Burlesque Chic

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Last night in Hollywood was the premier of the new movie Burlesque starring Cher & Christina Aguilera – together in one movie! (How fab is that!? ) I am looking forward to eventually seeing the movie (in theaters on Thanksgiving Day!) and will, of course, be paying much attention to the costumes and set design.

Cher & Christina paired together for last night’s premier of their movie Burlesque.

Earlier this year, I had written a blog post titled Bordello Chic, style wise there’s definitely some similarities in design – everything from curvy rolled back chaises to bistro style chairs to fringe trimmed lights.

Christina on a rolled back chaise.

This chaise from Christopher Guy would have fit perfectly for a burlesque dancing scene.

A bistro style chair from DWR, light weight and easily pushed aside for a little table top dancing.

Or a fringe pendant lamp from Y Lighting to light those dimly lit tables.

And, of course, what’s  a Hollywood premier without the Kardashian/Jenner sisters:

And you can get your own marquee letters from Urban Outfitters!

As part of the “Legends of La Cienega: Celebrate Hollywood” event taking place this past week in Los Angeles, interior designers and set decorators have created window vignettes on display at the participating showrooms.  Each vignette pays tribute to the silver screen or television honoring a movie or tv show.

Take a look:

The window display at Baker by Woodson & Rummerfield honoring Auntie Mame. (Apparently, they were able to get some of the original set decorations from the movie.)

The window display at Bausman by Oliver Furth honoring The Fountainhead.

The window display at Compas by Philip Nimmo honoring Lawrence of Arabia.

The window display at Downtown by Jeffrey Alan Marks honoring Green Acres.

The window display at Dragonette by Melissa Levander honoring Romantic/Musical Comedies of the 50’s & 60’s.

The window display at Gray Morell by Sheldon Harte honoring Pillow Talk.

The window display at Hollyhock by Peter Dunham honoring A Passage To India.

The window display at Jean de Merry by David Smith and Laura Richarz honoring Film Noir.

The window display at Marge Carson by Danielle Berman honoring The Hangover.

The window display at Mecox by James Radin honoring Goldfinger.

The window display at Navona by Richard Hallberg honoring Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

The window display at Rug Affair by Amber Haley honoring Modern Family -ABC.

The window display at Scalamandre by Peter Gurski and Melinda Ritz honoring B&W Classics.

The window display at Therien by David Phoenix honoring To Catch A Thief.

The window display at Todd Hase by Ann Shea honoring Big Bang Theory – CBS.

The window display at Woven Accents by Rand Sagers honoring Animated Films.

To see a video of some of the behind the scenes & designers, click here.

{All photos by Mark Savage Photography}

MTV Cribs wants your Teen!

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Okay, what they actually want is your teenager’s bedroom. That is, if they have a swimming pool in their bedroom, maybe a race car track (real race cars, not toys silly), a rocket ship (again a real one, not a toy!) or whatever exotic feature that can possibly be out there. Any takers? If not, hire me! That’s one project I’ve yet to have in my portfolio.

MTV is casting for a new show titled Teen Cribs:
Featuring teens living in amazing spaces built by their parents. To be considered, teens must be 13-21 years old and have something distinctive with their personal space and examples include swimming pools, game rooms and theaters to deluxe bedrooms, tree houses and indoor bowling alleys among other ideas. For more information and to apply, send an email to newshows@mtvstaff.com

MTV Cribs.