Sadie’s Nursery

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Currently I’m living in a state of complete euphoria after the birth of my first baby, Sadie.  She is pure perfection in my eyes, and I truly want time to CRAWL.  I’m absolutely loving being a Mom! 

So now, the Nursery Reveal!  I had such a fun time designing this room.  I knew even before any fabric or paint had been selected what the color scheme would be.  Read about my initial design concept here. 

We’re currently leasing so my goal was to purchase pieces that would be flexible down the road.  That also meant the carpet stayed – eww.  I’d love to get a rug eventually but that is not at the top of the must-purchase list because the room is tiny and I don’t want to buy something that wouldn’t work in a larger space down the road.   

I was basically working with a box.  A box with a lot of doors and one window.  I did a lot of space plans on Auto-Cad trying to determine if I could squeeze a guest bed in there.  It was a major stressor for me, and ultimately there was NOT room and I haven’t looked back since donating the old bed. 

The crib and bedding were the hardest decisions.  I had a really hard time finding a crib I liked at any price point.  I never dreamed I would select a “Jenny Lind” style.  Ever.  I used to think they were hideous.  I originally thought I would want a really modern crib, David Netto style.  However, the bedding I was drawn to was really soft and feminine.  I loved the turned spindles with the bedding, so flat slats were out.  That REALLY limited my selection.  The more I thought about it, the more the J.L. style just made sense.  Financially and style-wise!  I am SO happy with my decision. 

The large giraffe was Sadie’s Christmas present from GiGi and Pops (my husband’s parents).  The photograph by Sharon Montrose mentioned here set the tone for several “pops” of giraffe throughout the room. 

I ordered these letters from Restoration Hardware Baby & Child but I’m still waiting for them to arrive (they were back ordered).  The letters will go above the crib.

At the last Round Top, I went a little crazy buying these fashion illustrations from Paris that I had seen at the Blue Hills show that past Spring.  The vendor still had some so I spent a long time selecting my favorites.  The black and white Balmain illustration was my big splurge and I just adore it.  The “S” and “H” alphabet prints were out of an old children’s book.  The pink fashion illustration is an original, and the bottom print of the ladies is out of an old French Magazine.  The “Baby Doll” & “Coco Mademoiselle” illustrations are by Etsy seller, Emmakisstina.  Her work is awesome, check it out! The portrait on the bottom left was purchased at the Guild Shop. 

As far as framing went, I needed to use a little imagination as I could have spent a fortune custom framing every piece.  I bought a pair of really ugly “fake” art prints at Marshall’s for square frames for the alphabet prints.  I think it was $19.99/pair.  I then selected a cute scrapbook paper and mounted & matted the prints myself. 

I wanted vintage looking gold frames so I scoured the art section at the Guild Shop in Houston for ugly artwork in good frames.  I then had white mats cut to fit. 

Sophie the Giraffe, gold mocassin booties, a couple of books (okay, yes, that IS the Lauren Conrad book – I bought it at Marshall’s for $12…sort of embarrassing), and a small white marble lamp scored @ Homegoods sit on top of a table scored on One King’s Lane last week. 

I designed the crib bumper and bed-skirt and had them made.  It is white linen with gray/lavender cording, ties and rosettes.  I had NO IDEA how hard a lavender fabric would be hard to source.  Let me tell you, it was!  The sheets are by Serena & Lily.  I have another dark gray linen sheet by Matteo for when I want a different look.   

As I was rushing through the Guild Shop five minutes before they closed, my hands full of frames, I saw this brass & lucite chandelier and stopped dead in my tracks.  I LOVED it.  They were closing and the line was out the door, so I snapped a quick pic on my iPhone so I could think about it.  You don’t ever “think” about anything at the Guild Shop.  I couldn’t believe this chandelier was still there (it had been there through one mark-down cycle)!  I went back that next week and it was waiting for me so I snagged it up –  not knowing if it would even work!  My dear friend, Sam, worked for hours to get it installed and working!  

The shelf unit was a present from my Mother-in-Law scored at Excess in Round Top.

Here is a list of sources for those interested:

WALL PAINT COLOR: Sherwin Williams, “Ponder”

DRESSER/CHANGING TABLE: Family Piece refinished – see post here.

CRIB: Da Vinci Jenny Lind Crib (purchased from but couldn’t find it on their website)


FITTED SHEET SHOWN: “Florentine” Crib Sheet by Serena & Lily

FITTED SHEET OPTION (NOT SHOWN): Vintage Linen Fitted Sheet in “Coal” by Matteo


CURTAINS: – My FAVORITE source for ready-made curtains. 

