Back from Summer Vacation!

Saturday, September 03, 2011 | Category: Holiday, Website News

Hope everyone is enjoying their “end of summer” weekend and had a great summer! I can’t believe it’s already September! I spent the month of August on Balboa Island in Newport Beach, CA where my family lives and my dad keeps his boat. I actually lived on the boat for the month and it was a really nice change of pace. ¬†Thought I would share some highlights from my summer vacation!

The boat is docked quite literally just steps from the beach, as seen here from the aft of the boat. These homes are on the Beacon Bay waterfront side of Balboa Island.

How cute is my nephew Eli hanging out on the boat!

Paddling on the bay is very popular, many canoes, paddlers would go by daily…

…some with their dog too!

But I actually spent my summer days working…

…and here too.

But the reality is, most days were actually spent hard at work here.

But EVERY day at the *office* was finished with an amazing sunset like this one!

Or this one!

Mornings started early, where the water was like glass and it was peacefully quiet.

My sleeping quarters were not the “captain’s quarters,” instead I opted for a modest “cabin.”

And the most compact bathroom I ever got ready in each and every day. (Although it’s not every day you see a seal swim by from the “head!”)

The galley style kitchen located on the lowest level of the boat.

When I did venture off the boat, my favorite thing to do was take the Ferry from Balboa Island across the harbor to the Balboa Peninsula side.  The Ferry is just $1 per person each way, it crosses the bay continuously from early morning until late at night and carries both cars and passengers.

Passing by one ferry from another (there are two that go back and forth).

My favorite place to go is Newport Landing Restaurant, they have the best happy hour!

The view from the second story patio at Newport Landing.

Coming back on the ferry at night, a view of the Fun Zone and Balboa Pavilion.

Our boat is docked just steps away from Marine Avenue on Balboa Island, the one main street lined with shops and restaurants. I walked it daily but unfortunately didn’t have time to explore some of the home decor shops, like this one (and others that I’d like to eventually feature on the blog).

I mostly walked through town to get to Little Balboa Island (where our house is) passing by the homes on the canal side…

…and over a bridge.

I’ve since said goodbye to my “summer office” – and am now back home!

Until next summer!

(All photos by Jill Seidner)

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3 Comments to 'Back from Summer Vacation!'

Nicole Heath 03 Sep 11 at 8:56 pm

What an interesting place. Never heard of it before but what a nice location to have your ‘summer office.’ Welcome back!

Lisa Ellis 04 Sep 11 at 1:21 pm

Jill– Loved looking at your pix of your Balboa summer. Growing up in S. Cal, my family spent many summers there and down the way in Newport Beach. After seeing how you spent your summer, I’m now realizing I need to go back there as an adult. Thanks for reminding me of many warm memories!

Aliza 05 Sep 11 at 11:49 am

That sounds awesome- like a total dream summer!

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