Sweetiepie Restaurant located at 19 Greenwich Ave, NY, NY is appeasing on two very important levels for me. The first is of course with its delightfully girly decor, and the second with its sweet indulgences catering to my very naughty sweet tooth! Mmmmmm, heaven!

They also feature a full menu including “Grilled Alaskan Salmon”, “Beat Risotto”, and “Chicken Schnitzel”! For dessert you will enjoy such treats as the “Sweetiepiglet”,  and the “Blueberry Fool”.


I love the tufting on this banquette.  I actually did something similar for a client’s apartment and that is how I found out abut this place. She said “You have to go to Sweetie Pie, the banquettes look just like the one in my apartment!”


Mirrored ceilings and walls make the space so bright and reflective and really give the space that “sparkle” we designer’s are always after!


You can actually sit and eat in that giant birdcage in the front of the restaurant! SO much fun! And of course I love the bubblegum pink!


Sweetpie even comes with cute bartenders! Good thing I’m married, otherwise I might be a little self conscious stuffing my face full of cupcakes in front of  Cutiepie!  😉

Who are Yoo?

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Yoo is an international  investment property company developing hotels, residential buildings, rental spaces and spa development projects in major towns and cities all over world.  It was founded by none other than Phillipe Starck, the genius behind the infamous “ghost chair”.  Starck is taking his design aesthetic across oceans and turning “Yoo” into a mega mogul of the design world.  Here’s a peek at what the flamboyant minimalist has been up to…


Yoo Copenhagen: Philipe Starck’s signature look is the marriage of the sleek modern and baroque ornate aesthetics to create something that is totally YOO…and totally ME!!! Wow, the puns just go on and on.


This is a  building near Wallstreet in NYC with itsy bitsy rentals for $4,000 and up (it’s NY, what do you expect), but WOW, you can’t beat this lobby.  I was actually lucky enough to see it in person a few months ago, and it is just as impressive if not more impressive, in person. Another signature of the Philippe Starck aesthetic is his very minimalist color schemes and one of those colors is usually grey or white.


Yoo Panama City: If you love this mural try checking out the wall murals on  ALL POSTERS.COM like this black and white one of Clint Eastwood below.  This is very unexpected, nice and bold in black and white, a little kitschy, which of course I love.



Another Panama City Yoo image. You’ll notice Starck always has amazing chandeliers too! Oh how I love a good chandelier! He picks just a few pieces that really make a huge dramatic statement and then leaves the rest of the space so clean and “stark”… yeah, I went there.


Yoo Boston: Starck is also a huge Fornasetti fan (the images on the plates…I don’t know how  I just remembered that name, I can’t even remember my neighbors’ names!  Wow, I’m rather impressed with myself right now!) Anyway, more than likely they have some kind of marketing collaboration, or both, because Fornasetti does totally rock out with it’s porcelain out.  Ok, I’ll stop.


Yoo Copenhagen: Again with the cool chandeliers, again with the white, again with the mod mix, uber-chic, damn I wish my house always looked that spotless (never gonna happen), Starck look.


El Porteno Hotel, Argentina: I’m not sure if this is under the “Yoo” name, but Philippe Starck did design this AMAZING hotel, and I don’t want to go overboard with the Philippe Starck posts, so I’ll just throw it in here because it is WAY too good to leave out! This restaurant is SO HOT! Again, my family would stain everything in here, but a girl can dream can’t she!

Love it!


Speaking of dreaming, I love this bed too! I should have put this in my last post on fabulous beds! This is also from the El Porteno Hotel. So Chic…or, as my fashion industry friends always say, “So Fierce” (they really do say that, it’s not just a lot of Project Runway hype!). That leads me to my next post. What a week in fashion heaven I’ve had here in NYC.  It was all so SATC! (Sex and The City for those of you who don’t know). I went to my friend’s debut fashion show Thursday and it was un-freakin-believable, then today I helped out at a fashion shoot for a magazine that was shot in a loft I designed!  So much fun. I took a ton of pics and will be blogging all about it soon! Till then, Liv CHIC!

I have noticed that with the whole  recession going on, there is one thing that my clients still can’t go without, and that is a fabulous bed!

A great bed can transform a room from drab to fab, and even though your mattress may be the same, you sleep soooooo much better! It’s all psychological, but hey, whatever works!

Here are some of my favorite beds from luxurious, to over-the-top, to downright sexy!  And as you will see, not all beds were made for sleeping 😉

French Tufted Bed

French Tufted Bed

One of my favorites! This bed just looks so comfortable, doesn’t it! I could sleep for DAYS on that bed! What I would give to just sleep at all these days! (The kids like to wake up early!…like 5am early! ugh…they didn’t get that from my side of the family!)
I really love the color scheme in this room too! It’s like a breathe of fresh air (OMG, did I just say that! So corny, but it’s true!)

Bedroom by Jonathan Adler

Bedroom by Jonathan Adler

The King of OVER-THE-TOP himself, Mr. Jonathan Adler! What a freakin’ bed! I want to see a picture of the people that sleep on this thing! So wild! That headboard is gorgeous and I can see it working beautifully in a million different rooms.

I think I would have some pretty cool dreams in this bed! This is a perfect example of a bed “making the room”. It’s all you need really!

