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Instant art (as featured on Lonny) or just splattered paint?

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Lighten Up!

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Occasionally it’s refreshing to see interiors that are airy, light, and bright. While dark colors can be exciting and dramatic, lighter colors tend to be more soothing. Often times, clients request warm colors for the sake of having some richness to their rooms. Yet, this past week I did a paint color consultation for a client’s new home where we went with “barely there colors” – paint colors almost devoid of anything but a hint of color.  Sometimes it’s nice to “lighten up!”

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Tone on tone, whites and creams.

Benjamin Moore Elmira White HC-84

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A crisp white, bright entry!

Benjamin Moore Decorator White 1-04

{image via Home-Styling}

Light with a subtle hint of pink.

Benjamin Moore Mirage White 2116-70

{image via House & Home}

Cool blues and grays.

Benjamin Moore Wales Gray 1585

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Off-whites and grays.

Benjamin Moore Owl Gray 2137-60

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Cabinets painted in greige with a soft white contrast.

Benjamin Moore Ozark Shadow AC-26

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A tone on tone affect with a hint of warmth.

Benjamin Moore Lancaster Whitewash HC-174

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DIY Kitchen Transformations

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As an interior designer, I love to see a great transformation. Whether it’s a piece of furniture repurposed or an entire room transformed – the process of changing or transforming things is usually really exciting.  So recently when I was invited to experience two new products in kitchen transformations from Rust-Oleum – I was curious to see how this product could work and what the outcome would be.

Rust-Oleum Transformations has two kits for the DIY-er to transform kitchen cabinets or kitchen countertops as an inexpensive and efficient alternative to replacing cabinets or countertops entirely.  Experiencing the product for myself, I can say the process is simple and easy to use (that’s coming from a person who isn’t capable of anything DIY-the fact that I could actually do this was a bit exhilarating for me!). The kit includes everything needed to complete the project. (The kits can also be used for bathroom counters/cabinets or even furniture.)

With the help of the people from Rust-Oleum, each of us got to test out both the countertop kit and the cabinet kit, using the easy step by step process.

The kits come with everything needed to complete the project. The countertops involve five steps, and the cabinets involve four steps.  Depending on the size of your kitchen most transformation projects could be completed in a weekend.

Here I am, happily sanding a laminate countertop sample (in preparation to resurface it).

The countertop kit comes with five color options, from light to dark, replicating a “granite like” finish (solid finishes are not yet available).

There are many options to chose from for the cabinet colors.

The kits can be purchased from local home improvement stores (such as Home Depot, Lowe’s, etc) or visit the Rust-Oleum Transformations website for more info, including details and tutorials. The retail price for a newly resurfaced countertop kit is $250 and cabinets $150 (depending on your square footage).

The outcome?

Countertops and cabinets that look like they were custom without the custom price!

Thank you to Rust-Oleum for inviting me to experience the products hands-on!

Le Corbusier Collection Paint

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When imagining the work of Le Corbusier, vivid colors may not come into play.  Most photographs of his work were in black and white.  Our perceptions of early Modernism — at the Bauhaus design school in the 1920s or the purist villas that Le Corbusier was building in France — are shaped by the photographs taken at the time, which were all in black and white.  But, in fact, modernists interiors were much more vivid than that and Le Corbusier happen to be a gifted colorists who used rich, vibrant colors in his interiors.

Black & white photo of Le Corbusier building in Berlin.

Le Corbusier building in Berlin, with color.

Le Corbusier apartment building in Marseille.

Le Corbusier Center.

Developed from the 1920’s and onward, the 63 shades are super vivid.  Apparently, the paint is made from natural mineral pigments (non toxic), including lapis lazuli and “green umber from ancient sources on the island of Cyprus.”  Most paint manufactures today produce their colors from industrious pigments.

There is also a book available, a 174-page book titled “Le Corbusier Polychromie Architecturale” available on Amazon.

Article via Dwell.com

Chevron Walls

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via Design Sponge

Loving these chevron painted walls! I have been doing painted stripes on walls in a few projects lately, but I would love to experiment with a chevron or herringbone striped wall in a future project! These rooms were recently featured on CasaSugar, “Trend Alert: Chevron Walls.” Have any of you ever painted a wall in a chevron pattern? If so, I’d love to see! (Tweet me with a pic @JSInteriorDes) I may just want to add to this post!

via Live Like You

via Style Files

via Layers of Meaning

via Sabbe

via make under my life

And if you don’t want to paint an entire wall – you can always add chevron with (DIY) artwork.

via Walnut Wallpaper

Or with wallpaper!

Color Inspiration

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I was just looking at the website Devine Color for inspiration on a color palette for a client project and came across their “collections.”  A wonderful assortment of colors grouped into collections that are aptly named.  This is such a great site for finding inspiration and color resources.  I have actually featured it before and continue to come back to the site as a great resource.  Here are the collections in groupings, take a look at the site for the names of each color per grouping.  Hopefully, you will find an inspiring color palette!



That’s an idea!

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Lately, I’ve  had a few posts featuring chalkboard paint.  Well,  I just came across “Idea Paint” (featured in Elle Decor magazine this month!).  Idea Paint is a paint that can be applied to any surface (walls, furniture) and used as a dry erase board.  Great for work, school, or home environments!

Living In Color

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I just received an email from Benjamin Moore announcing a new blog dedicated to the world of color and design. I think it’s worth a read! Check it out: Living in Color with Sonu.