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Wednesday, March 09, 2011 | Category: Decorating, Design Inspiration, Floors

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting Ginna Christensen, proprietor of the company 27 Ground, a collection of stunning and sophisticated area rugs.  27 Ground is based here in Southern California with a warehouse in North Carolina, and factories in India and Nepal where the rugs are hand made.  Each rug is like a piece of art.  The collections range from eco friendly, to modern and traditional, and some additional collections by designers.

Here are a few favorites ranging from the many collections (which are also featured on the website):

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3 Comments to 'Area Rugs from 27 Ground'

maison21 09 Mar 11 at 6:28 pm

love ginna’s rugs! hope to use one in a project someday.

Non slip bathroom carpets 06 Jun 11 at 8:28 am

27 Ground. Hmm.. Ok!
A few of them are really sophisticated. I’m gonna get acquainted closer with them. Cheers)

Area Rugs 08 Jun 11 at 2:35 am

It seems to me that these rugs are nature friendly! From the looks of it! haha! =)

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