Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade

Saturday, December 26, 2009 | Category: Events, Holiday

*1The Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade is a holiday tradition that has been taking place in Newport Harbor for 101 years now – it’s the oldest boat parade in the nation! While I did not attend the boat parade this year, I have many times before.  In fact, the parade route goes right by where we keep our boat and in the past we’ve entertained friends and family while watching the parade from the back of the boat. Sad to have missed this year’s parade but I was able to find pictures to share with you.  Over 100 vessels take part in the parade – everything from electric bay boats, to small craft boats, to yachts, even canoes & kayaks.  Each year the parade lasts for five nights (this year from December 16th – 20th) attracting millions of viewers.


The parade route makes it’s way through the entire Newport Harbor (where the boats turnaround at the breakwater).  Given the size of the harbor and the route it takes – there are many location spots in which to view the boats pass by.


Lights galore – apparently some boat owners have spent over $50,00 decorating their boats for the parade!

2The boats really light up the water at night!

3The Christmas floats make their way around a 14 mile route which passes by restaurants, yacht clubs, private homes, boat docks, and the public beaches of Newport Harbor.

4Many boats are also entertaining guests aboard during the parade route (which lasts over 2.5 hours) – it’s fun to see the party-goers enjoying the spirit of the parade and the holidays!


Hopefully next year I will make one night of the parade (and take some photographs of my own!). Hope everyone had a good holiday!

{Images via The Orange County Register}

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3 Comments to 'Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade'

Linda in AZ * 26 Dec 09 at 9:35 pm

* Having grown up around the area, I miss seeing this~~~~ WHAT A SIGHT in “real person”!!!!!!! It’s always just beyond compare in the “Ooooooh n’ Ahhhh” department!

THANK YOU for sharing!

Lilnda in AZ *

Renae 27 Dec 09 at 8:07 pm

I love it! My girlfriend was on the lead boat!

Home Builder Los Angeles 30 Dec 09 at 10:10 pm

Wow..Even these boats are just in photos, I’m still mesmerized by the lights that cover them and the reflection they made on the water. I wish I could go to Newport someday to witness this spectacle myself – of course with my family. What’s even better is that boats also accommodates guests, which means you can really feel how it’s like in the parade of shining and shimmering boats while having fun in the party. Ummm, now I’m really looking forward to this next year. =)

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