Brooklyn Modern

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I think my favorite Christmas gift this year was the book my husband bought me. Brooklyn Modern was written by Diana Lind and features essays by two local bloggers; Jonathan Butler of Brownstowner and Grace Bonney of Design*Sponge. It discusses the fairly recent transformation of Brooklyn and illustrates some of the boroughs traditional and new architecture (and in some cases the marriage of the two).

Now I don’t know about you, but I tend to wander the sidewalks of my borough and admire the beautiful brownstones and modern townhouses while imagining what the interiors look like and dreaming of the day I could occupy one!

Here, take a look in my copy:

This first home is literally on the next block over from me and I’ve always wanted to see the interior. I guess this is my chance.

This one is across from Pratt’s campus and I think may be my favorite. I love the old beams and the openness of the first floor.

I love this old desk!

Also in my hood, this is actually two buildings which were combined and one of the first examples of modern Brooklyn architecture.

I would kill for this kitchen!

At least now I have a glimpse of how some of these buildings were designed. Now I need to find a book featuring all traditional brownstones and their interiors. And for my New Year’s resolution? Start saving for my own! (Yeah, good luck with that! Better make a back-up resolution.)

Time Well Spent

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So I know you’re all dying to find out what I ended up getting my friend as a Christmas/Housewarming gift. I went with the chrome clock I found at Yu Interiors! They loved it and it looks great in their dining room on dramatic red walls.

It was a bit over my budget, but I think well worth it. My husband and I actually spent Christmas at their place and had ourselves quite a nice time!

Yu Like?

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I just returned from some last minute shopping and while I’m thawing out I thought I would share some images from a great furniture and accessories store in my hood. It’s called Yu Interiors and it’s stocked with a wonderful mix of vintage and modern goodies.

Here’s a look of some of what I found:

Great furniture pieces including these cute little side tables.

Various shelves and tables throughout the store with a mix of accessories from glass to ceramic to wood.

I LOVED these wall clocks! They’re reminiscent of the Nelson Wall Clock but not as pricey.

This little cracked ceramic piece would look so cute with a flower or some greenery sprouting out of the top.

And my favorite piece, this gorgeous vase covered in ceramic rose buds!

So if you need some last minute gifts and you’re in Brooklyn stop by Yu Interiors in Fort Greene. There’s something for everyone! (And everything is 20% off right now!!)

It’s the thought that counts!

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I’ve been super lazy this year about not only buying Holiday presents, but also putting any thought into them. I have one more (or maybe two or three) presents on my list, an extremely tight budget, and four days to find it! The gift is for an old and dear friend that just moved into a house with her boyfriend, whom Peter and I introduced (your welcome) so I thought it could be a Christmas/Housewarming present. They both read the blog (right?!) so I’ll list several and still surprise her! Oh, and they’re all under $20 (it’s the thought that counts!).

Pier One Imports:

Adds an unexpected burst of color and intrigue to any bookshelf.

Peaceful and pretty for a console table, a windowsill or even as a centerpiece and I could afford all three! Maybe two for her and one for me?!

Z Gallerie:

Rustic Glam. Looks expensive. Maybe I should reserve this one for the wedding gift?

A wise old bird that I think would be great on their deck (with a view of the Long Island Sound). It might even deter unwanted critters.

Let’s see, what would I write as her fortune? “You will owe an old friend for all of your happiness!”

Urban Outfitters:

Functional wall art.

Pop a little candle in here and it’s great for outside or in the bathroom.

Just for fun. I think it’s pretty.

Ok, I’m going to finish watching Love Actually for the one-hundredth time and hopefully wake up tomorrow motivated to shop!

Don’t Go Daisies!

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One of my favorite TV shows is the colorful, quirky, murder-mystery, dramedy Pushing Daisies. I was so sad to hear that ABC has canceled the show! In my opinion this is one of their best and the set design is unreal! My eyes are glued to the TV for the entire episode.

I love all the saturated colors, which probably wouldn’t work in a normal interior setting but are fantastic on the TV screen.

Antlers anyone?

I can’t get enough of all the wallpaper! Wallpaper has made a major come back in the last few years. Many people feel overwhelmed about using wallpaper. It’s true, it’s not as easy to change as paint color so I always recommend using it on one accent wall, that way if you decide you need a change it’s only one wall that needs to be stripped. A great site to find wallpaper without even leaving your home is Walnut Wallpaper. You can even purchase samples before committing to a pattern.

I’m no Fashionista but I think the costumes are incredible. I love the retro look with bright colors.

Not to mention all the great guest stars. Molly Shannon, David Arquette, Paul Reubens, and Joel McHale to name a few.

Don’t you just want to go hang out at The Pie Hole? The “cherry” pendant lights are so fun.

Will someone at ABC please open their pie hole and save Pushing Daisies?! Everything about this show is impeccably designed. I’m visually addicted!

Love NY? Bathroom for Rent!

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I am so excited to join Material Girls as the resident New York Interior Designer! I thought a great first post would be to give you one of the many reasons why I love NY (at least most of the time). Just yesterday a friend emailed me a “Best of Craigslist” post she came across about a 60 year-old woman who wants to rent out her bathroom. That’s right, her bathroom! Here’s a clip: “My bathroom is large. You can easily put a twin air mattress in there. I only ask that when I need to use the bathroom, you or your air mattress are not in it. This might seem a bit odd but please remember the rent is $400 and the bathroom is large.”

My friend and I both agreed that a lot of people make these things up but we would never put it past a New Yorker to be willing to pay $400 a month to live in a Manhattan bathroom! As an Interior Designer I have to give credit were credit is do, we New Yorkers can turn any space into a living space!

Kristan Cunningham recently did an amazing apartment makeover for a couple that lives in a 290 sq.ft. Studio.

Check out the video on Rachael Ray’s website.

Domino always has great spreads on well-designed small spaces; here are a few of my favorites:

Rashida Jones’ 400 sq.ft. Studio

I think what drew me to this was the bright accents in an otherwise light space. It’s the quintessential single NY gal’s apartment!

Tori Mellott’s 450 sq.ft. Apartment.

I love how she paired the neutral palette with black accents. And although she has a lot in the space it doesn’t feel overcrowded or cluttered.

And one of my all time favorites, which brings hope to all NY women living in a one-bedroom and wanting a baby (eventually!). This nursery was birthed out of a Domino staffer’s walk-in closet:

Now if I only had a walk-in closet!!