…or the simplicity of art.











It’s for you to decide.

Images via Pinterest.

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As I am sort of (pseudo) helping my brother and sister-in-law with their home in Manhattan Beach, CA – I came across the idea to incorporate a bit of surf theme into their modern-era beach adjacent home. What better to decorate the walls then with a surfboard? (And why there are half a dozen surfboards stacked in the garage I do not know!) Instant art and decor! In searching for concepts I found some fun ideas, everything from a modern home to a beach cottage…



Fun colors, a little cottage-y, a little glam…and a longboard hanging on the wall of this living room!

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A surfboard shaped headboard for a children’s room. Precious.


In a tall stairwell, a vertical hanging surfboard fills out the space well.


A completely surf themed bedroom!


A beach cottage truly needs a surfboard somewhere in the decor!


Colorful art and a colorful surfboard pair well together.


A sophisticated black and white striped bedroom contrasts well with a plain white surfboard.


This ultra chic living room uses a vintage surfboard as part of it’s decor.


And if your office happens to be near the beach, keeping a surfboard on display is convenient for catching those good waves when they come rolling in!

All images via Pinterest.

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Graham and Brown Wallpaper

Posted By Jill-LA | Nov 18, 2012 | 3 Comments | Category: Decorating, Walls

Graham and Brown, a UK based line of wallcoverings, has released a new line of wallpapers called Odyssey Collection. The line is about soft waves, masculine geometrics, metallic pinstripes, and subtle gloss effects that underpin 3D textures to create depth and drama. The collection also uses unique “Paste the Wall” technology, which translates to no mess and hassle-free hanging.

{Quantum – Black/Silver}

{Lucid – White/Silver}

{Checker – Black}

{Lucid – Green}

{Quantum – Beige/Stone}

{Quantum – White}

{Fuse – Light Blue}


{Fuse – Light Green}

For more info, and to view other collections, visit the Graham and Brown website.

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Get Tufted

Posted By Jill-LA | Jun 09, 2012 | 7 Comments | Category: Design Inspiration, Designers, Fabric, Walls

Tufted headboards, tufted sofas, maybe a tufted bench…How about tufted walls? Check out these rooms taking the tufting to a whole new vertical level!

[Image above via Elle Decor, by designer Jamie Drake]

A stunning dining room by interior designer Tobi Fairley, with an upholsted built in banquette and floor to ceiling tufted walls.

A settee taken to all new heights. Image via Pinterest.

A full height tufted headboard. Image via Pinterest.

An upholstered accent wall. Image via Pinterest.

Nail-head tufting behind a pretty desk. Image via Pinterest.

A dramatic headboard spanning an entire wall in a suite at the Soho Berlin.

Last but not least, an upholstered tufted door! In a bathroom of all places! Image via ToDaLoos.

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Wallpaper in a powder room or bathroom adds flair and character…take a look at these wallpapered spaces!

Light and pretty, works great above the wainscoting!

Bright and cherry, with lots of pattern!

Simple fixtures…with bold pattern.

An elegant powder room.

A retreat of a bathroom, that is sunny and light filled with a graphic pattern.

A very narrow powder room with a bold trellis wallpaper.

Black and white stripes, so classic!

Stunning with navy blue grasslcoth above the patterned/textured wainscoting.

Another classic striped wallcovering, reminds me of men’s suiting material, for the masculine.

And a bit of whimsy!

{All images via here on Pinterest}

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{photo via Sketch42}

Early on Thursday morning I saw a tweet go past with a link to a recent blog post by Nicole Cohen of the blog Sketch42. The tweet said “Keith Haring inspired” and I was instantly drawn – and once I took a look at Nicole’s post I was instantly in love! She had created an entry with Keith Haring inspired graphics painted (by her!) on the walls. Considering I’ve been a huge fan and collector of Keith Haring since my teens, I was by far impressed with this stunning entry!

{the tweet that had me at “hello”}

Nicole’s moodboard for her bachelor client, which she featured here – note the foyer inspired walls.

Nicole wrote that she was also inspired by the work of Kelly Wearstler’s entry at her Hillcrest Estate.

{photo via Sketch42}

Makes for such a dramatic backdrop when styling! Loving this!

