As I am sort of (pseudo) helping my brother and sister-in-law with their home in Manhattan Beach, CA – I came across the idea to incorporate a bit of surf theme into their modern-era beach adjacent home. What better to decorate the walls then with a surfboard? (And why there are half a dozen surfboards stacked in the garage I do not know!) Instant art and decor! In searching for concepts I found some fun ideas, everything from a modern home to a beach cottage…



Fun colors, a little cottage-y, a little glam…and a longboard hanging on the wall of this living room!

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A surfboard shaped headboard for a children’s room. Precious.


In a tall stairwell, a vertical hanging surfboard fills out the space well.


A completely surf themed bedroom!


A beach cottage truly needs a surfboard somewhere in the decor!


Colorful art and a colorful surfboard pair well together.


A sophisticated black and white striped bedroom contrasts well with a plain white surfboard.


This ultra chic living room uses a vintage surfboard as part of it’s decor.


And if your office happens to be near the beach, keeping a surfboard on display is convenient for catching those good waves when they come rolling in!

All images via Pinterest.

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3 Comments to '“Let’s go surfing now”'

Inspired By This Blog 18 Jun 13 at 11:28 am

Being Manhattan Beach natives oursevles, we love how well you incorporated the surf theme into the home! Perfect way to make this sophisticated home a little more “cruisey!”

Jenny 19 Jun 13 at 8:54 am

The colours are great! You were able to mix and match the colours well 🙂

celebrity interior designer 21 Jun 13 at 9:47 am

Its better to decorate the walls then with a surfboard And why there are half a dozen surfboards stacked in the garage I do not know Instant art and decorate.

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