Palihouse in West Hollywood

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Last week I finally had the pleasure of checking out Palihouse, a boutique hotel in the heart of West Hollywood. The thing that sets Palihouse apart from many of the neighboring hotels is that it is known more as an “urban lodge” and offers a “residential-style” stay.  The hotel has furnished pied-a-terres that can be rented for up to six-twelve month stays, along with one bedroom and loft residences, and if looking to stay just for a night or few days, the traditional guest suite. The hotel also has a courtyard brasserie for dining, an espresso bar, a lobby lounge, and a rooftop deck for special events. So last Thursday after the Restoration Hardware store opening, my friends and I headed over to Palihouse to meet up with Raymond, the Public Relations Manager for Palihouse and his friend Kristen for a drink…and to take a look at the hotel!

Walking into the lobby off the busy West Hollywood streets, I felt like I’d been transported into an old world Parisian style space, with an industrial Bohemian vibe all mixed into one. The lobby is filled with vintage art and furnishings, chairs upholstered in distressed leather, dark walnut finishes, and a Morooccan tiled floor.

The cozy lobby lounge where we hung out and had drinks last week.

Another view of the lobby lounge, hanging out here feels like you’re in your own living room.  If you are looking for a more intimate spot to have a drink, this would be it!

The interior courtyard restaurant, “Courtyard Brasserie” serves breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner.

Pretty spot for brunch or lunch too!

View from interior looking out to the courtyard.

There is also private dining inside.

The interiors of a guest room suite.

A fully equipped kitchen in one of the residences.

A loft residence.

Palihouse is located at 8465 Holloway Drive, West Hollywood, CA 90069


This past Thursday evening, I attended the store opening of Restoration Hardware’s newest location in West Hollywood.  The new space features a 24,000 square foot, two story showroom complete with a pebbled courtyard and room vignettes or “The Gallery” as it’s called.  The party was packed and filled with celebs, it was such an amazing turn out!

Once we checked in at the guest list, we entered into the main entry (pictured above) from the garden courtyard. The large scale lanterns, hanging by rope are stunning – in fact, all their lighting is equally amazing (I think that’s one of the features that really caught my eye in the new space).

In one of the main gallery spaces (where we hung out most of the night actually) is an oversize tufted sofa (so comfortable!), two of the reclaimed French floorboard coffee tables (back to back), with a large scale chandelier (again, another stunning light fixture!).

The crowd in one of the other gallery rooms.

Interior Designer Mary McDonald at the party.

Restoration Hardware CEO Gary Friedman with model/actress Jaime King.

Gary Friedman with actor Ashton Kutcher.

And what’s an event without my BFF’s: Morgan and Brooke.

Also had a blast hanging out with Molly Luetkemeyer of M. Design Interiors and Christian May of Maison 21!

[For more event photos, click here.]

Details, Please

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I am still loving Pinterest, as I blogged about before here. It is such a huge assortment of visual eye candy, and I have amassed a collection of images, pinned and repinned and pinned again. My collection of boards range from bathrooms to bedrooms, to living rooms to libraries, to outdoor spaces, with fun things in between like quotes, travel, and fashion. But one of my favorite boards is the “Details” board, which has images of some really unique decor details. Take a look!

I love this striped floor! {pinned from Small Shop Studio}

A funky painted mirror. {pinned from Desire to Inspire}

Pattern mix: leopard chair & modern art. {pinned by Ann Sage}

Oversize pendant light that makes a statement! {originally pinned from Rue Magazine}

True attention paid to detail, the gray taping on the back of the satin yellow chair, the Greek key motif on the chair fabric. {pinned from D magazine.}

Stripes meet chevron, in a combination I’ve never seen before! {pinned from Design Sponge}

Bookshelf painted in bright hues! This would have been a great example for my “Color Punch!” post. {pinned from BlogLovin’}

This is just a start! Looking forward to paying attention to more details!

This past week, my friend Brooke invited me to dinner for my birthday at Terranea Resort in Palos Verdes, CA. Terranea is a destination that sits right on the cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The resort evokes the feeling of being somewhere else (such as Hawaii) and not just twenty minutes from the bustling LA streets.  As a native South Bay/Palos Verdes resident, Brooke has been frequenting the resort for dinners and drinks and kept telling me I had to check it out. As it turned out, it worked perfectly for last week and I think now it’s going to be on my frequent destination list!

