I was recently looking for a window treatment company for one of my online design projects and came across DaVill Blinds: a competitively priced site for shades, shutters, and blinds backed by the trust of two former interior designers. Given their motto is they never have a sale, I felt the stability of pricing and being able to buy when ready (vs the sometimes rush to buy my clients get to score a sale). In other words, a great resource for clients who may implement the selections on their own time and budget.



Sourcing shades for one of my online design projects.



DaVill offers various types of blind options, such as these basswood versions.



Blackout roller shades (great for bedrooms) come in a variety of colors.


Solar shades, like the above, along with other cellular and roller shades are available too.


And blinds that are available in a range of color options, metallics too

For more info, visit


The Christopher Guy showroom on Beverly Boulevard, in the heart of the West Hollywood Design District, is in full festive holiday mode. The front windows are decorated with gifts and an elegant white tree among sophisticated Christopher Guy furniture pieces. I happen to pass by the other evening en route to an event and catpured a few pictures of the glam window display.


A view from the sidewalk of the Christopher Guy showroom on Beverly Boulevard.


Christopher Guy’s iconic display of a tree, reminiscent of one I saw at Decorex while on Blog Tour London with Modenus.


One of the most elegant and glamourous holiday window displays on Beverly Blvd.


A glimpse into the showroom.


And on the other side is another window display – a complete living room vignette turned facing the street!


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Happy Holidays!

Photos by Jill Seidner Interior Design

Wall of…frames?

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I recently wrote a post about a wall of mirrors…well, how about a wall of frames?  Gilded window frames, that is!  An architect in Sweden is building a housing project with windows of gilded window frames.  This project consists of 2 houses, both 6 stories wide, with 14 apartments (9 of them duplex apartments), glossy white enameled facade panels, with cast aluminium window frames that are gold leaf painted.  This reminds me a lot of something Philippe Starck would have done – mixing modern with rococo, neo-classicism, etc.


Dress My Window

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Window treatments are practically an essential. Whether it be for privacy, to block out UV/glare, provide warmth – almost any commercial or residential space needs some sort of window coverings. In most all my projects, it is certainly the one item we address at some point. There are many options to chose from in deciding window treatments.
Sheers add a nice touch whether it be in addition to other window treatments or as a light weight contrast to a silk hem.

The String Panel system from The Shade Store makes for both a room divider and a window covering.

Available thru The Shade Store by Chilewich, these wood grain roller shades are something really unique and different.

Solar Shades (such as these from The Shade Store) are great for commercial/working spaces.

Relaxed Roman Shades look great and as they are aptly named – have a more relaxed (less tight) feel. Also great for windows that do not have any molding where they can be outside mounted.

Flat Roman Shades with a cornice is really charming.

Drapery panels always seem to add elegance with a hint of formality based on the fabric. There are so many styles and designs for drapery too. Mounting the drapery rod up high extends the height of the windows and the room.

Solar Roman Shades are great for spaces such as a window seat, they are light weight and a bit translucent, but do their job in filtering strong rays.

Classic Roman Fabric Shades lend a more tailed look to a window and are especially nice and streamlined for inside mount windows.

I often do wovens like this on a slider – having a valence straight across the top with the shades split in the middle. This allows for one panel to stay fixed and another to be opened to access the door if necessary. It also gives flexibility in opening and closing at different heights depending on how much light or privacy is needed.

Woven shades are great,especially for places like a kitchen/breakfast room as they allow light to filter thru. Since they are a natural fiber, there is less concern for smell and stain absorption from cooking.

Christopher Lowell flat Roman Shades from Smith & Noble: