The Compact Kitchen

Saturday, February 25, 2012 | Category: Design Inspiration, Kitchens, Small Spaces

For many undertaking a kitchen remodel, the goal is typically to expand an already compact kitchen. However, the reality is often times some spaces cannot be enlarged or expanded by increasing the square footage. Instead maximizing a compact kitchen space and aesthetically improving it’s design and style is the most ideal way to turn a small space into a big improvement!

Modern and minimalist, this kitchen epitomizes the aesthetics of a compact kitchen.

Super space saver and super sophisticated – sometimes putting the best into a small space is great on the return.

This compact kitchen has a more expansive feel by it’s use of open shelving, mirrors, and pass-thru counter / bar height seating. Maximizing space to it’s fullest it includes a built-in banquette dining area.

This is a layout I have done for many small kitchens – incorpoating an island with seating and storage, prep sink optional, makes for a functional compact kitchen.

Classic and contemporary, sink side feels open with windows and cabinets are best placed to maximize storage.

A model (pun intended) example of a compact kitchen, this one in a Manhattan loft, where even the narrowest of islands provides functionality.

Light, bright, and airy – a tiny kitchen that feels very open and even includes a little counter seating area by incorporating a tiny ledge of surface area.

Another kitchen with an island and bar height seating, not to mention a full height cabinet help to make this compact kitchen feel more open.

Taking cabinets full height (to the ceiling) is a great idea to make any kitchen feel larger, whether or not it’s compact.

Images via Pinterest and Elle Decor.

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2 Comments to 'The Compact Kitchen'

Kitchen Remodel San Diego 01 Mar 12 at 7:12 pm

A great bunch of images depicting how small spaces can turn into something spectacular. For those of us with limited kitchen space to work with, there is still hope!

jamie 04 Jul 12 at 10:54 pm

Love the fourth photo with a sit down bistro style eating area built in as well as a bar for eating at. There’s something luxurious about including a cozy sit down nook for eating, even in an otherwise modern set up. Nice uses of small space.

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