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Inspiring Living Rooms

Wednesday, December 10, 2008 | Category: Design Inspiration, Living Rooms

I am very excited to be taking on this month’s design challenge. For those of you who are planning to submit your living room for a free space plan solution, please submit your entries! We are still accepting submissions, and I am enjoying the opportunity to review each and everyone one of yours individually. As the entries come in, I will acknowledge your emails and reply with any questions I may have.

As every designer looks to inspiration to find their solutions, I’ve scoured a few inspiring living rooms (below) to point out a few ideas that work for each room – as well as perhaps your rooms too! There are so many ways to layout a living room – but here a few of the infinite possibilities.

In this modern Miami living room, modular furniture is used to provide flexibility for entertaining. I often incorporate modular seating into other rooms, such as family rooms, especially for active families.

Small scale furniture with restrained colors are just fitting for this more traditional and elegant living room

High ceilings, a low sectional sofa, and some glam elements such as the chandelier and sheer curtains add some drama to this room. Love how the translucent drapery is concealing one piece of artwork behind with two other pieces of artwork in the forefront.

Some rooms just call out for symmetry, as this living room does. I always explore options in providing my clients with space planning layouts – whether it be symmetry or not (see below). In any case, I love how balanced this room is.

I think in large boxy spaces, it’s great to create a juxtaposition of furniture, thus creating different seating groupings with a bit of flexibility.

In this room, I love the simplicity and formality of the room. The niche is beautiful – and how great not to fear putting a piece of furniture in front of a niche!

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3 Comments to 'Inspiring Living Rooms'

Visual Vamp 10 Dec 08 at 2:14 am

The winner will be so lucky to have your help!!!

Ivy Lane 10 Dec 08 at 2:52 am

Beautiful images! Can’t wait to see the challenge unfold!

Fifi Flowers 10 Dec 08 at 9:30 am

LOVELY living rooms!

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