Glamour Girls

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Bathroom Love

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Just had to share these images – I was looking online for inspiration pictures for a bathroom remodel I am currently working on when I came across these bathrooms done by a San Francisco based interior designer. Love the fresh and creative look of these bathrooms!

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Awhile back, I featured a post titled “Hanging by a rope…” – with some fun, hanging beds.  I came across another image on ohdeedoh of a room with not just one, or two – but three hanging beds! Fun!

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His & Hers

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Pillows for BOTH sides of the bed!



“key to my heart”

“me you”

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Kate Spade Home

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I’ve been on a bit of a Kate Spade binge lately, having recently purchased a new handbag, wallet, coin purse, iPhone case…so hard to resist when everything is so cute!  Next thing you know I’ll be sleeping in Kate Spade…or on Kate Spade! (Bedding, that is!) Launching in 2011 is a new bedding collection from Kate Spade New York.  The collection is punchy and graphic and as quoted from Kate herself, “I really went back to the original DNA of the brand for my inspiration — bright colors, bold graphics and beautiful combinations of the two.”  (The collection will retail from $129-$179.)

{Gardner Street Bedding}

{Heriloom Rose Bedding}

{Garden Grove Bedding}

And while on the subject of home, check out these photos featured in Elle magazine of Kate Spade’s creative director Deb Lloyd’s Brooklyn townhouse, where she hosted a soiree to toast the brand’s launch of their new scent Twirl.

The safari insired sitting room.

Kate Spade creative director Deb Lloyd.

The table set with Kate Spade china.

Guests outfitted in Kate Spade.

Soiree images from

Bedding images from Shelter Pop

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Lately, I have been doing an incredible amount of furnishing sourcing for client projects – today specifically researching and sourcing area rugs, pillows, and poufs.  In my “internet travels” I came across Calypso and loving their home goods section, especially the collection of area rugs, pillows, and poufs – coincidentally everything I was looking for!

{Knit Wall Clock}

{Beignet Pouf}

{Lapis Quilt}

{Kuba Jaipuri Pouf}

{Trellis Euro Pillow}

{Goa Pearl Euro Pillow}

{Hampton Lattice Rug}

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…comes a beautiful selection of bedding that are all made of natural fibers and kind to the earth.

The company happens to be called “lazybones” from Australia.  I was fortunate to have been introduced to these lovely quilts and duvets through a client of mine.  It just so happens that I am currently working on a work/live loft space for an Australian who represents the line in the states through her showroom the “Rose Showroom.”

Tracy Hocking is the owner and designer for lazybones.  Her love of clothing and fabric design from the 1920′s-1950′s has been the inspiration for the bedlinens (and also the line of sleepwear and clothing collections) that she designs.

The line is also sold at Anthropologie stores nationwide.

{Pink white smocked quilt}

{Dove smocked quilt}

{Grey marle quilt}

{Lace charcoal pillow case}

{Rosette organic}

{Smocked quilt pillows}

{Smocked quilt white and tan}

*The Rosette Lazybones quilts in Plum, Heather, Natural, Charcoal and soon to be Navy and Raisin are available at Anthropologie. For all other designs, please go to

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Bathing Beauties

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Traditional Home magazine featured an inspirational section on bathroom vanities and when I saw them it was like I died and went to vanity heaven!  Not only are the vanities themselves beautiful but the bathrooms are too.  I’m definitely feeling inspired by these! Looking forward to some bathroom projects in 2010!


This bathroom in Texas features antique mirrored tiles on the face of the vanity (what a great idea!) and Carrera marble (my favorite all time classic).  I think the wood floor really gives this bathroom warmth.


Using a trestle table as a vanity is so completely unique and different! In this Atlanta bathroom, the wood frames used for the mirrors were imported from France and the pavers are stained concrete to give this bathroom an overall Old-World look. I love the pendant lighting and the addition of pieces of furniture flanking either side of the vanity.


This bathroom was designed by Larry Laslo for the Kips Bay Boys and Girls Club Showhouse in New York.  The walls are amazing – they are covered in heavily veined Italian marble tiles. I think the frameless mirrors were a good choice – nothing too overly stated, just the right balance, makes the black-crystal sconces stand out on their own.


In a master bath, this custom vanity was installed at each end of the bathroom (with tub in the middle).  The mirror is imported from London.  The sconces are really interesting (not sure of their source).


These vanities are from Kohler and appear suspended (!) against a wall of silver-leaf glass tiles at a beach house in New York. I like the mix of contemporary elements with traditional accessories in this bathroom designed by Eric Cohler.

Are these not {some} of the most gorgeous bathrooms you have ever seen? Click here for more!

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Hanging by a rope…

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{Images via My Home Ideas}

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I never had a bunk bed growing up, nor did my brother, cousins, or friends…I find the idea intriguing but always feared the stability of them.  However, having a customized or built-in bunk bed made – structurally sound is peace of mind.  Bunk beds are certainly a great space saver and as many of these pictures depict – stylish, thematic, traditional, modern – very creative and inspiring!


Such a great idea – this appears to be a “great room” that includes bunk beds – whether for guests, a reading nook, or an extra room for kids to sleep – this sure is a multi-purpose room  that is well coordinated.


These bunk beds are likely store bought but appear to integrate with the rooms and color schemes well.


What a great use of space for a more narrow pathway – even includes storage and privacy curtains.  Perfect for a vacation retreat for extended family and guests.


Obviously, very nautical.  The tapered angle reminds me a great deal of  a cabin on a boat or yacht – we have the exact same layout on the forward cabin of my family’s boat.


A more serene and timeless look with these built-in bunk beds.  The sconces and niches at the head of the beds are a great touch.


A very clean, modern look of  nice simplicity.


Another store bought version tucked into a corner with decorative elements which make this room look rich in style.


A colorful room makes this store bought bunk bed more appealing (I’ve seen many bunk beds online exactly like this one).


Uniquely designed and it looks as if each “bunk” is a bit more individual in design.


This room is also one that is serene and timeless.  The bolster pillows and privacy curtains are delicate touches.


This corner unit certainly doesn’t leave a corner space wasted.  It’s great the windows are there so as to not make it feel to claustrophobic (the eye is drawn to the outside).


Not that I’ve ever been on a train (or rather, slept on a train) but this reminds me of something you may find on an old- fashioned railway cabin.


Bright and modern, with coordinating bedding and paint colors – good placement of stripes to play off the bunk bed heights.


Very charming, perfect for guests or a beach house .


Definitely a separation of space with the full height wall between the beds.  Great detail for the crown molding and niche shelving built into the wall.  The ladder is built well to access the beds.


Another nautical feel – this one a bit more eclectic but the bedding and sconces along with the port hole between the beds makes me think sailboat.


This room was formerly featured in Domino magazine – if I recall, a city apartment.


Very pretty and chic.


The next few beds aren’t exactly bunk beds, but what I would call side by side.  These built-ins maximize space where otherwise definitely couldn’t have this many beds in a room without looking awkward.


If you have a length of a wall to fit in two beds side by side – this is really a great idea.  I once proposed it to a client but she didn’t go for it!

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