Kelly Wearstler’s New Book, “HUE”! Pinch Me!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009 | Category: Books, Designers

In case you weren’t aware, Kelly Wearstler is the Queen of Interiors! I happen to worship her, and I’m talking full fledged alter with candles and everything! It’s a little sick really, but anyway, her newest book HUE is coming out in November and I am SO freakin’ excited! Here is a sneak peak!


She is always on the cover, which is fine, she is a perfect cover girl…beautiful, talented, skinny!  If I didn’t love her so much I’d totally hate her!


I pretty much LOVE everything in this room! The color palette is amazing, which in my opinion, is her specialty. (Hmmm, maybe that’s why the book is called “Hue”???) I really do love this particular one though. The oranges, purples, reds, and of course black and white and a large dose of GLAM making its presence known in the gold accents. Actually, “accents” is not the right word.  She always uses her metallics in a much more dynamic way than just in accents which I think gives her interiors such an enchanted appeal.  Another thing she is very good at is using ALL of the different “hues” in a color. If she is using orange in her color palette for a space (like here) she uses peach, burnt orange, bright orange-orange, and everything in between…and the same with the purples and reds in this room. It really gives the space depth and character. So many times my clients will say “that’s not the right shade of red, it won’t match”. I want to scream- but instead I try to explain how diversifying the shades make a palette so much more sophisticated and not everthing has to “match”. I much prefer the term “coordinate”.


Kelly is also a huge fan of her geometric patterns which she uses liberally throughout her interiors.  I love how she uses them in unconventional ways too, like on the back of the sofa and on the paneled walls down the hallway. Too many of us are content to just throw some cool wallpaper on the wall and call it a day (of course that’s also a LOT less expensive I’m sure), but Kelly’s clients never seem to have a budget issue so they get custom Kelly wall panels! Fabulous! And the accent color is gorgeous! Jamie Drake uses that vibrant deep cerise color all the time in his interiors as well. (I was trying to sound fancy with “cerise”, but actually I just looked the name of that color up.  I was going to say “fuschia-purple”. Did you know every single color has an official name? Not just the silly names Benjamin Moore gives them either. You can see the list on Wikpedia.)


She’s been into a 70’s – 80’s aesthetic lately, which she somehow makes it look AMAZING! I really love pink and yellow together. It reminds me of Betsey Johnson’s apartment…but less pink and more yellow, which I kind of prefer. It makes it more sophisticated.  However, I do love Betsey’s place (see bel0w)



Ok, back to KELLY!

Here are some more pics you’ll likely see in her new book…


She does quite a few hotels, like this one here. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that her husband is an uber-successful, zillionaire hotelier. Like I said, if I didn’t love her, I’d hate her!


I am literally drooling over that pink patent leather chair! Again she goes with the pinks, yellows, and oranges, which she has the ability to make so sexy with the touch of black in the shade and rug,  and so glam with the gold, but yet it still feels laid back.  Very Miami! Notice the geometric paneled wall divider (told you she loves those!)


She likes to throw in natural elements into her ultra chic interiors which helps to keep the carefree air about it. Notice the tree branch sculpture and the plants in the background. Without them in the scene, the ambiance is too stiff. They break up the monotony of perfection just, well….perfectly! It also adds a surprise element- something “unexpected”, which is always key to creating a truly dynamic space.

So, if you are now as excited as I am for her new book, you won’t have to wait to much longer! It comes out next month and I am going to get a signed edition to go along with her first two books in my collection, because like I said, I’m madly obsessed with the woman!

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13 Comments to 'Kelly Wearstler’s New Book, “HUE”! Pinch Me!'

Down Pillow 13 Oct 09 at 11:26 pm

I’ve been hearing a lot about this book – thanks for the sneak peek 🙂

Jami 14 Oct 09 at 1:17 am

OMG! I love her to death. I didn’t know she had a book coming out next month! Glad I checked in with you girls! Thanks!

camila 14 Oct 09 at 9:06 am

I love her and I’m so excited about this book!!!! Thanks for the sneak peak!

Designer Chik 14 Oct 09 at 9:52 am

love everything so whimsical, love her I can’t wait for the book, thanks for sharing….

Julie 14 Oct 09 at 11:57 am

if you love Betsy’s apt, have you seen her house in Mexico? It’s a little slice of heaven called “Villa Betsey”…amazing

Julie 14 Oct 09 at 11:57 am

Love Betsey’s pad! Have you seen her villa in Mexico though? Amazing!

Melissa 14 Oct 09 at 4:41 pm

I love Kelly! Also thanks for the wikipedia info on the colors! I never knew. You girls provide great info.

KPeach 15 Oct 09 at 1:32 pm

I love how you can so feel how enamored you are with KW-I definitely am too-those hand chairs in that office leave me unable to breathe from jealousy.

Minka 16 Oct 09 at 11:36 am

I love Kelly Wearstler’s work too! I just blogged about her older book Modern Glamour, and am so excited to hear about her new book coming out! Thanks for the preview! 🙂 You can check out my post at:

Ruthie's Renewed Treasures 18 Oct 09 at 5:01 pm

Looks like a great book. I’ll be getting that too! Enjoying your blog.

maya 18 Jan 10 at 6:57 am

Kelly has some great stuff to read upon , will be in on this one! thank you

Layla 22 Jan 10 at 11:07 am

The ‘very Miami’ room design – I fell in love!!! The combination of colors and styles is so perfect, like the magic formula has been followed. I guess the formula is called “being genius”.

Laura Bielecki 05 Jul 10 at 9:04 pm

This book is definitely on my birthday wishlist!
I heart KWID 🙂

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