Animal House Style

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There’s a book I have titled “Animal House Style” that I received from my aunt as a gift a few years ago. It is a wonderful book by a designer and animal advocate named Julia Szabo. The book is filled with wonderful rooms featuring animals comfortable in their environments – our homes!

Julia’s emphasis is on making our homes suitable to animals without sacrificing style. In the book she mentions selecting leather chairs with chrome or metal legs to minimize chewing and selecting fabrics that are brushed micro-fiber or velvet in colors that match your pet’s fur. Her book is filled with many other ideas and tips on maintaining a healthy and functional home for both you and your four legged friend!

What house is not a home without a furry little creature inhabiting it?

This blog is dedicated to my very special cats who are now in kitty heaven. My home is not the same without them.



And least I not forget my dad’s pride & joy, Royce, who resides on Balboa Island in Newport Beach and hangs out with the local ducks on the outdoor patio.

Our homes have forever been blessed with animals!

Color Is Devine!

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In anticipation of Emily’s current Design Challenge going on this month, I thought I’d feature a great source for amazing paint colors and all things color related: Devine Color. You can find a weatlh of information from paint colors to paint ideas. Here are a few higlights.

The Devine Color book can be ordered on their website:

The flora fauna collections 1, 2, & 3:

A devine color combination:

A bedroom painted in a “devine color.”

So don’t miss out on FREE personalized color advice from Emily and have your project featured here at MG!

Design & the City

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I just returned from a week in New York City!

I had the opportunity to visit a few things design related but there is so much more to see! While there, I picked up this little architecture and design guide book. It’s small and lightweight, a perfect book to travel with. The book features all that is design (architecture, offices, retail stores, bars, hotels, and restaurants). It’s very current and lists the latest and coolest in design trends to see. The book is full of pictures with just enough text to describe the address, website, designer, architect and a brief description. Thanks to the book – I need to take another trip back to see all I didn’t get to see!

Gift Books

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For the art lover or the art student, these books featuring the great masters and historical movements are individual volumes on specific artists. Each book features an introduction, illustrated essays, and 48 full color plates.

Build a collection with such artists as: Cezanne, Chagall, Cubism, Dali, Degas, Dutch Painting, Goya, Impressionism, Klimt, Magritte, Manet, Monet, Picasso, Pop Art, Rembrant, Renoir, Surrealist Painting, Van Gogh, and more!

Ah, if only I had these for all those art history courses!

Available from Phaidon for $9.95 per book.


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I’ve always been a fan of Lulu de Kwiatkowski’s line of fabrics and wallcoverings (see Lulu DK ).

Now she has a book out! It’s title is: LULU and it is a monograph of colorful, dreamlike, and autobiographical handmade collages. Lulu is also a prolific fine artist with an extensive body of work that has never before been published. Lulu’s artwork draws inspiration from her unique experiences, as well as from her travels all over the world. Lulu’s original multi-media collages combine painting, drawing, photography, and writing.

With a background in painting, textile design, and the decorative arts, Lulu’s work blends depictions of flora and fauna, with geometric studies of pattern and color. Memories often appear in the form of hand written text, as well as in portraits of herself and her family members.

These images are a glimpse from the book which is also available on Amazon or bookstores. Great coffee table book!