This is my personal idea of heaven! I LOVE this bed! I would throw some crazy wallpaper behind it, but other than that it is PERFECT! Graham and Greene make this bed as well as my furniture company, Liv-Chic.

Horchow makes this Baroque beauty and my furniture company also makes the same one!

Ok, I changed my mind , THIS ONE IS MY FAVORITE! Oly Studio has done it again! All hail OLY!  I might never wake up if I fell asleep here!

Total Hollywood Glam! These last two beds remind me of Nicky and Paris Hilton’s homes by Faye Resnick! Can’t you just see those two having a pillow fight in here! (Nicky would kick Paris’ A!)


…And like I said, some beds weren’t made for sleeping!


So, I was looking through some old files I had on my computer of rooms I had put together a few years ago when I had just started my business. They weren’t for anyone in particular. I was just anxious to start creating beautiful spaces, and I guess I must have been a little bored. Two kids and two businesses later, I can’t even remember what “bored” feels like.

Anyway, this was one of my favorite room designs that I came across. It is for a dining room concept. So take it, it’s yours! Put it to good use and if anyone actually does it, just send me a picture please!


Oh how I do love YELLOW! Any bold graphic wallpaper will work in this room!

Dining Chairs:

These weren’t in my original design, but a client sent me this photo the other day of two chairs she found in Soho at Penine Hart Antiques but they had been sold so she wanted me to reproduce them. It was love at first sight for me! I told her that even if she doesn’t order them I am going to make them for myself!


I love a good zebra print rug! Nothing like a nice bold graphic pattern to make a statement in a room! The Rug Company also make a gorgeous uber-expensive zebra print by Diane Von Furstenberg. (Why do all designers have such cool names except me…Hilary Mary White…BORING! And if I take my husband’s last name it will be Hilary Mary Mayer! Oh, hell no! But I still love you sweetie, just not your boring last name!) xoxo

Moooooooooooooi Chandelier:

Available at Unica Home, but there is a cheaper knock off sold at Modani in Miami, but be careful with Modani, two of my client’s complained about their customer service. Apparently they are a little snooty (DON’T BE SNOOTY! WE HATE SNOOTY!) …but their furniture is so cool and their prices are great too!

Dining Table by Oly Studio

I’m a sucker for a claw foot and a good lacquer!

Lamps by Barbara Cosgrove:

I saw these first a few years ago at the ICFF in NY. I’m sure they aren’t cheap, but they are really a showstopper! Very Kelly! (Oh, you know who I mean!)

Buffet by Vanguard Furniture:

They are really starting to get trendy with their pieces! Of course, you can’t go wrong with black and white!

Then I would accessorize with a funky mirror over the buffet. Maybe a starburst ( I know, they are so overdone, but I love them anyway!) or something ornate. I’m not sure what color drapes I’d do…any suggestions???

Yesterday I posted about just one color, Yellow, and it DID bring some sunshine to us here in NY! So today I thought I’d continue with the color theme and go with my favorite little set of hues, “jewel tones”. I do a lot of these colors in my own work and they never cease to do wonders with a space! I’m very into “haute-femme” decor, and these babies are key to achieving that look. These tones are also very hot in fashion and whether you are wearing them or sitting on them, they always seem to make the blood rush!

I am totally putting together my dream house with this post! And this would be my couch! Emerald green is such a beautiful color and on the sofa it really is the main focus of this photo! It’s mesmerizing!

What a great eclectic mix! A little mid century a little baroque and of course the jewel tones make it so femme. I really wish I could see the rest of this French pink chaise. It is totally my style!

Jonathan Alder-Elle Decor

I am so in love with this bedroom, and that insanely cool bed! I also love the jewel tones in this room and I am totally going to steal that wall color (Benjamin Moore “Pre-Dawn Sky”). I am so jealous of that little girl! I want your room!

All in all, if you want some sexy, flirty fun in your home, take a visit to Tiffany’s for some inspiration! If your husband/boyfriend objects to your girly palette, just do what I do and wait until he goes out of town! They are usually too lazy to repaint!

Hello Yellow!

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I am hoping that this post about such a sunny color will help to take away this gloomy weather we are having here in NYC.  It really is a cheerful hue!

This is one of my favorite bedroooms and it was designed by one of my favorite designers, Jamie Drake. It is actually his own bedroom in his NYC apartment. I almost went there once…almost.

But I have met him atleast 4 times because I am a little bit of a stalker when it comes to my favorite designers! I went to his book signing, his open house tour, his speech at High Point, etc, etc. Hopefully he’ll remember me next time we “bump into eachother” 😉

Yellow goes RETRO! It’s a great detail in some unexpected places like around the doors and on the sides of the chairs. Thanks for the pic FLICKR!

Office by Jessica Claire. You just can’t beat black, white, and yellow! It’s so dramatic and I’m a bit of a drama queen!

Betsey Johnson’s Dining Room

OMG! I absolutely freakin’ LOVE this dining room. The yellow totally makes it all pop. Pink and yellow together is definitely one of my favorite color schemes, and of course a nice bold graphic black and white rug to amp up the funk factor. I found this photo here, but I believe it was first published in Domino or Elle Decor. Love them both!

Yeah, I did it again. I’m obsessed! I literally can’t help myself because I LOVE KELLY WEARSTLER, …and I think she invented yellow, so it only makes sense! ANYWAY, this is the Viceroy Palm Springs.