Jewel Tones are a girl’s best friend!

Thursday, May 14, 2009 | Category: Color

Yesterday I posted about just one color, Yellow, and it DID bring some sunshine to us here in NY! So today I thought I’d continue with the color theme and go with my favorite little set of hues, “jewel tones”. I do a lot of these colors in my own work and they never cease to do wonders with a space! I’m very into “haute-femme” decor, and these babies are key to achieving that look. These tones are also very hot in fashion and whether you are wearing them or sitting on them, they always seem to make the blood rush!

I am totally putting together my dream house with this post! And this would be my couch! Emerald green is such a beautiful color and on the sofa it really is the main focus of this photo! It’s mesmerizing!

What a great eclectic mix! A little mid century a little baroque and of course the jewel tones make it so femme. I really wish I could see the rest of this French pink chaise. It is totally my style!

Jonathan Alder-Elle Decor

I am so in love with this bedroom, and that insanely cool bed! I also love the jewel tones in this room and I am totally going to steal that wall color (Benjamin Moore “Pre-Dawn Sky”). I am so jealous of that little girl! I want your room!

All in all, if you want some sexy, flirty fun in your home, take a visit to Tiffany’s for some inspiration! If your husband/boyfriend objects to your girly palette, just do what I do and wait until he goes out of town! They are usually too lazy to repaint!

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2 Comments to 'Jewel Tones are a girl’s best friend!'

Kelly@ColorSizzle 18 May 09 at 3:47 pm

I love the rich colors in all of these spaces! There is so much energy in these photos. Your blog is so colorful. Love it!

Maria 19 May 09 at 4:47 pm

I love all of these rooms, I had trouble really putting a finger on exactly what I love in home decorating but I think you have really helped me discover it with these beautiful rooms love them.

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