I actually featured this on a blog post awhile back about my visit to the Keith Haring Foundation in NYC (photo by me).

The entry at the Keith Haring Foundation in NYC (photo by me).

It was also featured on Elle Decor’s “Design Insiders’ Weekly Finds” on Friday!

{photo via Sketch42}

To see more pics (including the befores) and view Nicole in action, click here!

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Ikat for your walls!

Posted By Jill-LA | Sep 07, 2011 | 8 Comments | Category: Decorating, Walls

Just came accross the recently released “Ikat Collection” from New Ravenna Mosaics – thinking these could make a really dramatic statement for walls!  The new line has been created by designer Sara Baldwin and comes in three patterns and five colorways, all handcrafted in Virginia. Take a look!

{24″x 24″ Loom in glass Quartz, Aquamarine, Tanzanite, Turquoise}

{24″x 24″ Weft in glass Pearl, Quartz}

{Pamir glass in Quartz and mirror}

For more info, please visit the New Ravenna website.

{Also available through the West Hollywood showroom of Filmore Clark, here in Los Angeles.}

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Pretty Prints

Posted By Jill-LA | May 24, 2011 | 5 Comments | Category: Designers, Fabric, Walls

Interior Designer Katie Ridder has a collection of fabrics and wallpapers in some very pretty prints!

(Above is the “Attendants” wallpaper that Palmer Weiss used in the mudroom at the San Francisco Elle Decor 2010 Showhouse.)

{Leaf – Violet}

{Peony – Pink}

{Seaweed – Orange}

{Oiseau – Chocolate}

{Attendants – Yellow}

{Moon Flower – Chocolate}

{Pagoda – Persimmon}

To see the full line of both fabrics & wallpaper, visit KatieRidder.com

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In the heart of West Hollywood, in the design district just off Melrose Avenue near the Pacific Design Center, is Filmore Clark – a showroom housing “artisan tiles.” The showroom features unique collections of glass, tile, and stone from domestic manufactures, including: Pratt Larson, Tempest Tileworks, Tile Guild, and more – including local artisans.  I have been working with Lee (the founder) for some of the bathroom projects I am currently working on. She’s been a huge help and has over 15 years of expertise!

Here’s a look at the Filmore Clark showroom:

The front facing part of the showroom faces the street, with parking and a rear entrace.  Collections line the walls and the space offers amazing lighting.

Colors, patterns, and textures of various sizes and shapes provide inspiration.

The front part of the showroom features handmade decorative tiles, many of which can be customized by color and design.

The front entrance of the space features additional decorative tiles handmade locally, which can also be customized.

The mosaic’s come in a range of colors and sizes, glossy and matte.

Love her collection of glass tiles, the color palette is the best I think I have ever seen (comes in both gloss and a sanded finish) and can be translated into a wealth of patterns.

Love the silver detailing and pattern on this glass tile!

This pattern is so fresh and fun (the sample is from a new shipment that Lee got in)!

And more glass patterns to choose from (I love the collection on the far right – definitely want to consider those for a next project!).

The ceramics also come in a huge assortment of colors. In fact, we are working with one of the bamboo patterns (from another tile collection) and using the solid crackle tile as a liner for the tile layout and design.

Hopefully, I will be able to feature the completed projects soon! Thanks Lee for all your help last week!

Filmore Clark 607 N West Knoll Drive West Hollywood, CA 90069

Contact: Lee@FilmoreClark.com

{All photos by Jill Seidner Interior Design}

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Crowning Glory

Posted By Jill-LA | Apr 23, 2011 | 9 Comments | Category: Walls

In the spirit of the Royal Wedding, the UK company Graham & Brown has launched a new wallpaper design called “Crowns & Coronets.” The wallpaper was designed specifically to mark the occasion of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s upcoming nuptials.

The design features black crowns and coronets on a white background with the option to add self-adhesive “Royal” jewels in a range of colors.

Also included in the promotion are a selection of interior paints from Graham & Brown’s ‘The Colours that Made Britain Great’ collection. These include “Princess to Be,” “Jewel in the Crown“, & “Cool Britannia.”  Each paint color compliments the Crowns and Coronets wallpaper design.

Happy Royal Decorating!

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