Happy Days Ahead

Thursday, September 29, 2011 | Category: Uncategorized

We all have busy lives and things we feel we just don’t have time for anymore, but the truth is, we all have at least 10 extra minutes a day to do the things that will add a little happiness to our lives.   In addition to the rain falling non stop for the last few days, I’ve had just about the worst streak of bad luck over the past month or so, and because of that, I’ve decided to come up with 10 things that will make me happy!  So in honor of my “funk” ( yes, a genre of music but in my case it’s more of a rough patch in my life! ) here are my suggestions for adding some sunshine into your home that will make those grey days seem bright:


Flowers are just about the best thing you can do to lift your spirits and add color and beauty in your house.  The best part is they work everywhere!  Your bedroom, the living room, the den, the kitchen – you name it


Scented candles can make you feel good and bring that cozy atmosphere you’re longing for after an exhausting day.  You’ll notice that retailers often have scented candles burning in their store – it’s because they’re trying to draw you in and make you comfortable so that you’ll stay longer and spend money!


Add lamp light to an otherwise dull and dark room so that you can cozy up and read a book or entertain guests in just the right light


Mirrors are a great accessory that make the space seem larger and reflect natural light that will ultimately brighten the room.  Plus, the better to see you with..


You can add a splash of paint just about anywhere but painting the back of your bookshelves adds an interesting dimension that doesn’t overpower the room with too much color


Change out those tired old throw pillows and add some oomph with new, trendy ikats and geometrics


Change your sheets more often so that when you climb into bed you have that fresh laundry scent that will help you sleep like a champ!

#8 ART

Hang a new piece of bright and cheery art in a room you spend time in – whether it’s your kids latest project from school or something you pick up from a gallery or a tag sale, art is powerful and it can bring just the right amount of inspiration


Nothing feels as good as de-cluttering and organizing/styling something you look at every day like your bookcase.  Make it feel like a piece of art with frames, coffee table books and chachkis galore


Hang signs and use pillows that will keep you inspired and make you laugh.  Nothing like a little textual healing to get you going in the morning 🙂

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