Purple for Alyse

Sunday, August 05, 2012 | Category: Color, Decor Accessories, Decorating, Design Inspiration

My niece, Alyse, already has a favorite color: Purple! (And she’s just two year’s old, having been adamant about purple being her favorite color even before.) Coincidentally, I like purple too and my very first apartment was filled with purple accents (bedding, chairs, ottomans). So in honor of Alyse, here’s a little purple!

Deeply painted purple walls in this children’s playspace. {Image via Pinterest}

A purple lucite chair – just for kids. {Availabla via 5Rooms}

Putting the purple on the ceiling with wallpaper makes this closet ultra glam! {Image via Pinterest}

A high gloss painted built-in in a variant shade of purple. {Image via Pinterest}

I recently came across these purple leather trays. {Available here}

How fun is this purple outdoor cocktail chair and table set! {From Society Social}

Even purple carpet can be pretty! {Image via Pinterest}

Love this bathroom! And the lavendar wallpaper is a nice juxtapose! {Image via Pinterest}

Chic bedroom with purple upholstered walls! {Image via Pinterest, via Elle Decor}

Pretty purple painted accent wall in a dining room. {Image via Pinterest}

“Grapecicles” artwork featuring various shades of purple. {Available at ZGallerie}

A pretty entry in a soft shade of purple. {Image via Pinterest}

Taking purple from the ground up! {Image via Pinterest}

 A living room bathed in purple. {Image via Elle Decor}

And if you like purple enough – consider starting at the front door! {Image via Pinterest}

Whether you are two or twenty, thirty, forty – purple is a fun, eye-popping color!

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3 Comments to 'Purple for Alyse'

Amy Lambert Lee 05 Aug 12 at 9:35 pm

Purple is my favorite color as well! 🙂

Lisa M. Smith (@TheDecorGirl) 06 Aug 12 at 2:29 pm

Fun post Jill! Love those purple stairs and that front door is oh so yummy. I’ve done the purple front door twice. One house still has it even with 2 new owners – purple can be a classic color. Royal purple has been around for centuries, nothing wrong with that.


christine from decorated life 27 Aug 12 at 7:45 am

Great use of every shade of purple. In particular – love the front door, bathroom and dressing room.. classic! Thanks for a great post

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