White + Cream

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Would you mix ivory/cream with stark white?  I’m going to try to pull it off at Casa del Haskett and thought this picture of Tory Burch in her apartment could be a great inspiration (though it could just be lighting and photoshop that makes the sofa appear more cream).  I have an cream leather barcelona chair that I want to pair with a white slipcovered sofa and have been a little concerned about pulling it off!  Monochromatic isn’t always easy people…

Do you grativate towards white-white or ivory & creams?

LeAnn’s Dreamy White Kitchen

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Though I might not be fond of her recent antics, LeAnn Rimes and husband have a pretty sweet kitchen.  What’s not to love about the hood, Wolf range, open shelving, marble island, Sub-Zero Pro 48, linear crystal chandie, and velvet barstools! ?!   Looks like their home is on the market…for a cool 7.45 million this could be your kitchen!  Call me – I can do your kitchen for a little less than that 🙂

I love, love, love seeing my favorite celebrities and fashion designers in their homes. I’ve heard it said that you either do fashion or interiors well, rarely both. You would think that they go hand-in-hand but trust me, I’ve seen great interior designers in need of a little make-over (or make-under) and uber-chic fashionistas whose homes leave a lot to be desired.

Michael Kors’ home seen above is EXACTLY how I would picture it. I think he “matches” it perfectly. His uniform of black blazer, t-shirt, and jeans is reflected in his apartment with a classic and crisp color scheme of black and white. I think his place personifies the ultimate chic, urban, bachelor pad (no ratty leather recliner in sight).

{for more on her home, visit Bandelle}

I have to admit that the home of uber-stylist and MG favorite, Rachel Zoe, surprised me a little at first. I mean she coined the word, “excessories-” when it comes to fashion she is no minimalist. Her home, however, is a great juxtaposition of her personal style. While her persona is over the top, her home is streamlined and dare I say, neutral. I can totally relate, being surrounded by colors and textures all day, I just want to come home to something totally relaxing without any elements that make me ansy or hyper.

{photos from Habitually Chic}
Amy Smilovic’s (of Tibi fame) living room is a great example of how bold color CAN be soothing (and that grey and yellow never seem to get old). By keeping her fabrics and accessories simple, she can add that shot of yellow that really wakes up the room.

I love Molly Sims’ personal style (thanks, Rachel Zoe), I think she is gorgeous and her homes definitely seem to suit her. Designer Kishani Perera of Fuse ID (check out her amazing portfolio) is the design talent responsible for her chic abodes.

I love the living room in her L.A. home just as much as her NYC living room.

{check out more on M.A. Belle}

Eva Jeanbart Lorenzotti, the creative mind behind Vivre, is the proud owner of my all time favorite closet. I just found the other shots of her home featured in Global Guide, and they do not disappoint. I love the rich textures and colors…her home definitely reflects a cultured, well traveled fashionista!

So, what about you, do you feel like your home matches what’s in your closet?

I am officially submitting my entry into the 1st ever Material Girls Design Contest.  Seeing as how I am a “Materials Girl” my entry is probably not official, but if anything, it should motivate you to create a board!

Let’s first talk about the couple that I spent {way} too much of my free time on, the couple everyone loves to hate…Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag.  Now when I think of “Speidi’s” love nest the first things that come to mind are graffiti, zebra, chenille, and probably more zebra….

I’m afraid that if left up to this terrible two-some their future-possible-maybe- 12 million dolla Malibu beach house would look a little like Bobby Trendy-meets-Anna Nicole-meets Hot Britney (wait, aren’t they all virtually the same person??)

Realistically, Spencer and Heidi would not have the sense to think, “hmm, our Love Nest is going to be filmed for 3 million + viewers a week, maybe we should seek professional counsel before we purchase this tiger print chenille wood frame sofa w/matching chair and ottoman for our new beach house.”  Heidi would probably justify the purchase with, “tiger is the new zebra, plus it’s expensive but it looks cheap.”

SO in my effort to spare the world of the disaster that could be, I have created this inspiration board for the two to lull over and let me know what they think… it’s still all glitz and glam but without the tran.

So let’s talk color scheme… not to offend the color purple, but I kind of think that could be Heidi’s favorite color.  Spencer compromises because he too looks good in lavender.  I went with Cole & Son because they make a mean wallpaper and L.C. doesn’t have it (that would of course be a criteria).  Obstacle #1: The Sofa.  Now Spencer would want letha, letha, and more letha, but Heidi wants a softer, more glamazon, feel.  Spencer gets his letha but Heidi gets a sofa with more feminine lines.  The bed would be another big battle.  Spencer wants a wooden sleigh, Heidi wants a princess canopy bed… I convince Spencer they need a version of the sleigh bed only upholstered, and Heidi is won over because the fabric sparkles.  The art is easy- the minute I saw these pieces by David Mach on Jessica Claire’s blog I knew they were the ones.  The large piece reminds me of Spencer’s affinity for all things graffiti, and obviously Heidi fashions herself to be the Poor Man’s Monroe.  After countless hours spent in long design meetings with the duo the rest falls into place….large Art Deco mirror from 1st Dibs, awesome Swank Lighting lamps that add that touch of zebra, latte cowhide rug, sleek bar, and reflective surfaces galore.

I think deep down in my heart of hearts they might be kind of fun clients.  Lots of blood money to spend (thank you, L.C.) and a big, ‘spensive, beach house to fill – Call Me!  XOXO