I recently had the opportunity to tour an iconic home, designed by famed architect John Lautner, and referred to as the Sheats Goldstein Residence. The house was built between 1961-1963 and sits atop Angelo View Drive in Los Angeles. The original home belonged to the Sheats family and was then purchased by James Goldstein in 1972. The house blends with the landscape in it’s organic form merging indoor and outdoor living. A unique quality to the home are the “drinking skylights”: the coffered ceiling living room is pierced by 750 mini skylights. The home uses cross ventilation for cooling; there is no air conditioning and the floors are radiant heated with copper pipes. Exterior covered pathways lead to the guest bedrooms and the master bedroom, hence the indoor/outdoor living. The home is currently undergoing expansion work (a club and office spaces on part of the property), which is being handled by Nicolson Architects, the chief architect who has been working on the property since 1994.


The front entrance / pathway.


The living room, toward the entry.


A fully glassed faced living room with views to the pool and the city of LA.


A view of the city.


The living room juxtaposes the exterior.


The iconic roofline.


View from the exterior of the roof line and the living room.


The infamous living room.


The dining room and landscaped pathway beyond.


The master bedroom master piece: this is it from an exterior view.


And this it from the interior (i.e. bed facing!) view.


I was fortunate enough to get a shot in it.


Then there’s the view from the master bathroom sink. Yes, SINK.


And the indoor/outdoor wraparound shower which leads to an open deck.


One last epic view from the tennis court.

Thank you to Architectural Digest and Cadillac for hosting us on an amazing tour. #DrivenByDesign

All photos by Jill Seidner Interior Design

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Last month I attended an event at probably one of the most interesting architectually designed homes, quintessential of California living, in Venice, CA. The home is more noticably recognzied as being featured on the hit tv show Californication. The architect is David Hertz and it is also his home. The event was hosted by Adorne, makers of switch plates and wall plates, that offer a seamless minimal contemporary design, a perfect fit for the McKinley House.


I truly felt very “at home” here!


Beyond the entrance is a living room, with a secondary “sunken” family room area.


Adorne outlets and switch plates are featured in the entire home, for a very seamless look.


A stair detail I love!


The switch plates installed by LeGrand and Adorne.


A fun art gallery wall featuring children’s artwork seen in an upstairs hallway.


In conjunction with the interior courtyard, comprised of indoor / outdoor living spaces, is an outdoor bathroom with a sink and shower. The outdoor areas also include a full kitchen and media room.


Outdoor dining and music during the event.


The poolside area is great for entertaining.

All photos by Jill Seidner Interior Design

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Happy Halloween!


I love walking through neighborhoods and seeing houses. So, the other day I happen to take a stroll through a Westwood neighborhood, in the heart of Los Angeles, just east of Westwood Village and near to UCLA. The neighborhood still retains many of the orginal homes that were built between the 1920′s and 1960′s.


A beautiful original home with the highrises of Wilshire Boulvevard as a backdrop.


A quintessential Spanish style architecture with tall palms.


A charming Westwood home.


A traditional style decorated for Halloween.


Another Spanish style home, this one more modest in size.


A house on the hill.


Another charming traditional.


Homes in Westwood are in the spirit of Halloween.


All photos by Jill Seidner Interior Design

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Last week I attended the annual Dwell on Design event here in Los Angeles. The event covers many of the latest and innovative products in design, including everything from bath and kitchen design, to flooring and wall applications, to furniture and lighting, exterior and outdoor products, and even prefab houses and cool cars!

Here’s a spotlight on some of the finds featured at this year’s event:


These cool numbers and letters are from Architectural Numbers.com (local here in LA).


Fermob has a great line of outdoor products.


FormDecor pretty much has the coolest stuff you’ll find in furniture rental, yes, rental!


Modern Urban Planters carries a line of very cool corrugated steel planters for both indoor and outdoor use.


Coolest porcelain tiles ever from Pental.


One of the most innovative in bathroom technololgy goes to Geberit: and the ability to flush a toilet from their Sigma80 flush plate.


Touring the prefab houses was really cool, especially this one from Altius.


Cube Depot is really cool, these are made from shipping containers.


Loved all the vibrant color at Sunbrella!


TopBrewer has the coolest in coffee making technology: straight from a faucet on your countertop at the touch of an iPad / iPhone button!


Accessories, like the graphic pillows above, and glam furniture below are from LA local ModShop.


Furniture from ModShop.


Panasonic had all the latest in appliances and small electronics. The coolest? A cordless home phone that turns your iPhone into a landline phone. Pretty amazing!


