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Houston Design Blog | Material Girls | Houston Interior Design » Lauren Haskett – MG H-town

Lauren Haskett – MG H-town

Lauren Haskett Fine Design

20 Questions for Lauren

Name three cities you’ve lived in. Denver, Fort Worth, Houston

What is your Starbucks order? Winter – Grande Non-Fat Pumpkin Spice Latte w/half the pumpkin; Summer – tall decaf caramel frappacino with no whip & no drizzle

Three words that would describe your perfect client. Traveled, enthusiastic, trusting

If you weren’t a designer you’d be a… Though I can’t imagine not doing design, I’d like to think I’d be a spy in the CIA!  Ha ha!

Which celeb’s style is most similar to your own? Mean girl faux-celeb Olivia Palermo

Favorite Beauty Product? Tie- The Wonderbar & Laura Mercier Brow Duo

Soda, pop, or coke –what do you call a soft drink? Soda

Favorite fabric?  Favorite fabric pattern?  (could be as specific as a particular one, or could be as general as “linen” and “striped”) White Linen & Pewter Velvet

Your signature design element? Metallics

Flats or Heels? Heels

One of your favorite paint colors? “Anonymous” by Sherwin Williams

Favorite museum? The National Gallery in London

Every room needs… A teeny bit of sparkle

Dream vacation spot? I’d love to take my husband to an English Premier League Soccer game in England

Biggest design pet peeve? I know this is a little controversial but…fake flowers or greenery

Gold or Silver? GOLD!

Guilty Pleasure TV Show? The Real Housewives of…

Favorite Book? The Bible

Strangest job you’ve ever had? Hawking free t-shirts in exchange for a credit card application at the Ballpark in Arlington (makes me cringe to even think about) during my summer break in college

Favorite room/space to design? Kitchens

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