So “BLUE” about being BACK!

Posted By Hilary - New York | Jun 18, 2009 | 10 Comments | Category: Color

I’m BACK from Puerto Rico, and very, very “BLUE” about it!  Luckily I love BLUE – and after this, I’m sure you will too!


After being in Puerto Rico for a week and a half all I can think about is the bright blue hue of the Carribean, and how soothing it is to me.  I find it goes best with greens and yellows! Greens like the jungles in Vieques ( a little island we visited on our trip) and yellow for that beautiful sunshine! …and now I’m back in NY where it won’t stop raining!  Ughhh!


In this bedroom the blues are a subtle pop of color, but still give a tranquil, calming effect to the room! I love that bedspread too, and we all know how hard it is to find good bedding!


This is a more traditional take on blue. It’s a little more of a dusky blue, but none the less it is still calming in nature and perfect for a bedroom.


This room is WAY more my style, though I appreciate all styles! But I could definitely see one of my little girls having a similar bedroom in a few years! I absolutley ADORE the poka dots on the ottoman too! So cute, but not “TOO” cute!


This sofa is  UNBELIEVABLY CHIC thanks to that bright turquoise upholstery! Love it!


Another one more on the muted side, but again, it still works for me! I really do love green and blue together!


Royal blue leather! WOW, what a bold move and oh, how it makes this room come to life!


Turqoise and yellow.  A perfect marriage everytime! The greys and browns are beautiful with the blues and yellow too, and the patterns really make it all so funky. So GORGEOUS!

Ok, so I am feeling a little less glum after returning home from my amazing vacation (without the kids!..did I mention that part? Oh, yeah, it was a REAL vacation! Pics to come soon! 🙂

So, I was on one of my mad Craigslist hunts for a diamond in the rough piece for one of my clients (I love the NYC craigslist! You can find some amazing stuff, but that’s a different post)

….when I came across this image of an apartment of two young artists/designers who were selling off some of their furniture to pay for classes, books, and other college paraphernalia, and I was really, really impressed! I mean, this apartment could  be in a magazine!

…or at least a really cool blog!  😉

So here it is! This is the home of college students Jorge Gomez and his boyfriend Craig Warfield. They are an amazingly talented, young NYC couple whose futures are sure to be bright!




View of dining room. I love the green chairs against the leopard print rug and the contrast of the mod accents with the traditional French armchair in gold gilt on the right.  I also love how they aren’t afraid to mix the gold and silver accents.  I don’t know how many times I have told clients that, “YES! It’s ok to mix gold and silver!”  Here is proof! I’m saving this picture for the next time someone questions me!

Ok, so not only is their apartment way nicer than mine ever was when I was in design school, but  Jorge is also an AMAZING artist!  Check out some of his work below which is completely my style and I am definintely going to buy a piece!

…right after I finish renovating my really old house…might be a while 🙁

These remind me of all the old vintage Parisian fashion posters that I love with the style and color schemes he uses, but of course he puts a modern twist on them! Wow, I wish I was this talented!


l: “cote d’azur”
acrylic and swarovski on canvas
30″ x 40″

This one reminds me of the Material Girl’s Marie Antoinette caricatures! Love it!


l: portrait series [untitled 5]
acrylic, gold leaf, and swarovski on canvas
30″ x 40″
r: portrait series [untitled 4]
acrylic and gold leaf on canvas
30″ x 40″


l: portrait series [untitled 5]
acrylic, gold leaf, and swarovski on canvas
30″ x 40″
r: portrait series [untitled 4]
acrylic and gold leaf on canvas
30″ x 40″

And here they are!  Like I said…SO YOUNG! But also SO, SO, SO, so, so, so.. T A L E N T E D !

I can’t wait to see what these two will doing in 5 years! Good luck guys! (NOT THAT YOU NEED LUCK!)

studentspicLeft to Right: Craig Warfield, 2nd year student at Hunter College, and Jorge Gomez,  Senior at Parsons.  Both are fine art students.