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Saturday, June 09, 2012 | Category: Design Inspiration, Designers, Fabric, Walls

Tufted headboards, tufted sofas, maybe a tufted bench…How about tufted walls? Check out these rooms taking the tufting to a whole new vertical level!

[Image above via Elle Decor, by designer Jamie Drake]

A stunning dining room by interior designer Tobi Fairley, with an upholsted built in banquette and floor to ceiling tufted walls.

A settee taken to all new heights. Image via Pinterest.

A full height tufted headboard. Image via Pinterest.

An upholstered accent wall. Image via Pinterest.

Nail-head tufting behind a pretty desk. Image via Pinterest.

A dramatic headboard spanning an entire wall in a suite at the Soho Berlin.

Last but not least, an upholstered tufted door! In a bathroom of all places! Image via ToDaLoos.

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6 Comments to 'Get Tufted'

CollectingDesignIN 11 Jun 12 at 5:16 am

Love all of them.
I like the coffe table on the third picture!!!

juliemarg 12 Jun 12 at 12:35 pm

Very nice, I like all, very orderly and beautiful…

Jamie Herzlinger 12 Jun 12 at 3:47 pm

I LOVE tufted walls! So chic and unexpected! Thank you so much for sharing!

Love, Jamie

Katie B. of 12 Jun 12 at 4:18 pm

Wow, that hanging chandelier is so gorgeous! I know, I know… the post was about tufted lovelies (and I do adore that settee) but that chandelier caught my eye. So original!

Deanna 13 Jun 12 at 9:35 pm

Wow! I love how dramatic a tufted headboard can be, and how much character it will add to any bedroom. The banquettes are also a lovely touch to any space. Nice pictures!

Mississauga House For Sale 09 Aug 12 at 9:22 am

Love all of them. Especially the washroom.

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