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Los Angeles Design Blog | Material Girls | LA Interior Design » 2009 » February

Thomas Paul Rugs

Posted By Jill-LA | Feb 26, 2009 | 1 Comment | Category: Floors

Looking for an area rug? Thomas Paul Rugs offer some great colors and patterns.

For pricing & sizing availability, please see the Design Public website.

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Boutique Branding

Posted By Jill-LA | Feb 26, 2009 | 1 Comment | Category: Commercial Spaces

I’ve been a big fan of Jo Malone perfumes and skin care products since her name landed on this side of the Atlantic. Her product is a UK based company that has had much success with opening boutique stores across the nation to supplement her initial outlets in high end department stores. Aside from liking the product alone, I’ve always liked the “whole package.” The simplicity and clean lines of her packaging, the logo, and the interior design of the Jo Malone counters and boutique stores. It’s a very simple design that is also very elegant. I think for interior designers who are designing retail spaces, it is important to take the branding into consideration. It may not work for all retail planning, but it sure works for this product.

Facade of the store front retains the branding influence of the name, the product, and the interiors.

Conceptual rendering of the stores interior:

The interiors of the boutique which are also consistent with Jo Malone counter’s located in high end department stores such as Neiman Marcus.

The spa located in London. Retains the clean simple lines of her packaging and boutique interiors:

Packaging of Jo Malone products that inspire the consistency of her logo and store design:

Interiors of the Times Square boutique in NYC:

Visit the Jo Malone website for boutique locations & online products.

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Sign of the Times

Posted By Jill-LA | Feb 25, 2009 | No Comments | Category: Commercial Spaces

The cover of this month’s Hospitality Design Magazine.

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Check out the House Beautiful Magazine’s website for a daily dose of color tips from their experts for the next 30 days. You can get daily information on how to use color, where to use color, and other ideas for using color.

Here are some of the articles featured online on the House Beautiful website:
*30 Days of Color: House Beautiful’s best of color.

*An Expert’s Insight on Choosing the Right Colors: All of your color questions answered.

*The Ultimate Color Scale: Which Side of the Scale Do You Fall On?

*The Most Outrageous Paint Colors: 12 designers share their most daring paint choices.

*Which Paint Color Is the Hardest to Get Right?: Seven designers tell us which are the hardest to get right.

And, of course, there is just a few days left to submit your very own rooms for our Design Challenge this month: Don’t miss out on color advice from our very own MG blogger Emily and to have your project featured here on the Material Girl blog!

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Oscar Governors Ball Chooses Zen-Inspired Understatement Over Splashy Opulence:

Elton John’s black-and-white Oscar party:

The Night to Make a Difference fund-raiser at Mr. Chow:

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Victoria Hagan Fabrics

Posted By Jill-LA | Feb 24, 2009 | 2 Comments | Category: Fabric

New Victoria Hagan fabrics at the Thomas Lavin showroom in Los Angeles.

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Posted By Jill-LA | Feb 22, 2009 | No Comments | Category: Color

How about a little gold with your black?

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Smitten Kitchens

Posted By Jill-LA | Feb 22, 2009 | 1 Comment | Category: Kitchens

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Bold Berry

Posted By Jill-LA | Feb 19, 2009 | No Comments | Category: Color

How about adding a little berry color for some flair?

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Animal House Style

Posted By Jill-LA | Feb 19, 2009 | No Comments | Category: Books

There’s a book I have titled “Animal House Style” that I received from my aunt as a gift a few years ago. It is a wonderful book by a designer and animal advocate named Julia Szabo. The book is filled with wonderful rooms featuring animals comfortable in their environments – our homes!

Julia’s emphasis is on making our homes suitable to animals without sacrificing style. In the book she mentions selecting leather chairs with chrome or metal legs to minimize chewing and selecting fabrics that are brushed micro-fiber or velvet in colors that match your pet’s fur. Her book is filled with many other ideas and tips on maintaining a healthy and functional home for both you and your four legged friend!

What house is not a home without a furry little creature inhabiting it?

This blog is dedicated to my very special cats who are now in kitty heaven. My home is not the same without them.



And least I not forget my dad’s pride & joy, Royce, who resides on Balboa Island in Newport Beach and hangs out with the local ducks on the outdoor patio.

Our homes have forever been blessed with animals!

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