Furniture Friday: Floor Screens

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Hollywood Residence eclectic living room

It really doesn’t get any better than this!

McAlpine, Booth, & Ferrier Interiors

Photo found via Pinterest

This FF is for my Mom ūüôā¬† We’ve been looking for the perfect floor screen to conceal all my Dad’s speakers/amps/music equipment in their Music Room/Studio/Media Room.¬† All the electronics and wires have become an eye-sore, so we need a pretty, easy way to hide the stuff!

Um, yes please.

“Serena” screen by Oly as seen in the top image

Does this not SCREAM “Rat Pack Music Room?”

I spotted this one on Joss & Main…I like it because my parent’s¬† room is painted Charcoal Gray.

Above two beauties from Currey & Co

A little bougie but it’s okay ūüôā Just pair with an antique ethnic rug and vintage lighting.¬† It also comes in white which would be perfect in a teen girls’ room.

I leave you with a little DIY.¬† This is actually amazing.¬† A canvas screen waiting for you to put your touch on it. I’ve thought about attempting to construct my own screen to then DIY, but those thoughts stayed in Home Depot staring at a wall of bi-fold doors. But this – endless possibilities.¬† So chic painted black in a black & white space.¬† Cover it in an amazing wallpaper and put it behind a crib!¬† This was going to be my project – where was this a year ago (it was probably on

You can find floor screen from $$$$$ to $ Рjust keep your eyes open!  Especially in vintage/re-sale/antique shops.  I have an awesome orange & navy Chinoiserie number I scored for $100 at my favorite OKC store, Mockingbird Manor.

Furniture Friday: Benches

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This FF is dedicated to a great accent piece of furniture – the bench. Whether for function or beauty, I’m a big fan of utilizing a bench in a variety of scenarios. From Living Rooms to bedrooms, there always seems to be a spot for a cool bench!

Hallways and Entries are another perfect spot for a bench. I love the clean lines of this one.

This bench – clearly just for looks ūüôā Via 1stDibs

Above two benches from Mecox Gardens

I’m a big fan of kilim benches – this one is from Overstock.

You just can’t go wrong with a linen tufted bench! From Jayson Home & Garden

This lucite beauty found via 1st Dibs would look great re-upholstered.

Naturally I had to throw in a pair of mirrored benches.
Do you have any benches in your home? I actually don’t but want to change that!

Furniture Friday- Nightstands

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At least one nightstand with drawers in a Master Bedroom is usually a must. Finding one that’s not dowdy? Not impossible. If there is one thing I preach to people buying furniture for their first place, it’s to never buy “suites.” Pairs are okay, a matching bed, nighstands, chest of drawers, and lingere chest – not my fave. Yes, it makes things more difficult, but the result is well worth it.

I love how this simple nightstand lets the uber-glam tufted mirrored headboard be the star of the room.

The “Hampstead” Nightstand from Williams Sonoma Home is a great option for a traditional bedroom.

The “Proof” Nightstand from CB2 is a great budget buy.

Deco Fun thanks to 1st Dibs.

Gray Cerused Oak Nightstand from Bungalow 5.

The go-with-anything “Linear” Nightstand from Room & Board.

I’ve always loved little bamboo tables. This one has a drawer -score! From Vieux Interiors here in Houston.

Another traditional nightstand from Hickory Chair that would pair nicely with a darker wood stained chest of drawers.

MG loves Oly!

Custom Beauty from Room Service in L.A. – did y’all catch the all the Room Service product on the Rachel Zoe Project? Was anyone else stressed out about Jeremiah furnishing her 7,000 rent home in less than two weeks? Oh, the magic of t.v. If only I could pull the, “this will be on a Bravo t.v. show starring *blank*,” card every now and then with some of my vendors & workmen!
Do you all prefer at least one nightstand with drawers? For some reason we always stash our gift cards there! Random!

Furniture Friday- Entry Tables

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There is something magical about a large, grand entrance hall. It’s something I’ve always associated with a real, fancy, grown up house. They definintely don’t have to be formal or fancy though, even a round table at a back entrance can look great! I’m particularly drawn to round or octagonal tables in said Entrance Hall. Here are a few of my favorites – from rustic to refined!

