I spotted these Greek Key side tables in a shop window called Trovare Home located in Cos Cob, CT!

Their website doesn’t seem to be up and running yet but I found a press release with the help of google:

The shop was closed when I was in town so I couldn’t browse but I will be back to check it out!

Get Graphic!

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Just when you thought IKEA couldn’t get any better…they get graphic!



Fabric by the yard:

And of course, some fun furniture:

Oh yeah, a fun bathrobe too (for lounging on your fun furniture):

Thanks again IKEA!

P.S. They’re having a Winter Sale right now, 20% to 60% off!

Let Them Eat Steak!

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With the opening of UNION PRIME at 9 East 16th Street comes the newest NYC restaurant bringing together steak and ladies. Designed by the legendary Carleton Varney, UNION PRIME evokes a bold glamour that it’s patrons are sure to enjoy. Varney is the President and Owner of the iconic Interior Design firm Dorothy Draper & Co. For those of you who are not aware, Ms. Draper could easily be considered the founder of the Interior Design industry. She opened her own firm (which was the first of it’s kind) in 1923 and had over 40 years of success in the business. She was known for her signature “cabbage rose” chintz paired with bold stripes, ornate moldings and intricate mirror frames, all of which are present in Varney’s design.

Take a look:

A silver antique Butler’s cart greets you at the entry.

Dining Room and bar. I love the bow detail woven into the pendants above the bar.

The Zebra wood below the antique metal (possibly zinc?) bar top is a nice and unexpected touch.

Large scale roses on black walls and painted scroll work on red. Very chic.

The bold black and red stripes add some masculinity to the space and tie in the black and red Rose motif throughout. Another masculine detail I’m quite fond of are the upholstery tacks on the dining chairs. (Sorry, I didn’t get a good picture of those.)

The palm ceiling fixtures are very “Old Hollywood Glam”.

Ornate framed mirrors. Part of the “Draper Touch”.

So if you’re in the mood for a rugged steak with a refined attitude UNION PRIME should be your next stop. Enjoy the signature drinks, steaks, sushi, and modern glamour with your girlfriends. Varney has done a fabulous job of channeling Dorothy Draper through a contemporary vein and I have a feeling the Queen of Interior Design would be quite pleased!

DIY Project

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I wanted to share a fairly simple DIY (with the help of a friend) project I just finished. I had this empty space under my counter top reserved for a dishwasher but since I’m a renter I’m certainly not investing in a dishwasher. My husband and I had rigged the front panel with hinges and had been using it as a garbage/recycling spot. But after purchasing a used washer/dryer (worth investing in!) I had to rearrange several storage spots in my apartment for things that used to live in the W/D closet. One relocation was the litter box for our foster cat, Stuart. I decided to put it under the counter next to the garbage but then I had to keep the “door” open all the time. I needed a fabric panel so Stu could help himself.

First stop, Fabric.com! An awesome site! They have tons of great fabric at discount prices. Some of my favorites are the Amy Butler fabrics:

She also has super cute patterns for bags, pillows, hats, aprons and more! Makes me want to take sewing lessons!

So I chose a fabric that I thought would compliment the tones of my cabinets and coordinated with a stripe on my rug.

Next stop, sewing machine! Ok, so the last time I actually sewed something was about 12 years ago. I made an apron that had teddy bears on it. Of course my mother helped me and the apron was so cute once completed with the exception of one minor detail, the teddy bears were upside-down!! (An over-site I blame my mother for! And she found it quite amusing.) Anyway, I still wore it and we even made a matching bow-tie for my teddy bear, Bubba. So what’s my point, sewing is not one of my talents! So I recruited a friend with a sewing machine and some basic skills. A few days later I had my curtain! Check out the Before and After:

So much better! Stuart is also very pleased with the convenience.

Need Help, In The Bedroom!

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No, not THAT kind of help!! Decorating help! I know what most of you are thinking; “a designer needs help designing?”, but the truth is many of us are good at making decisions for our clients but not for ourselves. I’ve found that when it comes to my bedroom I just can’t commit!

So I’ve gone back to the drawing board and wanted to share some images of bedrooms that I like. While I find the first two quite relaxing and peaceful I have a feeling my hubby will nix them for being too feminine.

I like how dark and romantic this one is but I think it could make it even more difficult to get out of bed every morning.

So this one seems like a nice combination of romance and fun with the dark walls and red accents. But my instincts tell me the husband would still not approve.

OK, so what about this color palette? A nice mix of the relaxing light blues from above, neutral fabrics that aren’t too feminine, and some accents of dark turquoise and red. I could work with this and clearly I have a thing for blue!

And my final option (for you, dear husband) neutral gray-blue walls and a pop of something on the bed! The wall color is masculine while the bedding has a more feminine touch without being too girly.

So enough of this floundering, let’s make up our minds and get to work in the bedroom! (I know he won’t argue with that!)

Photos courtesy of Domino and Apartment Therapy.