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Wednesday, May 04, 2011 | Category: Celebs, Magazines

Did anyone else enjoy reading the new Matchbook Magazine as much as I did?  I particulary liked the ‘Portrait of a Lady’ story on Princess Diana and the interview with Kelly Wearstler.  I think it’s great that Matchbook is getting down and dirty with their interviews and asking all the questions we’d ask if we had the chance to meet them.  Thank you Katie and Jane for a wonderful, colorful issue!

I love that when Matchbook Mag asked: “You often profess your love for big jewelry.  What is the most treasured piece in your personal jewelry box? 

Kelly Wearstler’s response was: ” A yarn and wood necklace my boys made for me”

tugs on your heart strings a little bit


We’re constantly reminded that while blessed with a rich life, Princess Diana struggled through a lot of difficulties and humiliations while married to Prince Charles.   She eventually let the world know that “Being a princess isn’t all it’s cracked up to be” and instead of shying away, became one of the most unique philanthropists of our time

It’s obvious that William and Harry adored their mother as much as she adored them





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