I spent last Saturday and yesterday in Round Top, Texas. It’s that time again – the big, huge, massive Antiques Show that has now spread practically from Brenham all the way toWarrenton. I love that I live a mere hour and a half away. They were two very busy full days so I don’t have tons of photos (and these are from my iPhone), but I still wanted to share. These show(s) are really a must see if you love furniture & antiques!

{This sconce was one half of a pair of the most beautiful sconces I’ve ever seen. Photo taken at Marburger in Vickie Kienast’s booth}

I was on a major rug kick this year…

This mirror was EVERYTHING.

Pair of Opaline Lamps. LOVED these (these lamps and mirror below also in Vickie Kienast’s booth).

Crankypants at Excess in Warrenton had three of these beauties (if you’ve ever gone to Excess, you probably know who I refer to as, “Crankypants”).

Has anyone else gone to the shows this year? What caught your eye?

It’s back. I’m back!
Since my baby girl and working part time with a full time load have kept me a little preoccupied, I’ve decided the best way to get back into the blogging swing of things is to go back to an old favorite, Furniture Friday. What more fitting piece of furniture than baby cribs?
I obsessed over cribs. Obsessed. It took me a long time to pull the trigger on one for Sadie. I was not impressed with the beds that took you from 0-20. We all know that by the time she’s ready for her “big-girl” bed I’ll be ready to design a custom day-bed or something!
I did a lot of research before we bought ours, but I have not researched each and every crib represented in this post. Please read up on the manufacturer and recalls before you buy any crib!
I broke them down by category…P.S. I may have saved the best for last!
{Laura Garcia’s Nursery as seen on The Glow}
{Chloe Redmond Warner}
Via CotedeTexas
{Oeuf Sparrow}
{Kalon Studios “Caravan” Crib}
{Massucco Warner Miller}
{Amy Morris}
{Found via Pinterest}
{Restoration Hardware Baby & Child’s “Jourdan” Crib}
Art for Kids’ “Cottage Crib Verona” in Reef Blue Linen
Restoration Hardware Baby & Child’s “Belle”
Restoration Hardware Baby & Child’s “Adele”
Restoration Hardware Baby & Child’s “Martine”
Restoration Hardware Baby & Child’s “Millbrook”
Bratt Decor’s “Venetian” in Venetian Gold
Art For Kids’ “Vintage Spindle Crib”
Newport Cottages’ “Rikki Crib”
Bratt Decor’s “Soho” Crib in White
KFD Designs
Nurseryworks “Uptown” Crib
And lastly, my dream. I wanted to design a lucite crib when I was preggo – looks like someone beat me to the punch! Nurseryworks’ “Vetro” Crib.

I’m blogging today from Command Central – a.k.a. my newly re-decorated Office. 

I wanted to share some “in-process” photos and lighting tips with you all.

Here is the space emptied out – that was not a fun process.  As you can see, the existing Ikea Billy Bookcase was white.  I do want to mention that painting this bookcase, even with the recommended primer was very difficult.  If anyone has successfully painted melamine please let me know how you did it!

The skirt for the desk was “no-sew” and made out of painter’s drop cloths from Lowe’s.  I already had the vintage greek key trim that I  purchased at the Warrenton Antiques Show and was just waiting to use.  The skirt took me a while because A). I did not know what I was doing and B.) I realllllly didn’t know what I was doing.  I think I have an extra fold in there, but hey – it works for me!

Progress!  Walls painted, bookcase painted (thanks to my sweet husband), skirt is on, wallpaper is up, and baskets are organzied and waiting to be hung. 

I hung the hooks and baskets all by myself – I was pretty proud!

Done!  What a relief!

I’ve come up with 5 Lighting Tips that I wanted to share:

1.  Use Multiple Types of Lighting in a Space (no matter how small or big).   Ambient, task, and accent lighting are all equally important.  In my office, ambient light comes from the chandelier, task lighting comes from the lamp, and accent lighting could be just the lamp (with the chandelier lights off or dimmed) for a party. 

2.  Lighting provides many ways to make your home “green.”  Ebay, vintage stores, and Craig’s List are all great places to score vintage fixtures that you can re-purpose.  L.E.D. bulbs are 25 times more efficient than incandescent bulbs making them better on the environment and your pocketbook.

3.  When deciding on a light fixture for your space, I prefer to go too big than too small.  Understanding scale takes a trained eye, but I do have a formula I like to use as a guide.  Take the width of the room in feet and add it to the length of the room in feet.  Whatever the answer is, that number is the diameter in inches the fixture should be.  For example, if a room is 12′ x 15′, I would add 12 + 15 = 27.  I would look for a fixture at least 27″ in diameter.  In my makeover, I used a five light fixture in a small space to add drama and actually make the space feel larger.

4.  I am a big proponent of mixing it up!  The finishes in your home do not all have to match!  I have a chrome chandelier with lots of gold in the same space.

5.  Decorating and Interior Design should be fun, but it can also be very stressful and quite expensive (particularly when remodeling).  Whether you are buying a $300 chandelier or designing your dream home from scratch, using a design professional can help prevent costly mistakes and a lot of headaches.  Design Inspiration however, is free- that’s why I LOVE Design Blogs.  They are such a great source for inspiration and information!

