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There are so many amazing fabrics out there it’s hard to decide how exactly you want your bed dressed every day.  Do you choose a fun and colorful fabric for your headboard and keep the bedding on the simpler side?  Or do you keep the headboard simple and solid so you can mix and match with your bedding and easily swap it out when you need a change?  This is a battle that a lot of my clients have until one day they make the decision to just go with what they love.  Which way would you go?

This bold and colorful headboard is that of Michelle Adams from Lonny Magazine and I think it was a great choice!

photo via effortless style

The shape can sometimes speak for itself so the simpler the fabric, the better

While the headboard has some flare, this room is still very soothing

It’s almost like a puzzle piece

A whole lot of bold thrown in one bedroom for the daring

The height on this headboard adds an element

Simple headboard, splashes everywhere else

Whatever you decide, i hope your bed allows you to sleep well at night!

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2 Comments to 'Bedress'

Scentsy Candle Consultant 07 Mar 12 at 10:04 pm

I love the headboard that is the 3rd picture. What kind of shape would you describe the headboard as being. I love it!

Rebecca Soskin 08 Mar 12 at 4:54 pm

hard to say what shape you could describe it as – i would probably say ornate and curvy but if you’re ever looking to copy a shape it’s best to give your upholsterer a picture!

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