Furniture Friday: Cribs

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It’s back. I’m back!
Since my baby girl and working part time with a full time load have kept me a little preoccupied, I’ve decided the best way to get back into the blogging swing of things is to go back to an old favorite, Furniture Friday. What more fitting piece of furniture than baby cribs?
I obsessed over cribs. Obsessed. It took me a long time to pull the trigger on one for Sadie. I was not impressed with the beds that took you from 0-20. We all know that by the time she’s ready for her “big-girl” bed I’ll be ready to design a custom day-bed or something!
I did a lot of research before we bought ours, but I have not researched each and every crib represented in this post. Please read up on the manufacturer and recalls before you buy any crib!
I broke them down by category…P.S. I may have saved the best for last!
{Laura Garcia’s Nursery as seen on The Glow}
{Chloe Redmond Warner}
Via CotedeTexas
{Oeuf Sparrow}
{Kalon Studios “Caravan” Crib}
{Massucco Warner Miller}
{Amy Morris}
{Found via Pinterest}
{Restoration Hardware Baby & Child’s “Jourdan” Crib}
Art for Kids’ “Cottage Crib Verona” in Reef Blue Linen
Restoration Hardware Baby & Child’s “Belle”
Restoration Hardware Baby & Child’s “Adele”
Restoration Hardware Baby & Child’s “Martine”
Restoration Hardware Baby & Child’s “Millbrook”
Bratt Decor’s “Venetian” in Venetian Gold
Art For Kids’ “Vintage Spindle Crib”
Newport Cottages’ “Rikki Crib”
Bratt Decor’s “Soho” Crib in White
KFD Designs
Nurseryworks “Uptown” Crib
And lastly, my dream. I wanted to design a lucite crib when I was preggo – looks like someone beat me to the punch! Nurseryworks’ “Vetro” Crib.

Z Gallerie

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I haven’t been in Z Gallerie in forever, but was pleasantly surprised when perusing their website.¬†¬† Here are a few of my favorite items…¬†



So my husband and I have been very hard at work on the nursery.  The first project I decided to tackle was this chest of drawers that I believe Bryce had in his room growing up.  It was in desperate need of some TLC, but I loved the lines of it and new it would be perfect to double function as a changing table.  

The color scheme for the nursery is lavender, dove grey, white, and gold.¬† The walls have since been painted “Ponder,” a fabulous grey/lavender¬†by Sherwin Williams.¬† We nearly had a¬†melt-down over some very FOUL smelling¬†Eco paint but it seems to have since been resolved (my poor husband has already put on a total of three coats of primer/paint at this point with one to go to remove the smell).¬† ¬†

Now let me preface this before and after by saying I am by no means a DIY guru,  but every now and then I get the bug and can be very impulsive about starting a project.  Please, please, please excuse the terrible photos Рmy real camera currently has a broken lens. 

The prep work…yes, it was a game day, and yes, Hartley is proudly sporting her OU jersey.¬†

The first thing I do is sand the piece down with an extra fine grit sandpaper.¬† I selected “Nimbus Cloud” by Martha Stewart Living Paint in¬†a flat sheen¬†from Home Depot for the base color and start painting right away – no, I did not prime.¬† I used about a 2-1/2″ wide¬†paint brush to apply the paint in even strokes.¬† ¬†

Coat one of paint goes on and I as usual start to panic (as I always do when painting furniture and only seeing the first coat).¬†¬† I’m scared it’s too chalky-white.¬† ¬†

I decide to run to the paint store and I get a quart of “Dorian Gray” by Sherwin Williams for the top to give it some contrast.¬† I then apply a second coat of “Nimbus Cloud” to the entire piece and start to like what I see.

The next step is applying Rotten Stone to give the piece¬†a more age.¬† I was nervous as heck to do this…I dabbed a mineral-oil soaked rag in the rotten stone and then wiped on, and then quickly off.¬† This took a while because I kept wiping too much of it off.¬† It is VERY subtle (impossible to see in an iPhone photo) but it really helped the piece not look so “flat”.¬†

I also found this gold wax stuff from Bering’s that I applied with my finger to “highlight.”¬† Can resist a touch o’ gold!

 So there you have it! 