I want to thank SYLVANIA & Lowe’s for allowing me the opportunity to execute this makeover.  I learned a great deal and am excited to change out my CFL’s and incandescent bulbs in the rest of my home to L.E.D.’s.  Please check out SYLVANIA’s facebook page to see how other bloggers transformed their spaces AND for a chance to win a $1,000 gift card from Lowe’s.

I wish I could say this is going to be a enlightening tutorial on how to create a gallery wall.  The truth is, I am super impulsive and impatient and have never taken the time to create a template.  Fortunately, there are some great DIY how-to’s online.  I had planned on trying this one out, but alas, I didn’t have the wax paper and I wanted it done like NOW.

The most fun part is collecting the art.  Like I said, I’m pretty impulsive and get the itch to do a project at a very inconvenient time like, for instance, the night before a photo shoot.  Don’t get me wrong I LOVE collecting art, prints, photography, postcards, ANYTHING I could use for a gallery wall but I also created about half of the “art” you see on the wall.   

My first step is trying to find enough space to lay out all the pieces.  I take photos of the different configurations with my iPhone and then analyze. 

Then I enlist a.k.a. dragmy husband in the room to assist.  I definitely tend to “eye ball” most everything and am notorious for using seemingly insufficient sized nails and even straight pins from time to time.  This helps keep the damage to the wall  at a minimum and makes me feel less guilty if I move a print over a hair.   

The “After” – the best part is I can keep adding pieces as I collect (or create) them!

The sketch in the bamboo frame was in a bag of un-used drawings from design school.  The charcoal canvas was created by me on a whim.  The chair sketches were from an assignment in school, chair photo I took at Versailles, the settee sketch was inspired by a sketch in Suzanne Kasler’s book, the antiqued mirror frame and print were purchased at Mockingbird Manor in OKC, I painted the “crown of thorns,” the pagoda was purchased at Clutter in Warrenton at the Antiques show, and the drawing of St. Paul’s Cathedral was purchased at the gift shop in London.

Currently I’m living in a state of complete euphoria after the birth of my first baby, Sadie.  She is pure perfection in my eyes, and I truly want time to CRAWL.  I’m absolutely loving being a Mom! 

So now, the Nursery Reveal!  I had such a fun time designing this room.  I knew even before any fabric or paint had been selected what the color scheme would be.  Read about my initial design concept here. 

We’re currently leasing so my goal was to purchase pieces that would be flexible down the road.  That also meant the carpet stayed – eww.  I’d love to get a rug eventually but that is not at the top of the must-purchase list because the room is tiny and I don’t want to buy something that wouldn’t work in a larger space down the road.   

I was basically working with a box.  A box with a lot of doors and one window.  I did a lot of space plans on Auto-Cad trying to determine if I could squeeze a guest bed in there.  It was a major stressor for me, and ultimately there was NOT room and I haven’t looked back since donating the old bed. 

The crib and bedding were the hardest decisions.  I had a really hard time finding a crib I liked at any price point.  I never dreamed I would select a “Jenny Lind” style.  Ever.  I used to think they were hideous.  I originally thought I would want a really modern crib, David Netto style.  However, the bedding I was drawn to was really soft and feminine.  I loved the turned spindles with the bedding, so flat slats were out.  That REALLY limited my selection.  The more I thought about it, the more the J.L. style just made sense.  Financially and style-wise!  I am SO happy with my decision. 

The large giraffe was Sadie’s Christmas present from GiGi and Pops (my husband’s parents).  The photograph by Sharon Montrose mentioned here set the tone for several “pops” of giraffe throughout the room. 

I ordered these letters from Restoration Hardware Baby & Child but I’m still waiting for them to arrive (they were back ordered).  The letters will go above the crib.

At the last Round Top, I went a little crazy buying these fashion illustrations from Paris that I had seen at the Blue Hills show that past Spring.  The vendor still had some so I spent a long time selecting my favorites.  The black and white Balmain illustration was my big splurge and I just adore it.  The “S” and “H” alphabet prints were out of an old children’s book.  The pink fashion illustration is an original, and the bottom print of the ladies is out of an old French Magazine.  The “Baby Doll” & “Coco Mademoiselle” illustrations are by Etsy seller, Emmakisstina.  Her work is awesome, check it out! The portrait on the bottom left was purchased at the Guild Shop. 

As far as framing went, I needed to use a little imagination as I could have spent a fortune custom framing every piece.  I bought a pair of really ugly “fake” art prints at Marshall’s for square frames for the alphabet prints.  I think it was $19.99/pair.  I then selected a cute scrapbook paper and mounted & matted the prints myself. 

I wanted vintage looking gold frames so I scoured the art section at the Guild Shop in Houston for ugly artwork in good frames.  I then had white mats cut to fit. 

Sophie the Giraffe, gold mocassin booties, a couple of books (okay, yes, that IS the Lauren Conrad book – I bought it at Marshall’s for $12…sort of embarrassing), and a small white marble lamp scored @ Homegoods sit on top of a table scored on One King’s Lane last week. 

