P is for Pumpkin

Posted By Rebecca-NY | Oct 24, 2011 | 10 Comments | Category: Color

I can’t seem to focus on anything other than pumpkins these days and because it’s almost Halloween I thought I’d share a few rooms that may inspire you to add a little orange into your life.  It’s a beautiful, bright color that works well with blue, and when done right, it can add just the right amount of happiness and pizazz.  Use the holidays and colors of the season as a guide for color in your home. Color schemes are often right in front of us —  We just need to be more observant!


Orange turns an otherwise neutral room into something bold

These walls have a perfect spice to them

Go bold with your sides

Modern and sharp

Smashing with the black and white zebra

Don’t forget to bring in color with flowers!

Yellow Korner

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I woke up this morning happy to see that the sun was shining and that the day was going to be a perfect 66 degrees.  Sundays are the perfect day to walk around the city and in and out of stores in hopes of finding something new and different (and affordable!).  Although YellowKorner gallery has been around since July of 2010, today was my first visit inside and I have to say I was very impressed with the entire collection.  Their concept is simple: To introduce the greatest photographers from all over the world and to increase the number of copies to make it accessible to all.  It’s simply brilliant!

Mykonos Beach by Richard Silver

Avel, St. Tropez by Jonathan Critchley

Vosges I by Friedrich Gier

La Fille au Parapluie Rouge by Matthieu Casimiri

Please visit the website to see the entire collection, there’s obviously much, much more — and if you’re in New York you must visit the gallery in Soho or the gallery at the Short Hills Mall in NJ.  There’s something for everyone so now you have no excuses as to why you aren’t collecting art.  Make your home a happy home by adding something spectacular to your walls!

White on White

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Most people are afraid of using white in their home because the thought of anything spilling on it is absolutely terrifying! My advice is to take the risk and go for it – at least in one room.  Take a look at these rooms and tell me how soothing they make you feel.  I for one, need a little white on white in my life to keep things fresh.

throw a little shag in there for some texture

fix up an otherwise dated room with a painted white floor and ceiling

paint that old chair that you inherited from your grandmother and make it fresh and chic

add some black for contrast and a nice pop

the dark wood floor is a perfect platform for crisp white furniture

so simple yet so sweet

a bright, white and sunny space to wake up in!

texture, wallpaper, lacquer, old and new – what a great mix!

Cocktails 4 a Cause

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Come join the City Chicks 4 Charity and enjoy a fun night at Marquee where all proceeds will benefit the Children’s Autism Hope Project.  A night that includes an open bar, food, live DJ and silent auction that includes a decorating package donated by yours truly (Rebecca Tier Soskin) plus lots of other great gifts.  A small price for a great cause!  Get your ticket now by clicking here