So all my clients love black and white lacquer ( and many other colors) and they want their picture frames to be ornate carved frames in a glossy ebony ,white, or colorful finish, but WOW that is hard to find! Eveywhere I go they only have baroque style frames in gold leaf. I finally realized what I had to do.  Break out a can of glossy spray paint! Otherwise you will pay a fortune at some super expensive high-end boutique!

Where do you find the frames to paint? Go to the absolute cheesiest art store you can find with the tackiest art in the windows and an in-house art frame shop in the back. (don’t worry, you aren’t buying the art, just the frame….they have the best prices, and they won’t snub you when you mention you are going to paint it black!)

When you are trying to find a good deal, you have to be able to visualize the final product. Only look at the lines of the piece and ignore the finish because you want to change it anyway.

Here are a couple I found online…



Now imagine this in an extra large (they max out at 36″x 48″ interior dimensions) in a high gloss canary yellow , or maybe fuschia, or turquoise!


To make it very “artsy” use a large white matte  to frame a small picture inside (metallic silver or gold is great too…Micheal’s has special paper that is super reflective for this). Maybe frame a toddler’s first painting! How chic would that be! Art is all about the frame! It will turn a two year olds finger-painting into a work of art! Hang it in your kitchen and voila! Instant pizzaz!

HINT: Make sure that you prime it first with a good coating and make sure you get the right kind of primer that can cover oil based paints in case there is any polyurethane over the gold leaf! Do not try to paint the frame with a paintbrush either, it will look terrible! Spray paint is the way to go and if you use a high gloss finish on the final coat you will be amazed at how good it turns out! Keep an extra can in the pantry for any touch-ups!

Have Fun and Liv-Chic!

Busy Bee!

Posted By Hilary - New York | Jul 09, 2009 | 11 Comments | Category: Furniture, Material Girls Projects

I think I’ve had the busiest two weeks of my life! Well, maybe I’m being over dramatic, but it has been pretty hectic trying to run a business, oh, wait, two businesses, and take care of my two little girls FULL TIME (ok, they go the babysitter’s maybe once a week, but as you can see, they are my little tag alongs for the most part)…


A shipment of new furniture just came in and I decided to take the logistics of shipping it all into my own hands! Bad idea, Hilary! Bad idea! I’ve been schlepping out to my warehouse with a razor blade tearing open furniture in the blazing heat with my poor kids bored out of their minds and turning red in the cheeks from the humidity!

Why it’s worth it:  Cutest chair ever! My daughter (pictured above) screamed when she saw it!


…and this chaise! Wow! Not a chaise you can take a comfy little nap on, but it sure LOOKS good, and you can spill virtually anything on here and it wipes right off! What mother can’t appreciate that!


Thank goodness for my little helpers! They make the insanity worth it!


Chartreuse! One of my favorite colors! This is a new finish I was trying out and it looks so bright and refreshing in person!

I also have an unbelievable project in a very cool NJ home that I am installing this week. I will post picks asap. It is insane!…and so is my life right now! Wish me luck! Any encouraging words from other mothers/businesswomen…please post!