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It’s finally happening! Blog Tour, presented by Modenus, is coming to Los Angeles this Fall – for the first time ever!  Blog Tour LA will be taking place October 1st-6th. While the details for Blog Tour LA are still being ironed out, I was able to catch up with Veronika of Modenus this past week for a little preview of what’s in the works (including privy to one lucky blogger who is going to be invited to attend – whom I cannot wait to see in my city!). Have to keep mum until the announcements are made in the coming weeks (although could easily be swayed by monetary bribes!). As an alumni of Blog Tour London last Fall, greatly looking forwarding to tagging along while hosting all the fabulous bloggers in “my city”!


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One of the big events in conjunction with Blog Tour LA is the West Edge Design Fair, to be held at the Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, October 3rd-6th. Blog Tour attendees will be at the design fair with special events to be taking place – looking forward to being a part of this too!


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A highlight of bringing bloggers from around the globe, is to provide them with a “my city” tour of some of the hidden spots and great charms. We had the opportunity to experience this too while on Blog Tour London. I am looking forward, along with other LA bloggers, to hosting a walking tour that is slated to be held around the Avenues of Art & Design, the La Cienega Design Quarter, and the neighboring streets around the Pacific Design Center.


Stay tuned for more! Be sure to follow @Modenus with hastag #BlogTourLA for all the latest deets!

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3 Comments to 'Blog Tour LA: Coming this Fall!'

Lisa@TheDecorGirl 25 Jun 13 at 7:16 am

It was enjoyable to be on the sidelines of your planning process. Plus we certainly had a good time testing design products at Hastens. 🙂

Courtney 25 Jun 13 at 8:24 pm

As a blogtour alumni, I share your excitement for the lucky attendees to BlogTourLA – I bet it was fun to scout with Veronika! Give us a hint- $10 bribe ok? 🙂

christian may 27 Jun 13 at 1:59 am

gonna be fun! so glad we’ll be a part of it.

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