It’s no secret that I love books.  I have an overflowing collection for which I do not have shelf space for. My books become part of the decoration of my home:  stacked on the two console tables below my front living room windows flanked by a pair of lamps and topped with a candle and a vase, the stack on the tray table next to my sofa stacked within other trays, another stack on a pair of coffee tables, and yet two neatly stacks on the floor creating a vignette.  Books make for great accessories to decorating any home.  Whether used as props in styling or truly used in the decoration of a home, books undoubtedly have a decorating presence.


Books stacked on a console table, such as I have in my own living room.


Low bookshelves don’t over empower a room, these have an interesting design at an angle.


These bookshelves are concealed behind a drapery panel – a splash of color and an element of surprise!


A few books scattered across a coffee table provide good entertaining and leisurely browsing.


A Jonathan Adler designed room filled with built-ins and books.


Bathing among books – this bathroom makes for a relaxing getaway.


Including books in a bedroom looks more sophisticated when it’s neatly displayed in a built-in shelving unit tucked into a corner.


Or just a few stacked on the bedside tables.


These beautiful built-ins are ideal in any transitional space – a hallway, between adjoining rooms.


These books add a colorful decorating element to this refined space.


Stacks of books on a console in an entryway or hallway with various accessories and artwork.


I think more dining rooms should be filled with books!  Here is a space that offers more than just the typical dining table, buffet, and artwork.


In a more casual setting, these floating shelves make for a beachy inspired look in Kelly Klein’s home.


As Lauren mentioned in her recent post on bar carts, the ever changing display can go from glassware to other decorative displays, in this case – books, of course.


A beautiful room propped with decorative accessories and books.


Karl Lagerfeld apparently has an addiction to books – the proof is in the picture.


As in this picture, I add the same decorative touches to my books – placing a vase or other object on top of a stack of books.


A delicate coffee table calls for just a few small books – ones that aren’t too bulky or heavy.


Kelly Wearstler is quite the book collector – seen here among her custom built shelving and her children.  While I was at her office, I took a glimpse at some of the book titles she owns – including out of print and vintage design books.


This office space would have made a great addition to my recent post, “The Un-Office Office Space.” What office space isn’t filled with books?


And lastly, a house filled with books from room to room.

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5 Comments to 'Decorating With Books'

Maria Killam 25 May 09 at 9:20 pm

Love this post. I have stacks and stacks of design magazines that I will not give up, I only get rid of them if they are more than 10 years old (except Architectural Digest). I also need more room to store my books!

Heidi Alexander 25 May 09 at 9:50 pm

Hi Jill!
Great post-you must have been reading my mind yesterday! i was just looking at all our collection of books- I have one TALL bookshelf about 6ft. all wood- Is it ever ok to put a bookshelf on its side?
I have a space on a wall I’d like to fill but not with furniture… Like all the examples you gave above!! Backyard Blessings- Heidi

Alam 26 May 09 at 12:08 am

Hi, i also like this post. I think my house will soon become mini library!

Stylish Moola 26 May 09 at 10:55 am

Love this! Got so many books and just shelving them seems so boring…thanks for the tips!

Simply Luxurious 30 Mar 10 at 11:06 pm

Love this post! Thanks for sharing. Karl’s room is amazing. Books really can do so many different things style-wise. I guess that means we can keep collecting?
Thanks as always for stopping by. Have a great rest of the week.

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