Lego Wall!

Monday, June 06, 2011 | Category: Kids

Looking for a “kid friendly” wall? Why not lego an entire wall (or room!).

via HGTV

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7 Comments to 'Lego Wall!'

maison21 06 Jun 11 at 10:27 pm


madina 06 Jun 11 at 10:33 pm

That is an incredible idea! I remember when my son was young and loved Lego, the floor in his room was constantly covered with Lego pieces. Even when he was building something, it was a no-no to touch anything.
That is very helpful for mothers to have all projects on walls.

karen 07 Jun 11 at 7:24 am

awesome, awesome, awesome

Narin 07 Jun 11 at 3:09 pm

What a wonderful art of screen…
Absolutely interesting region to watch.

Many more to come…

Good luck

Dina 07 Jun 11 at 11:02 pm

My daughter would love this!

Trenton 09 Jun 11 at 3:59 pm

What a great idea! I wonder if it is hard to keep clean. I wish I had it in my room growing up.

Deb Van 09 Jun 11 at 7:51 pm

This is definitely a great idea, very child-friendly!

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