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So I was recently asked to participate in a blogger’s challenge on One Kings Lane which I was delighted about.  The concept was simple; OKL sent me five (5) items from their ‘Vintage & Market Finds‘ which I was to use in my own home by revamping an area that needed a little love and tenderness.  Although my space is small (and by small I mean tiny west village apartment that barely holds all my belongings but it’s ok because the location is everything) there’s plenty of revamping to do, especially with some new cool OKL vintage finds.  With that, I chose the area off my kitchen which is sort of a dining slash side table which could use some serious styling and decorating  in general.  The before picture is quite dull and boring so you’ll be happy to see that I’ve given this space a little life.  Our home, afterall, is a place where we should rest easy and be able to kick back and smile after a long day.  Giving it a little color and style is one of the best ways I know how to create that place of joy.



As you can see, there was no love on this table so that’s where OKL saved the day.

With the items OKL sent me, I brought in a few of my own objects, books, artwork and most importantly love.  I wanted to create an eclectic mix of old and new which is what I’m drawn to as a designer and an artist – lucky for me there’s a lot out there (both old and new) that helps me create the perfect blend.  Pops of abstract art against something vintage makes the old seem instantly new and trendy.  You can accomplish a bold fresh look but still keep those family heirlooms on display.  Not only are you mixing your styles but you’re combining generations of meaningful pieces which is what makes everything come full circle.  So the next time you think that bright, colorful abstract art won’t work in your more traditional room, think again!!

The End Result:


Take a look at the full challenge on OKL and read more about the revamp and what was used and why!

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4 Comments to 'One Kings Lane Blogger Challenge'

Things That Inspire 19 Jul 12 at 3:13 pm

Rebecca, it looks great. I always think styling is the hardest thing about design, and these are great objects.

I am getting back into blogging and will update the Materials Girl feed on my blog list!

Hope you have a great weekend-

Rebecca-NY 19 Jul 12 at 4:09 pm

thanks holly! styling can definitely be tricky but fun! thanks to OKL and their great vintage finds, i was able to create something special 🙂

all the best,

katiedid 19 Jul 12 at 6:48 pm

Fun! OKL has a way of getting the creative juices flowing,and your “after” is making me want to jump on over and see what else they have! Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂

Heather | vivid hue home 20 Jul 12 at 6:35 am

Wow! How cool that you were chosen for the okl challenge! This area looks great! Can’t wait to check out the rest on okl!!!!!

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