In Bed with Kelly Wearstler

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Check out the July 2010 issue of House Beautiful magazine to find out what Kelly Wearstler likes in bed…everything from the type of mattress she prefers to dressing a bed to her line with Sferra Linens.

(Photographed at the Tides Hotel in Miami.)

Catalog Living

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“It broke through the wall during the last big storm and we decided just to leave it.”

Every once in awhile we could use a little humor in design, yes?  Well, for a little bit of silliness check out “Catalog Living” – a blog dedicated to; “A look into the exciting lives of the people who live in your catalogs” – all with a bit of humor.  (Such as the photo captions above and below.) The voice behind “Catalog Living” is Molly Erdman, a Los Angeles based actor, improviser, and writer (orginally from Dallas). Worth a read for a few laughs.

“Sweetheart, the Turners will be here any minute now!  Did you put the plate of figs under the table?”

{Quotes and pictures from Catalog Living.}

Door Stops

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Such a simple thing – a door stop.  Funny enough, I once had a client who asked me where to find a nice door stop.  I sort of drew a blank then thought that would make a great innovative product design to invent a cool looking door stop.  Coincidentally, there’s Stoppy. Stoppy is a fun and decorative window and door stop that comes in an array of colors that grips all surfaces.  No more tripping over a big heavy object holding open a door.  (Available at Bed Bath & Beyond.)

Elle Decor A-List Event

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As many of you may have already seen in the latest issue of ELLE DECOR magazine, the ELLE DECOR editors came out with their first ever A-List of 25 interior designers (including a shortlist of five up-and-coming interior designers).  The goal was to produce “a list of authentic tastemakers whose rooms reflect the passions of ELLE DECOR—high style, serious comfort, snappy ideas—and whose innovative approach to the art of decoration will be studied for generations.”

Last week, ELLE DECOR hosted an event at the McGuire Showroom in NYC honoring the 25 A-List interior designers along with the 5 to watch – and almost all 30 attended!  Imagine thirty of the greats in one room together, including big names such as: Jeffrey Bilhuber, Eric Cohler, Robert Couturier, Steven Gambrel, Suzanne Kasler, Victoria Hagan, Charlotte Moss, Joe Nahem, Alex Papachristidis, Thomas O’Brien, Miles Redd, Stephen Sills, Michael Smith, William Sofield, Steven Volpe, Bunny Williams, and more.

I was not actually at the event, but thought I would pay tribute to some of the local Los Angeles interior designers that were celebrated:

First and foremost, Michael Smith (pictured here with Margaret Russell).  Michael Smith hails from my “hometown” – we both grew up in Bay Shores in Newport Beach and he lived next door to my aunt and went to school with my cousins.  It’s always very exciting to see his name mentioned – especially on an A-List!

Native Angeleno, Oliver M. Furth (included among the five to watch) with Margaret Ruseell and interior designer Katie Lydon (another one of the up and coming listed!).

Los Angeles designer Madeline Stuart (included on the A-List).

Fellow blogger and San Francisco, CA based interior designer Grant K. Gibson (left) was included on the five designers to watch list!
(Pictured here with Alexis Contant (of the Boston Design Center) and designer Matthew Patrick Smyth.)

Congrats to all the A-Listers!

Photography by Patrick Butler courtesy of ELLE DECOR.

Flower Power

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If you are looking for all things floral, then Floral Art is your one stop shopping spot!

Floral Art is a boutique located in Venice, CA. The 3,500 square foot flower emporium houses a design studio which includes floral arrangements, store installations, event décor, and home furnishings.

Floral Art celebrates the power of the flower.

A few furniture items from their home collection (which also includes art, accessories, and vases):

The Peony Floret Chair (front) made clear lucite, high gloss white, and white faux leather upholstery.

Peony Floret Chair (back)

Floral Lace Chair made of clear lucite frame and legs and Venetian lace and silk upholstery.

Sepia Peony Cabinet made of dark wood frame side cabinet with a sepia-toned photographic image of peonies.

The Home Collection also features side tables and cube tables.

Inside the Floral Art emporium.

Floral Art is located at 1338 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venica CA 90291

Color Punch

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Loving the look of crisp white interiors infused with punches of bright colors.  Feels so summery!

Shaw Floors has teamed up with the Save The Tiger Fund for the release of their latest product, Tigressa SoftStyle Carpet.  For all Tigressa sales from now until August 20, 2010 they will donate a portion of the proceeds to the National Fish and Wildlife Federation’s Save the Tiger Fund (STF). STF sponsors effective efforts to stop the killing of wild tigers, enabling them to recover and flourish. Tigers are on the brink of extinction. It’s estimated that there are now less than 4,000 wild tigers in Asia.  (And for each Tweet you make using the #Tigressa mark in your tweet, they’ll donate $1 to the campaign as well.)

You can also enter to win the Tigressa Sweepstakes for a chance to win a trip to India to see the tigers!

Event Designer Extraordinaire

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Just as with interior design, event designers never cease to amaze me with their ability to transform a space.  Being that Los Angeles is a city with a never-ending amount of events and premiers taking place, event designers are in constant demand.  Unlike the pace of interior design these events move at record speed with the event designer needing to create and transform a space in a very short period of time.  One local event designer who does just that is Tony Schubert; principal of Event Eleven.  Tony happens to be a childhood friend of mine from summers on Catalina Island. In addition to event design, Tony also specializes in weddings, concerts, fashion shows, and interiors.


Tony was the event designer for Kelly Wearstler’s wedding to Brad Korzen.

Kelly Wearstler’s wedding designed by Tony Schubert.

Kelly Wearstler’s wedding reception, an Event Eleven creation.

The wedding of actress Jaime Pressly to Simran Singh in Malibu.

Jaime Pressly’s wedding created by Tony Schubert of Event Eleven.

Jaime Pressly’s wedding in Malibu last year.

It’s amazing the transformation and lighting that can take place “under a tent.”

{Entertainment Events}

Star Trek Premiere after party.

5th Annual TV Guide Party — featuring John Legend and Kanye West.

5th Annual TV Guide Party

{if only the real Material Girls were there!}

Coach Fragrance Launch.

Coach Fragrance Launch.

People Magazine SAG Awards 2010 after party.

People Magazine SAG Awards 2010 after party.

People Magazine SAG Awards 2010 after party.


Ketchup restaurant in West Hollywood designed by Tony Schubert.

Ketchup restaurant in West Hollywood designed by Tony Schubert.

Ketchup restaurant in West Hollywood designed by Tony Schubert.

Angels & Kings Bar in Hollywood designed by Tony Schubert.

Angels & Kings Bar in Hollywood designed by Tony Schubert.

Wonderland Nightclub designed by Tony Schubert.

And here’s Tony today…

AND he may just kill me for this, but I had to include a bit of nostalgia, here he is coming to hang out on my (family’s) boat on Catalina Island with our friends, summer of ’91:

Congrats to Tony and all his success!  Look forward to seeing more of his amazing work!

[All images via Event Eleven]

Event Eleven   Los Angeles + Miami

LA Event

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For local Angelenos, join Angeleno Magazine at the new showroom of Cusom Comfort Mattress on Beverly Blvd in West Hollywood this Wednesday, June 9th from 7pm-9pm.


The Material Girls were recently featured in the online digital magazine, “Nesting Newbies” as Emily posted about here.  City by city, we featured our favorite “affordable luxe home resources” in the latest issue of Nesting Newbies (starting on page 164).  A few resources didn’t make the feature and are now up on the Nesting Newbies website, you can read about them here!