So, I know I’m suppose to be writing about NY, but I LOVE this LA store Room Service, which looks like it took all of the cool furniture and design inpiration from Kelly Wearstler’s Maison 140 and made it accesible to buy! Hooray! I am a HUGE Kelly Wearstler fan, aren’t we all, but I SWEAR I loved her WAAAAAY before she became so famous! Kelly, I LOVE YOU!!!

Anyway, back to my blog….So, I’m sure you have all seen Maison 140 pics a million times over, but take a look at this montage and compare to the pics from the Room Service store below. They really nailed her look and they seem to be trying to make it somewhat affordable (for now anyway).

Maison 140…been there, done that (and I want to do it again, and again, and again…)

This bedroom vignette is a total take off on Kelly Wearstler’s style, but that’s ok because I LOVE HER!!!…did I say that already?

Aspen Sofa $1995

Black Riviera Chair $1,3595 ea…ok, well these are a little pricey, but soooo HOT!

SOOOOOOOOOOOO Kelly, but they funk it up a little more with the mod pieces. Definitely her colors and patterns though!

So, Room Service, if you’re reading this, PLEASE COME TO NYC!!

Oh, and Kelly, if your reading this, I LOVE YOU!!

I was so excited to do this post until I realized how hard it is to find pictures of the Morgan Group’s Hotels that they will actually let you download! Their hotels are AMAZING and I was only able to find a few pictures that I could post, but PLEASE, PLEASE check out their site if you really want to see some cool decor!

….below I have posted what few pics they did share or what I managed to find on flickr!

The Hudson Hotel-NY

I met a client here last year and it really is breathtaking in person! Of course, the rooms are small, but it’s NY, what do you expect? It’s all about the lighting at the Hudson. From the neon yellow back-lit walls that enclose the escalator as you first enter which brings you to the front desk where you are greeting by momentous chandeliers! Then in the bar area the floors are made of back lit opaque lucite that create such a sexy, modern, NY vibe. I thought Carrie Bradshaw was going to walk in any second!

This is the bar I was explaining. So chic! I love how they use the modern ghost chairs and fiberglass elements with the traditional pieces.

Definitely my style!

Mondrian Hotel in Miami

You really have to go to their site to see all the amazing photos which they BLOCK ME FROM DOWNLOADING! That’s a little annoying. Fortunately I somehow found a few online that in no way do this GORGEOUS hotel any justice!

The Royalton-NY

Oh, how I do love a good tuft!

The Sanderson Hotel -London

I LOOOOOOOVVVVEEE how outrageous this decor is! It’s so surreal and unexpected, like a dream I never want to wake up from!

Notice all the eyes are different! So cool. They really put a lot of thought into the details! It pays off!

Wow, I’m inspired! I think you will see more hotels from me this week!


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“Bloody Hell” by Timorous Beasties and available at Walnut Wallpapers

A suite at Planet Hollywood’s designed by Jonathan Adler and papered in “Highway 66” by Flavor League.

“Party Girl” by Flavor League

Wallpaper from the 70’s: “Mykene”

Wallpaper from the 70’s: “Shiva”

I love PATTERNS, and wallpaper is one of the easiest way to give your space a big dose of eye popping, gorgeous pattern, that can pull your whole color scheme together. If it’s not in your budget, just do one wall and paint the other walls an accent color. It looks more modern that way too!

Hello Material Girls!

So this is me! This is my work, and this is what I do!

Glam, Glam, Glam! If you like it, then stay tuned because I am going to share a ton of secrets with you on how to get the look you are after on ANY budget. I am a total bargain hunter, and PROUD of it! This summer I will be going to a ton of NYC Flea markets (I might actually have a booth in a few with my furniture), I will be checking out all the cool hotel lobby decor in the city and taking lots of pics for you. I will be showing you how to get the right inspiration for your space using your favorite celebrity outfits, and once a month I will do an “e-design” of a reader’s room of choice and post it online for all to see! That is just the beginning, I have so many ideas and so many cool places to take you. NYC is really an amazing city and it is going to be so much fun to share it all with you.

A little about me: I started my interior design biz about 4 years ago and have done both residential and commercial spaces throughout the city and beyond. This loft I designed is in Soho and we are in negotiations to have it as a backdrop to a fashion shoot. If it works out I will take “behind the scenes” pictures for you so you can see all the work that goes into a professional shoot. It’s a pretty cool experience.

About the space:

The floors are actually painted wood. I found the pattern in a wallpaper and had a faux finisher painstakingly paint it onto the floors. I was so nervous when they finally peeled the paint up, but it turned out beautiful! The space is a 2,500 sq ft loft with 14 ft ceilings. The living room, dining room, and kitchen are all one open space and you felt lost in it with the high ceilings and low furniture that the previous owners had in there.

TIP: If you have high ceilings and a large open space, your furniture needs to be of a similar scale- i.e.: tall and large. Otherwise it all gets dwarfed by the height of the ceilings. For example, in the photo of the dining room, we used these high-back wing chairs in a patent leather vinyl fabric that we bought from Drexel Heritage, and paired it with the Stark Ghost Chairs, and the custom oversized banquette I made through my furniture company, Liv-Chic. The banquette and wing chairs bring down the height of the ceiling and paired with the low chandeliers, it creates an intimate dining space that does not seem lost in space.

The graphic floor pattern helps to bring all of the spaces together so that the living room does not seem miles away from the kitchen and dining area. The pattern helps your eye pull it all together and see it as one cohesive space. Thus one of the “design elements” we learned in school, UNITY! You want to UNIFY a space. Another element, MOVEMENT. You want your eyes to move around the space as well as up and down, and your eyes are pulled through it by the furniture and accents you place in the room. So therefore, varying heights of the furniture, bringing the chandeliers down low, not hanging pictures all at the same height (hint: place one on top of a tall cabinet rather than hanging it on the wall), placing a large bushy indoor palm tree in the corner to create TEXTURE (another element). These theories which make a space work visually. It’s a science really! We’ll discuss it more!

Until then, Liv-Chic!

Last Chance…

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…to get the look for less!!

Spring is here and it’s time to spend those tax refund checks and freshen up your home! Email me a picture of a room you love and a simple sketch (with measurements) of the room you want designed. Come on people, I’m not asking for a full-fledged rendering of your home! A simple line drawing will do, along with a picture from one of your favorite design mags.

Example of what to submit:

And what you’ll get (plus a shopping guide with pricing):

This is your chance to have a professional designer give the room of your choice a new look! Challenge closed on April 30th so get measuring!

April Design Challenge- No Joke!

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I am excited to announce this months MG’s Design Challenge!

“Get the Look for Less!”

Here’s the jist: find an inspirational photo of a room you love and send me the photo and a quick sketch (with some measurements) of the room you want help with. At the end of the month I will email you a concept board, floor plan, and shopping guide to help you get the look for less!


To enter please email me ( by April 30th!

Artist Update

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I just received word that Enrico Miguel Thomas with have a show opening this week!

Here are the deets:

Enrico Miguel Thomas “The Subway Artist of New York City”

Showing with Romero Britto
Galleria on Third
529 Third Avenue between 35th and 36th
April 2nd at 5pm

I’m going to do my best to make it!