SWIVEL GLIDER: Lee Industries (a gift from my parents)

VINTAGE ARTWORK: Antique Maps & Works on Paper via the Blue Hills Antique Show

CHANDELIER: Vintage, sourced at The Guild Shop.  By or in the style of Charles Hollis Jones.  This is a smaller version of the same fixture.

GOLD CANDLE SCONCES: Vintage, sourced at The Guild Shop.


GREEK KEY GOLD END TABLE: Christmas Present 🙂  This is bad, but i think it’s either World’s Away or Global Views via One King’s Lane – I can’t remember which one but it was from their sample sale a couple of weeks ago. 

So there you have it, Sadie’s Nursery! 

My style formula

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{Sorry for the poorly scanned image – Elle Decor December/Jan 2010 photo by Simon Upton}

The top right vignette in this spread about a London flat designed by Alex Papachristidis for a chic divorcee had me at Highland Court Leopard.  DYING to make throw pillows for my sofa out of this fabric.  The image pretty much sums up the formula for my personal aesthetic…great vintage furniture with a pop of gold, fabulous art, a dash of animal print, a little pink and lots of books.

So my husband and I have been very hard at work on the nursery.  The first project I decided to tackle was this chest of drawers that I believe Bryce had in his room growing up.  It was in desperate need of some TLC, but I loved the lines of it and new it would be perfect to double function as a changing table.  

The color scheme for the nursery is lavender, dove grey, white, and gold.  The walls have since been painted “Ponder,” a fabulous grey/lavender by Sherwin Williams.  We nearly had a melt-down over some very FOUL smelling Eco paint but it seems to have since been resolved (my poor husband has already put on a total of three coats of primer/paint at this point with one to go to remove the smell).   

Now let me preface this before and after by saying I am by no means a DIY guru,  but every now and then I get the bug and can be very impulsive about starting a project.  Please, please, please excuse the terrible photos – my real camera currently has a broken lens. 

The prep work…yes, it was a game day, and yes, Hartley is proudly sporting her OU jersey. 

The first thing I do is sand the piece down with an extra fine grit sandpaper.  I selected “Nimbus Cloud” by Martha Stewart Living Paint in a flat sheen from Home Depot for the base color and start painting right away – no, I did not prime.  I used about a 2-1/2″ wide paint brush to apply the paint in even strokes.   

Coat one of paint goes on and I as usual start to panic (as I always do when painting furniture and only seeing the first coat).   I’m scared it’s too chalky-white.   

I decide to run to the paint store and I get a quart of “Dorian Gray” by Sherwin Williams for the top to give it some contrast.  I then apply a second coat of “Nimbus Cloud” to the entire piece and start to like what I see.

The next step is applying Rotten Stone to give the piece a more age.  I was nervous as heck to do this…I dabbed a mineral-oil soaked rag in the rotten stone and then wiped on, and then quickly off.  This took a while because I kept wiping too much of it off.  It is VERY subtle (impossible to see in an iPhone photo) but it really helped the piece not look so “flat”. 

I also found this gold wax stuff from Bering’s that I applied with my finger to “highlight.”  Can resist a touch o’ gold!

 So there you have it! 

I may even go back and add some more Rotten Stone.  I’m also still undecided about the hardware, but it works for now. 

So the following weekend (because I wasn’t tired enough) I decided to tackle our t.v. console with the same color but using a heavier hand on the Rotten Stone.  I love it!  You can see a before picture of my t.v. console here.   I had been dying to “neutralize” this piece for a long time but couldn’t decide how I wanted to refinish it.  Having left over paint in colors I know I liked sure made it easier.  I can’t wait to show you all the art work and vintage frames I’ve been buying like crazy for what will apparently be a gallery wall in the nursery since there is no real plan right now 🙂 

Fine Photography + Interiors

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The unexpected well-placed fine photograph can take a room from catalog to ooo-la-la.  This home designed by Martyn Lawerence-Bullard in the latest Veranda is chock-full of beautiful photography.  

I love everything about this image…the rug, the petitie floor lamps, but most of all, that photograph is KILLER.

{Jeneration Interiors via Elements of Style}

Black and White Photography is still classic, but lately I’ve been drawn to photos with a little bit of color in a very simple frame.

The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose is a favorite.  As terrified as I am of snakes, that albino python photograph is crazy awesome.  The best part is her 8.5″ x 11″ “open edition” prints are very affordable! 

I ordered this giraffe for the nursery. 

{Help – any one have a source for this photo?!}

{Miles Redd via La Dolce Vita}

Do you still gravitate towards black and white photography or are you ready to mix it up?  Do you have any favorite photographers? 

My Sweet Little Distraction

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So I may be a little preoccupied as of late.  Sure clients, moving, and my husband changing jobs is a lot to keep someone busy, but the most important distraction has been the anticipation of my sweet baby girl.  My husband and I are gearing up for a new change in life and I couldn’t be more excited, scared, nervous, overwhelmed, or overjoyed!