The entrance to Terranea: as you walk in you feel as if you’ve been transplanted to Hawaii, yet this is a local Southern California resort.

The main lobby has a tropical, beachy vibe.

Straight through the main lobby are doors that lead to a terrace with a dramatic back drop of the Pacific Ocean (and in the distance, Catalina Island). Unfortunately, we have been experiencing a bit of our typical “June Gloom” weather but even so, the views were amazing and I am looking forward to returning on a warm summer evening.

The outdoor terrace (which overlooks the view above) and it’s outdoor fireplace, Spanish tile floors, and oversize potted plants.

We had dinner at Catalina Kitchen (it was SO good!) AND if you go on your birthday, they offer a complimentary surf & turf dinner (can’t pass that up!).

The interior side of the restaurant at Catalina Kitchen.

We dined outside under the outdoor heaters, with this view from our table.

This picture is a little blurry but I loved these hanging lanterns, a blended mix of colors which looked so pretty as they glowed when it got dark.

View of the cliffside resort with the lower pool and pool bar overlooking the beach (above photo by Brooke).

And if you come and stay for a weekend – there are more than a few pools to lounge by!

{All photos by Jill Seidner Interior Design except the top & bottom three.}

Los Angeles Sales & Events

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For Angelenos, a few upcoming sales and events are taking place, starting this weekend!

This weekend, on Saturday June 18th, Palihouse (as in the hotel, which I blogged about here)  is having it’s own garage sale.

Here are the deets: The sale will be at the Hacienda garage entrance, items include: sofas, tables, chairs, casegoods, headboards, Moroccan lamps, lamp shades, hammocks, and other finds from the Palihouse archives. A DJ will be spinning through the event and coffee is available from the Espresso Bar.

Now, you can really truly have that hotel to room look I featured!

Starting on Friday, June 17th (and running until July 10th), both the Los Angeles and San Francisco HD Buttercup locations are having their half yearly sales with as much as 20-70% off the entire store (sofas, light fixtures, tables etc.).

Happy Shopping!

Color Punch!

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Lately I have been seeing interiors (& fashion!) that are infused with punches of bright, bold colors – loving these bright and cheery colors!

Pops of color in these colorful kitchen cabinets!

[via 2Modern]

Pretty palette!

[via Design Milk]

I’ve noticed even neon is making a comeback!

[via Lucas Allen]

A glossy plum colored built-in bookshelf!

[via Elle Decor]

And if you don’t want to go bold on the wall, consider a punch of color with accessories, like this purple area rug.

[via Style at Home]

Even the Victoria’s Secret models look hot in bright colors!

How could they not, right!?

Continuing with our blog series about our paths, which started with Emily’s post back awhile ago, and began with this reader request:

…is my story:


Background: I think given my lineage, I was destined to become an interior designer. I grew up in a family involved in the design and building industry. My grandfather was a developer (and one of the early developer’s of the Trousdale Estates in Beverly Hills), my father (now retired) was president of a division of a carpet mill, my mother is an interior designer (and currently working as a designer in a furniture showroom), my aunt is an interior designer (fun fact: decorator Michael Smith grew up next door to her, and a few streets over from where I grew up, and used to come over and read my aunt’s Architectural Design magazines), my aunt’s husband, Russell Jacques, is a well known artist, my other uncle is a builder (specializing in historical and structural restoration, has completed notable projects such as the restoration of the Museum of Science in Downtown Los Angeles), another relative (by marriage) was an early developer of Bunker Hill in Downtown Los Angeles and Promontory Point in Newport Beach, and his children, my cousins John & Craig are successful builders in Orange County.  And I thought I would consider interior design as a hobby.  Right. I guess that’s not how it works when it’s embedded in your genes.  (Even my last name in German Seide means silk, apparently my Austrian ancestors were silk traders.)