I designed the crib bumper and bed-skirt and had them made.  It is white linen with gray/lavender cording, ties and rosettes.  I had NO IDEA how hard a lavender fabric would be hard to source.  Let me tell you, it was!  The sheets are by Serena & Lily.  I have another dark gray linen sheet by Matteo for when I want a different look.   

As I was rushing through the Guild Shop five minutes before they closed, my hands full of frames, I saw this brass & lucite chandelier and stopped dead in my tracks.  I LOVED it.  They were closing and the line was out the door, so I snapped a quick pic on my iPhone so I could think about it.  You don’t ever “think” about anything at the Guild Shop.  I couldn’t believe this chandelier was still there (it had been there through one mark-down cycle)!  I went back that next week and it was waiting for me so I snagged it up –  not knowing if it would even work!  My dear friend, Sam, worked for hours to get it installed and working!  

The shelf unit was a present from my Mother-in-Law scored at Excess in Round Top.

Here is a list of sources for those interested:

WALL PAINT COLOR: Sherwin Williams, “Ponder”

DRESSER/CHANGING TABLE: Family Piece refinished – see post here.

CRIB: Da Vinci Jenny Lind Crib (purchased from AlbeeBaby.com but couldn’t find it on their website)


FITTED SHEET SHOWN: “Florentine” Crib Sheet by Serena & Lily

FITTED SHEET OPTION (NOT SHOWN): Vintage Linen Fitted Sheet in “Coal” by Matteo


CURTAINS: Halfpricedrapes.com – My FAVORITE source for ready-made curtains. 

SWIVEL GLIDER: Lee Industries (a gift from my parents)

VINTAGE ARTWORK: Antique Maps & Works on Paper via the Blue Hills Antique Show

CHANDELIER: Vintage, sourced at The Guild Shop.  By or in the style of Charles Hollis Jones.  This is a smaller version of the same fixture.

GOLD CANDLE SCONCES: Vintage, sourced at The Guild Shop.


GREEK KEY GOLD END TABLE: Christmas Present 🙂  This is bad, but i think it’s either World’s Away or Global Views via One King’s Lane – I can’t remember which one but it was from their sample sale a couple of weeks ago. 

So there you have it, Sadie’s Nursery! 

I recently selected this sink for a client’s teeny-tiny Powder Bathroom.  It is so beautiful in person.  I love the hand crafted nature of the bowl, and the way the imperfect hammered finish refracts (is that the correct science term?) light in different directions. 

Here is my drawing of the narrow sink wall (sorry for the small size, if I enlarge it, it skews the drawing). 

This porcelain tile mosaic (also gorgeous in person) will be installed vertically on the entire wall (in the lighter color).

This is a sconce option.  I’m still looking for another mosaic tile for the splash behind the sink, as well as a decorative mirror.  The sink base cabinet is also still up in the air…it’s a process, people 🙂

I just had to share some more photos of Native Trails’ sinks…I really love the hammered nickel finish because it can go traditional or contemporary!   


And the piece de resistance…a GORGEOUS bathtub:

Our guest room is in need of a little face lift (Hartley totally concurs).

This space designed by Mary McGee is a personal favorite, and I love the strict color scheme which makes it calm and cohesive.

A wall of bookshelves would be nice, but the space does not really allow. I really do like the way these shelves are styled (and I have tons of those white Ikea boxes in our office – they are so chic and so cheap).

What’s cheaper than West Elm? Why West Elm on Overstock of course!

I need a fun lamp like this one from Memorial Antiques and Interiors.

I would love this set for above the desk!

Chair from Tarjay!

Ivory silk panels for the windows.

I’ll take these in multiples!

An ornate old gold mirror would be perfect spray painted white.

I do have a vintage chair in the room that I would love to clothe in a great Quadrille print.

So that is my quick inspiration so far…I am still on the hunt for the perfect {cheap} headboard… I did find this screen below (it is folded up but opens to 63″ wide).

That’s why I’ve been missing…I just got back from vacation with my husband, his parents, and brother. We were all over the Caribbean, and I must say, my favorite spot was Trunk Bay in St. John (see above photo). It felt so “Swiss Family Robinson.”

(Bryce and I at dinner on our trip)

Whenever I shop the sales racks, discount stores, outlets, or even the “chain” design stores, I often have to ask myself, friends, or mother/mother-in-law, “is this classy or trashy?” I came to that predicament last night when I saw this zebra rug at Z Gallerie. I am often a victim of, “it’s $169!?! Yes, I’ll take it!” I have gotten burned many a times buying something simply because it was on sale or a great deal and ended up with something I don’t looooove only wanting to replace it with something better in a month. So, everyone, is this rug classy or trashy? Should I hold out for the stenciled cowhide? Or should I be proud that (even though I eat steak) no animals were harmed in making this rug? My justification is that it would be perfect for a future kids’ room, and even though I’ve loved zebra rugs since I was 13, I may get very tired of them as they have now officially saturated the market.

As seen on the Z Gallerie website….

As seen the “Dining Room” of our Apartment…