I could not wait, I HAD to know the sex of the baby. I just couldn’t do a unisex nursery.  Since I was just certain I was having a boy, I had my color scheme and vision all figured out.  I just wouldn’t allow myself to fancy the thought of being blessed with a little girl.  When the radiologist said, “girl,” you could have knocked me over with a feather!  The rest of the afternoon was spent in and out of baby boutiques and me trying to come up with how I would outfit the nursery.

To my surprise, I loved the all white linen bedding with crazy-full bedskirts but knew I didn’t want the room to go too shabby chic.  I realized this would be the perfect place to use the color scheme I’ve been dying to try out in my own home…Lilac, silver, charcoal, gold & white. 

The room is pretty small considering I’m going to squeeze a crib, dresser/changing table, full sized bed, and glider all in the space. 

The bedding will be custom, but this is an idea of the look I was immediately drawn to.  I’m going to add big lilac satin bows to the bumper and a matching monogram. 

The walls will pick up on the color of the bedding accents.  This is, “Hydrangea” by Serena & Lily. 

The vintage bow-front dresser we already have will be re-painted in a chalky soft dove gray with a little rottenstone in the crevices.   

Ivory silk taffeta curtains will flank the one window in the room.  I may end up adding a valance or cornice…

Obviously, I have to throw in a gold accent.  Dreaming of this chandelier from Pieces. 

White Linen Slipcovered Glider from Lee for ME.  Very excited about this.


The guest bed will be dressed in simple white linens with a long leopard print pillow. 

I’m still working on my walls…I love the paper maiche zebra from Anthropologie. 

Other misc. things I’m liking…

So there you have it, the start of the nursery!

Rug + Room

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I get pretty excited when I see a new product email from Wisteria in my in box.  Wisteria is probably my favorite catalog, and lately they have really been delivering!  This black & white dhurrie  is calling my name. 

I’d pair it with a funky-yet-streamlined slipcovered sofa.

This pair of marble tables would be used in lieu of a cocktail table.


I’m on a BIG orange kick right now, so I’d add a pair of these, “Baxter,” club chairs from Pieces.

Always a touch of animal print…Needlepoint Throw Pillow



A cluster of Pagoda Chandeliers would look great overhead.

As for the accessories…

Vintage 1960’s decanter


Assorted Accessories from Ms. Wearstler

White Faux Silk Tafetta Drapes would line the walls and windows

This stunner from artist Amanda Talley would be the finishing touch!


Boutique Tents

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Have you ever seen a more fabulous tent?  This creation was made by Boutique Tents, a company that specializes in the fabrication of these one-of-a-kind masterpieces.  Events, backyards, cabanas – the uses for their tents are endless.   

Why not tent your patio?? Gorgeous!

Of course!  A mini tent for your puppy! 

Visit Boutique Tent’s gorgeous website and view more of their designs!


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{Southern Living}

Hello, color!  This cheerful Southern Home belongs to Interior Designer Megan Young and her husband, Erik.  Though grounded in Traditional roots, the punchy colors freshen up their one-level home in North Carolina. 

Between the turquoise chair and chartreuse lamp shade, the most formal room of the home still manages to “pop.”

The brown “Chivari” chairs upholstered in a turquoise and lime green toile around the modern Ikea table is like a shot of adrenaline to the white kitchen.

You don’t see a lot of white formal dining room tables, but this one is a great contrast against the orange walls.  Time to have Grandma’s table lacquered! 

Master Bedroom vignette.

When is doubt – create your own artwork!  That’s what Megan did here.  The canvas reiterates the turquoise and teal hues throughout the home.   

For the complete article, visit here.

B + W Inspiration

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The home of Toronto designer Jennifer Ferreira is chock full of inspiration.  I would love to have the restraint to do my entire home in a black and white palette…maybe I’ll save that for my dream Paris pied-a-terre (someday, someday).  So for now I’ve pulled together lots of black and white pieces that would pull together fabulous spaces.  

Wisteria’s Sleek and Simple Sofa

French Mid Century Coffee Table

Chevron pillow by Madeline Weinrib

Vintage Arm Chair

Blackened Brass Pedestal Table

Relic Gold Bowl

Kulla Floor Lamp

Parchment Books from Pieces

Pottery Barn Bedding

Craig’s List Houston find – I’d paint it black

Faceted Crystal Lamp

King George Bench from PlexiCraft

Shop like a Designer!

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Averill, of the fabulous blog, Odi et Amo asked me to participate in her fascinating series, “Shop like a Designer.”  Head on over to her blog to see my favorite sources!

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