Early Signs: Since I can remember, I have been drawing furniture plans and houses.  While other kids in school were drawing stick figures, I would draw floor plans and layouts of houses.  When we got to play with clay and play-doh in school, I used to mold it into rooms complete with furniture. Later on, I started rearranging the furniture in my bedroom. I actually have a letter I wrote (and was hoping to find it for this post, but it wasn’t where I thought it might be, so I need to keep searching) – but it was a letter I wrote when I was probably in second or third grade, and I guess we had to write “When I grow up…” and I wrote how I wanted to be an interior designer like my mom. In the letter I listed all the things interior designers do (looking back, I actually can’t believe I knew some of the things I wrote!). I guess when you grow up with a mom working at her drafting board (until late at night, which is what I remember!) – you learn these things!

Education: When I was in high school, I decided to spend a summer attending a pre-college program at Otis/Parsons School of Art & Design (now Otis here in Los Angeles).  It was a lot of work for a summer program, but a great experience and an insightful one into the world of design and architecture.  I think it greatly impacted my interest in architecture, too. After graduating high school, I attended the UCLA Architecture & Interior Design program. I left UCLA for one semester, to attend the Architecture/Landscape/Interiors program at Otis, and then ultimately came back to UCLA to complete my education.

{In one of my design classes, we were given the challenge of creating a 1000 sq ft home.  This is a hand drawing I did of a house plan, which has a very indoor / outdoor feel comprised of just 1000 square feet.}

Freelance Design: After completing my education, I decided to market myself as a freelance design assistant to design firms.  I created a cover letter (which I faxed out to design firms) marketing my services and setting my freelance rate.  This was such a great way of gaining experience, having worked for many different design firms in many different facets of design. I have had the opportunity to work in both commercial and residential interior design firms, design showrooms, large firms and boutique firms, and along the way some very interesting clients (celebs!). I really think for those interested in pursing a career in interior design that taking some time (whether in school or after graduating) to work in different areas of design, possibly as a freelancer, is extraordinarily beneficial. Along the way I learned a lot, made a great deal of connections, and developed relationships with other designers.

{This was my cover letter I included with my resume when I was pursing freelance design work.}

On my own: Eventually there came a time to go out on my own, and start my own design business.  I think for me it was a very natural progression. It sort of came about when one of the designer’s I was working for had slowed down a bit. I listed a profile on and my first few projects came in (a client remodeling her bathroom in Santa Monica, a florist retail shop in Orange County). Soon I discovered I was taking on more projects and continuing to freelance a few day’s a week.  As I got busier, I decided I needed more time to focus on my projects and ultimately quit working freelance.  Happy to be completely on my own now, but it’s certainly a lot of work! My days (like Emily mentioned too) are very long – from early morning meetings to late client evening meetings, to running around in between, to catching up on emails and the “real design work”  begins late in the day or night.  However, I enjoy being on my own, working for myself, being responsible for everything that comes with running one’s own business, and the rewards of a project completed.  I also enjoy the process and most of all the learning. Each and every day I seem to learn something new, from blogs to research to subs to vendors to even my clients (whom share experiences with me too!).

{My logo, created for me by my good friend and fellow blogger, Christian May of Maison21.}

And to our readers: If you enjoy interior design, there are so many opportunities and arenas of design that you can work in. I would encourage an education (especially to learn about art history, color, and drawing in addition to the technical/business aspects of design) but also to gain work experience (it’s really the vocational aspect of working that you really learn hand’s on). And I think for the pros and cons, Emily listed it the best, here.

And lastly, social media: It wasn’t around when I first started, but it is now and it’s a huge advantage, to interact with people on a level like never before.  Before I started blogging on the Material Girls blog, I was not very familiar with the blog world.  So much has changed; I now have a whole new community of blogger and twitter friends! I hope you’ll find my there, too!




And last, but not least, Lauren is up next for the final post on our blog series! Look forward to seeing her “This is the story of…” in a few short weeks!

Lego Wall!

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Looking for a “kid friendly” wall? Why not lego an entire wall (or room!).

via HGTV

Guess I can’t get enough of looking at cool, interesting, pretty, or stunning doors (both interior and exterior) – I continually come across more visually enticing doors (and have previously blogged about them here and here).

Which ones would you enjoy knocking on?

Images via Houzz and Pinterest