Inspiring vignettes of personal collections…

{Found treasures}

{Art, books, & accessories}

{For the vanity…makeup brushes & jewelry}


{Artwork & photography}



{Art supplies}

{Vintage photographs}

What things do you collect?

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3 Comments to 'Hunting & Gathering'

Punctuation Mark 05 Feb 12 at 1:40 pm

postcards sent to me by my friends on their travels! Happy weekend!

Richard Morales 06 Feb 12 at 2:49 am

I keep every birthday card, Xmas card, postcard and letter sent to me. So, I guess that would be my collection.

Paving Slabs & Stones 08 Feb 12 at 5:22 am

All of this collection is useful for home decoration, so I just love to make this kind of collection to d├ęcor my home and make it more beautiful.

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