With the Design Bloggers Conference happening in Los Angeles this past week, along came several invites to parties all around town. While it was hard to make each and every one, I did have the opportunity to attend the Hollyhock party hosted by Suzanne Rheinstein, the Harbinger party with TRADHome and Kravet, and the Grace Home Furnishings party.

Suzanne Rheinstein, proprietor of Hollyhock hosted a kick off party in honor of Ronda Carman of All the Best Blog at the start of the 2012 Design Bloggers Conference.

Lots of familiar faces! (left to right): Christian May of Maison21 Blog, Clinton Smith of Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Magazine, Scot Meacham Wood of Tartan Scot Blog, Jennifer Powell: Social Media Coordinator for Kravet, Tobi Fairley of Tobi Fairley Blog, Brooke Carter Wallace from Tobi Fairley Interior Design, Robert Kaner of Robert Kaner Interior Design, and Andrew Joseph of Andrew Joseph PR.

The weather couldn’t have been more perfect for guests to enjoy mingling in the courtyard that separates Suzanne Rheinstein’s showroom (in the front) and offices (in the back).

The Harbinger party hosted by TRADHome and Kravet housed a packed crowd that read like a “Who’s Who” of designers, bloggers, magazine representatives, vendors, pr people, & more. I don’t think I have ever looked around a room and seen one familiar face after another!

At the Harbinger party: Christian of Maison21, Crystal of Rue Magazine, and Jaime & Ron of Woodson and Rummerfield’s House of Design. (Photo courtesy of Maison21)

Another group shot at the Harbinger party (left to right): Richard of BluePRint Brands, Andrew of Andrew Joseph PR, Christian of Maison21, and Jaime & Ron of Woodson and Rummerfield’s House of Design.

My last party of the three days was a stop at the beautiful and inviting Grace Home Furnishings showroom in the heart of my own neighborhood!

It was fun talking to Roger Stoker, proprietor of Grace Home Furnishings and meeting Bethanne from Curry & Company. Oh! And did I mention Gracie was there too!?

A room vignette at Grace Home Furnishings – the showroom is always so well put together…you just want to sit and stay awhile!

…or sleep!

Thanks Gracie for hosting such a nice party!

{Photos in this post by Jill Seidner Interior Design}

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8 Comments to 'Design Bloggers Conference: 3 Days, 3 Parties'

maison21 04 Mar 12 at 11:12 pm

bummed i didn’t get to grace home- i’ve always wanted to meet gracie! she’s so famous!

Amy Lambert Lee 05 Mar 12 at 1:25 pm

So much fun!! Love all of your great photos!

Jill-LA 05 Mar 12 at 2:44 pm

Christian! You being a dog lover must meet Gracie! PLUS you really should visit the showroom!

Amy! Thank you! Glad we could meet up at BOTH parties that night!

Jennifer Duchene 05 Mar 12 at 3:11 pm

so much fun to see your pics. Loved seeing you at Harbinger. Wish I had made it to Grace Home. I want to meet Gracie and stay awhile!

Dannette Klein 05 Mar 12 at 6:52 pm

Looks like it was a really fun place to be. Great pics, they really set the mood and trasnlate just how cool the event was.

quintessence 05 Mar 12 at 7:21 pm

I’m with Christian – made 2 out of 3 and was so sorry to miss Grace Home!! Next trip!!

Claudia Juestel 05 Mar 12 at 9:17 pm

So nice to meet you at the Fuse Lighting event Jill. I also wished I would have made it over to Grace, but ran out of time.



Art in LA 10 Mar 12 at 11:55 am

Hi!! Great photos! Are you thinking about covering the MOCA Fresh Auction? There should be a lot of decorators?

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