Bright and Playful

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I found another artist (Mimi Chen Ting) who brightened up my day so I had to share her playful pieces with you.  I can see these compositions and colors in all kinds of rooms and spaces – especially if it’s on the traditional side and you’re looking to make a modern statement.  Take a look at her work through Elisa Contemporary Art Gallery and let me know how you feel after a viewing.  It should be cheery!

Your house is never fully complete until you have a dining room (casual or formal) where you, your friends and family can sit down and enjoy good food and good company.  It’s the one place in your home that brings everyone together so why not make it the one place that everyone enjoys and wants to spend time in.  Take the time to think about the style and design of the space.  Should it be cozy and comfortable, bold and colorful, a mixture of old and new?  Whatever look you’re trying to accomplish, make sure it’s well lit and there’s plenty of space for everyone to gather around.

This is a great blend of old and new

Perfect contrast between the table and chairs

A beautiful airy room in Malibu

A modern square is the perfect table to include everyone in the same conversation

Light and bright by the sea

Traditional with a twist of modern

A smaller, city friendly scene

Rumor Mill

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Is it true that Lonny magazine has closed it’s digital doors or will it live on under the supervision of Meredith Corporation?  Check out for the full story and see what the talk around town is.. . I, for one, want the real 411.  Michelle Adams, editor in chief of Lonny Magazine, has an exciting announcement to make.  Let’s just hope it means Lonny will stay afloat in some form – we need these younger, fresher, hipper magazines to thrive so that we can continue to gather inspiration from innovative ideas and sources.  Plus, it’s much better for us decorators to have more places to display our work once we’ve completed a project.  wink.

Art Spotting

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I’m back on the art hunt – this time I’m looking for something colorful and bold for a nursery and as I’m browsing through, what feels like the entire world wide web, I came across this print gallery that caught my attention.  Cozamia has a variety of art filled with beauty and energy and it’s sure to brighten up your space.

Out with the old, in with the new.  Just as in fashion, where we see trends come and go, (and sometimes come full circle decades later) decorating has its trends that move with the colors of the year(s).  For quite sometime now (i’d say over the past 2 years), gray has become the new beige and it’s making a statement like no other.  Gray is such a calming color but it can be bright, light, dark, subtle…no matter what, it’s always soothing to the eye.  This is the very reason I’ve been convincing my clients to use so much gray lately, especially on the walls!  It’s the perfect neutral that will cohesively tie any room together.  Take a look at these gray rooms and see how well it works in different spaces:

I’m loving these lanterns and chairs in this country gray kitchen!

Don’t be afraid to mix your grays and beiges – just make sure that gray is the more dominant color in the room.  It will freshen up your space instantly and keep you on trend!