Morgan’s Hotel Group is my DREAM LOVER!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009 | Category: Commercial Spaces

I was so excited to do this post until I realized how hard it is to find pictures of the Morgan Group’s Hotels that they will actually let you download! Their hotels are AMAZING and I was only able to find a few pictures that I could post, but PLEASE, PLEASE check out their site if you really want to see some cool decor!

….below I have posted what few pics they did share or what I managed to find on flickr!

The Hudson Hotel-NY

I met a client here last year and it really is breathtaking in person! Of course, the rooms are small, but it’s NY, what do you expect? It’s all about the lighting at the Hudson. From the neon yellow back-lit walls that enclose the escalator as you first enter which brings you to the front desk where you are greeting by momentous chandeliers! Then in the bar area the floors are made of back lit opaque lucite that create such a sexy, modern, NY vibe. I thought Carrie Bradshaw was going to walk in any second!

This is the bar I was explaining. So chic! I love how they use the modern ghost chairs and fiberglass elements with the traditional pieces.

Definitely my style!

Mondrian Hotel in Miami

You really have to go to their site to see all the amazing photos which they BLOCK ME FROM DOWNLOADING! That’s a little annoying. Fortunately I somehow found a few online that in no way do this GORGEOUS hotel any justice!

The Royalton-NY

Oh, how I do love a good tuft!

The Sanderson Hotel -London

I LOOOOOOOVVVVEEE how outrageous this decor is! It’s so surreal and unexpected, like a dream I never want to wake up from!

Notice all the eyes are different! So cool. They really put a lot of thought into the details! It pays off!

Wow, I’m inspired! I think you will see more hotels from me this week!

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