my favorite sources!

{The Darling store, Perch, where THE VAMP works!!!}

{above two photos from the Perch blog}

I just spent a long weekend in New Orleans, and I have to say, I’m smitten with the city!  I was so excited to meet Valorie, who works at the shop Perch on Magazine Street.  The store is fabulous.  If you are in NOLA it is a must see.  Please excuse my iPhone pictures (my camera died after I dropped it eating a funnel cake @ the Houston Rodeo BBQ cook off – priorities, people)!

Loved this bergere!

I thought this vintage Lenox dish would be so cute on a coffee table with match books.

I may have a thing for Angel Wings…I loved this delicate dish-tray-catch all.

I WANT this little painting – it would be perfect on a gallery wall with black and white photos, sketches, and prints.

{photo from the Perch website}

This turquoise blue Venetian glass chandelier was gorgeous in person.

After a nice, long, lunch with Valorie, she headed back to work and I browsed up and down Magazine Street.  I loved seeing the Leontine shop in person – it was like visiting the Motherland.  Julie Neill’s light fixtures are more beautiful in person (I DIED), and I also managed to get some clothes shopping in too!

A long day of shopping ended with a fun night at the piano bar @ Pat O’ Brien’s!  Of course, I was focused on the copper pianos and their “nail head trim (a.k.a. silver screws)!”

So the no beignet story…well I was really excited to try the famous beignets @ Cafe du Monde.  I needed to leave for the airport around 1:15, so I raced over to the square around ten til 1 and the line to get in is down the block.  One thing I have observed about New Orleans is that you just can’t be in a hurry there…they run at their own pace.  When the “to-go” line wasn’t moving, we ended up getting a not-yet-cleaned-off table (for Houstonians, it was like the Avalon diner on Saturday morning…on crack).  It’s 1:15 at this point and we are a good 15-20 walk from our hotel.  Darn, no wait service yet…1:20…no service and not a nice reaction when a waiter is flagged down (table is still nasty).  Eek.  We had to bail.  Tragic.  I could actually SEE the beignets being pulled out of the fryer.  I was breathing in the powdered sugar.

Alas, I was forced to race back to the hotel because I knew that line at the airport was not going to move at Houston’s pace.  Don’t worry, I got my beingets…at Crescent City Cafe in River Oaks.  Not NOLA, but I got my fix.

One more plug for Perch…they’re giving away a lucite ballroom chair! You know the Material Girls love them some lucite!  I’m entered…are you??

A very heartfelt thanks to Paloma for including me in her fabulous, “Ten Things I can’t Live Without,” series!  Check out what made my cut and her new fabulous blog face-lift!


OMG not even half way through the NEW Lonny Online Magazine and I couldn’t be more excited – it’s AWESOME!  Congrats to Michelle Adams and Patrick Cline and their team for putting together such an amazing product – I don’t want to spoil too much so go check it out NOW!


 You MUST go over to one of my favorite blogs, Things that Inspire, and check out this completely drool inducing post on the FABULOUS Atlanta home of Stan Benecki and his wife, designer, Melanie Turner Benecki.  The kitchen is in my top 5 ever.  I’m pretty much obsessed with style in Atlanta, between Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Magazine to Pieces…this city has it going on!   

I found some additional shots of the the home here.










Do you love this home as much as I do??


Paloma, of the fabulous blog, La Dolce Vita, has featured me today in her “Personal Style” series.  To read my spin on personal style, check out my guest blog here.

I just had to share this room from Living Etc. that I spotted on This is Glamorous’ fabulous post on lucite. It is the living room next to this fabulous dining room I can see peeking out in the background.

This is glamorous indeed!