Best Range Hoods showcased some pretty spectualar hoods, including one that is flush ceiling mounted for a seamless minimal design.


D&M Flooring has some really cool flooring products – vast array of products – solid, engineered, smooth, brushed, fumed, carbonized, and hand scraped. The product above is called SQR and they are wood floor tiles.

Thank you to Geberit for inviting me to attend Dwell on Design this year.

{All photos by Jill Seidner Interior Design}

For more from Dwell, view my Instagram pics here.

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The other day I came across this mid-century masterpiece of a home on California Home & Design. The house is located in Pasadena, CA and currently listed for sale at $1.695 million. It was designed by architect Arthur Swab for his own use in 1959.


The concrete block house features four bedrooms and four baths, an outdoor kitchen / pool area, with lush landscaping nestled into a hillside.


The living room and dining area with views to the backyard.


Details reminiscent of mid-century modern architecture: built-in bookshelves lining the corridor.


A modern front door.


The sprawling pool.


An outdoor bathing area.


View of the backyard with lush landscaping, oak trees and olive trees.

For a complete slide show including floor plans and landscaping details, view here.

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Loving this pool pavilion featured in Elle Decor, of a home in the Hamptons. The bright blue cabinets are custom made with a smoked mirror-paneled bar, counters are of cast glass, and floors are honed Thassos and Atlantic Blue marbles. View the full feature here.

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It seems a bit fantasy, yet an architectural delight: having a pool in the house! Not a generic indoor pool, but a dramatic scape to a living room, bedroom, or bathroom. Common it may be to have an interior courtyard pool, yet many flow right into the house and beyond…


Right in the middle of a living room! (This one is actually situated between a living room, dining room, and staircase – guess there’s never not an excuse for a dip in the pool when it’s that accessible!) Image via Coco + Kelley’s “Room of the Week Feature”


In the bathroom, like a moat to the tub…I would definitely love this set up!


The indoor/outdoor room, with the convenience of having part of the inside of the house.


An interior wading pool creates a symmetry to exterior double endless pools.


Indoor/outdoor living is a luxury in some climates, having the privacy of a courtyard pool and a living room that completely opens up to a pool is pure bliss.


This is producer Jerry Weintraub’s bedroom that was featured in Architectural Digest magazine. Doesn’t seem safe to have a pool this close to a bed, but the architectural elements are intriguing.


Still loving the concept of a pool in a bathroom, this one extends beyond to the outside.


And another…


Perhaps a tropical vacation house could not be without the indoor / outdoor pool concept.


While it’s mainly an outdoor pool, a courtyard pool that is completely open to the interiors is truly an extension of the home.


When I was in design school, one of the design studio projects was to create a 1,000 sq ft home – this is the house I designed with the concept of indoor/outdoor living as an extension of the home. I included the idea of a lap pool jutting into the side of the house, side by side with the fireplace in the living room. The idea reminds me a bit of the very first image I posted (the pool merging with the interiors of the house).

All images via Pinterest.

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Court Side

Posted By Jill-LA | May 28, 2012 | 1 Comment | Category: Design Inspiration, Home Exteriors

Warmer months ahead means more time spent outdoors, and the idea of a courtyard is especially appealing as it offers privacy as well as an extension of indoor/outdoor living.

The epitome of an outdoor living room, great for entertaining.

A courtyard with a pool.

A very European inspired courtyard, ideal for long leisurely late afternoon lunches.

Another European inspired courtyard, perhaps an entrance to a building that makes a great spot for congregating.

A courtyard garden.

A more tropically eclectic inspired courtyard, with Spanish and Mediterranean influences.

Overlooking vast greenery, a courtyard with a reflecting pool.

The graveled courtyard.

Cozy and casual and well-landscaped.

Images via Houzz and Pinterest.

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All About Exteriors

Posted By Jill-LA | Apr 14, 2012 | 6 Comments | Category: Design Inspiration, Home Exteriors

Recently, I have been working on a couple of projects where we are focusing on the exteriors…with Spring here and Summer around the corner, time to fix up the outdoors! Here’s some inspiring outdoor spaces!

Love a graveled courtyard.

How charming is this guest house!

A lush garden.

Love these steps!

Such a cozy, intimate space.

How fun is this!

Amazingly elegant!


All images from here and here on Pinterest.

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Guess I can’t get enough of looking at cool, interesting, pretty, or stunning doors (both interior and exterior) – I continually come across more visually enticing doors (and have previously blogged about them here and here).

Which ones would you enjoy knocking on?

Images via Houzz and Pinterest

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