I may even go back and add some more Rotten Stone.¬† I’m also still undecided about the hardware, but it works for now.¬†

So the¬†following weekend (because I¬†wasn’t¬†tired enough)¬†I decided to tackle our t.v. console with the same color but using a heavier hand on the Rotten Stone.¬† I love it!¬† You can see a before picture of my t.v. console here. ¬† I had been dying to “neutralize” this piece for a long time but couldn’t decide how I wanted to refinish it.¬† Having left over paint in colors I know I liked sure made it easier.¬† I can’t wait to show you all the art work and vintage frames I’ve been buying like crazy for what will apparently be a gallery wall in the nursery since there is no real plan right now ūüôā¬†

Furniture Friday: Craig’s List Edition

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Lucite & Gold Chandelier  

This week I’m mixing it up!¬† I decided to feature some of my favorite Craig’s List finds from MG Cities New York & Chicago.¬† If you like it, next week I’ll hit LA, Dallas, and Houston!¬†

If the above lucite and brass chandelier was within a 60 mile radius from me, it would be mine!¬† Sight unseen!¬† I love it…perfect for a little bathroom.¬†

You certainly have to look past the bad photography and out-dated upholstery when searching through the pages and pages of listings.¬† Look for quality pieces by Baker & Hickory Chair and don’t be scared to get specific.¬† Looking for a Quatrine Slipcover Sofa?¬† Just search it, you never know!¬†

NYC Finds…

Charles Hollis Jones Lucite Table

Rattan Bench Settee

Vintage Desk

David Netto Crib

Chicago Finds…

Mid Century Mirror – someone please buy this!


Hickory Chair Sofa Рclassic lines, redo it in a punchy fabric!

Vintage Picture Frames for your DIY art projects. 

Oil Landscape РI love the soft colors

Baker Credenza Рhuuuuuuge credenza, perfect for your roomy loft. 

Pointers for wheeling¬† & dealing on Craig’s List:

#1 – Use Common Sense.¬† If someone wants to wire you money sight unseen before they leave on their honeymoon (yes, I’ve gotten that email), it’s probably too good to be true.¬† Use discretion when responding to questionable emails.¬† Also people will low-ball you.¬† Be prepared to counter.

#2 РTry to meet in a very public place, and do not go alone.  

#3 РBring Cash to purchase & Only Accept Cash (Or Money Order)

#4 – Prepare for disappointment.¬† I tried in vain to sell an antique sofa & chair.¬† After annoying several no-shows and nearly giving them away, I consigned at a local Auction House and came out ahead.¬† Don’t get desperate, and¬†be patient.¬† Post your items under multiple categories.¬† It’s free after all!

#5 – Key Search Words – Just a few I use:¬† Baker Furniture, Hickory Chair, Lucite, Acrylic Furniture, Oil Landscapes, Regency, Vintage, New Sofa, Campaign Furniture, bamboo…what key search words do you use?¬† Good luck and happy hunting!

Furniture Friday: New from Bernhardt Interiors

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Lauren here, the Houston blogger…yes, I’m alive.¬† I’ve felt snowed under since about October but I am SO GRATEFUL to be busy with work!¬†

I’m excited to share new pieces from Bernhardt Interiors…a great, affordable line available at retail showrooms that Jill introduced us to.

Kendall Lanscape Mirror

Abalone Shell Bunching Cocktail Table – Okay, I’m mildy obsessed with this pair above, and the mirrored table below.

Reclaimed Elm Console Table – would be great turned into a sink console w/exposed plumbing.


Ridge Ottoman – I can’t resist and “x” base bench!

Slope Arm Chair – would love these around my Dining Room table



Kennedy Sofa – I’d add two bolster pillows on either end.¬†

Caden Sofa РI can see this at the end of a bed in a large Master Suite.  It would also work well in a small apartment. 

Tremont Chair – really crushing on this chair!

Dalia Chair


The price point on these items is surprising!  So great for anyone starting out and buying furniture. 

Furniture Friday: Lucite Coffee Tables

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First of all, before I digress AGAIN about how much I love lucite/acrylic tables, I HAVE to share this Austin Craig’s List posting that my friend Katherine so kindly sent to me.¬†¬†I mean the title KILLS ME.¬† Amazing.¬† Someone in Austin please buy this table and report back on the buying experience because¬†I bet it would¬†be well worth the trip to¬†Leander.¬†

Okay, back to business.¬† The above two images of my mega t.v. producer Ellen Rakieten’s apartment decorated by both Nate Berkus AND Anne Coyle is home to my DREAM coffee table.¬† A 1960’s mix of lucite and gold…sigh.¬†

I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw this in the Wisteria catalog today…the thought literally crossed my mind, “okay, but how would I add gold to it?!”¬†¬† If you’ve seen my living room, you know¬†I do not need¬†anymore gold!¬†


 via Apartment Therapy classifieds

Ahhhh…1st Dibs you never disappoint!

Brass & Lucite table also found on 1st Dibs



Lucite Trunk from Mecox

Charles Hollis Jones table available on 1st Dibs through Steven Sclaroff


The Paris Apartment Boutique is a wonderful source for lucite items (above three tables from there). 

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